Where Nightmares Roam

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

In Africa, black horned rhinoceros are on the top of the list for poachers. These creatures are hunted for their black horns and they get good amounts of money. For these American poachers, it's just like a vacation. However, they are about to find out that there are other things in the great savannahs of Africa that are hunting them.

Nathan looked through the night vision scope of his deer hunting rifle at a black horned rhinoceros, grazing in the grasslands.He aimed the red dot carefully at the rhino’s head, waiting for it to raise its head.Carl who was sitting next to Nathan was looking through his night vision binoculars.
“Ah, there’s a beauty.” Carl whispered, “That horn’s probably at least worth five hundred or more.You have better hit this one or its five hundred dollars running off.”
“When have I ever missed?” Nathan said in his quiet tone.
“Well you are right; you’ve never missed a shot.But, are you going to miss today?”
“How much do you want to bet?”
Carl chuckled, “Bet?I don’t have to bet anything, because you’ll always hit them.”
“Then don’t tell me I’m going to miss.” In Nathan’s scope the rhino’s head raised.Nathan didn’t hesitate.He pulled the trigger and the grasslands of sleeping Africa heard the crack of the deer rifle.The rhino fell to the ground and slowly shut its eyelids.Nathan stood up and slipped the sash over his head so the rifle hung to his side.Carl put his binoculars around his neck, hoisted up his chainsaw, and they marched down the hill to the dead rhino.They walked two hundred yards to the rhino.Carl pulled the cord starting the chainsaw.Without any word, Nathan held the horn and Carl sliced the horn apart from the rhino.Nathan carried the horn and Carl stopped the chainsaw.They both hiked back up the hill to their rented jeeps.
Nathan threw the horn into the back and hopped in the driver’s seat placing his rifle in between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat.Carl threw the chainsaw in the back of the jeep and hopped in the passenger seat.
“Hey Carl,” a voice on the walkie-talkie said, “I heard a gun shot.Did you guys score one?”
Carl grabbed his walkie-talkie from his jacket, “Yeah we scored one.We’re heading back to our rendezvous point right now.We’ll there in just a few.”
“Roger that.” Carl slipped the walkie-talkie back into his jacket.
Nathan started up the jeep and started driving over the bumpy terrain.He drove over hills and around trees till he saw a circle of other rental jeeps.As he came up to the circle, he swerved the jeep sideways and stopped it, joining the circle.
“You know I hate it when you do that.” Carl said, grasping tight on the bar above him.
“Get used to it.” Nathan said jumping out the jeep. Four other men we’re standing up coming around the jeep.
A shaved head man with brown eyes and a beard trying to grow on his face was named Michael.A black man with black hair and brown eyes named Jackson.A brown haired man with a cigarette in his mouth named Vern.And a green Mohawk haired man with piercing in his lips, nose, and ears was named Francis.
“So,” Francis was saying, “Whatchya got?”
Nathan threw out the horn in front of the other poachers.They all huddled around it.
“Dang, that’s a good score.It’s probably at least worth one grand.” Jackson said.
“Heh, I could do better.” Michael snorted.
“How?” Nathan was saying, “When you’re using up all of your bullets just to get one, it only took me one shot.”
“Yeah, whatever.” Michael snorted again.
“Where are John and Evan?” Carl asked Vern.
“Still out east.They should be coming back soon.” Vern said.
“I’ll try getting a hold of them,” Carl pulled out his walkie-talkie, “John, Evan, are you there?”
There was static.
“Hey, John, Evan, are you guys there?” Carl said louder.More static.
But then he hears faint gunshots.
He slipped it back in his pocket, “Seems like they’ve got a rampaging rhino on them.”
“Alright,” Michael was saying, “Sadle up boys, we gotta help our guys.”
Nathan grabbed the horn and threw it in the back Carl readied his 45 caliber magnum and hopped in the passenger seat.Vern hopped in the back with his P-90.Both jeeps started up and drove east where John and Evan are.
It had taken twenty minutes for them to get to the abandoned jeep.Both the jeeps stopped and everyone hopped out.
“Something isn’t right.” Carl said with his magnum raised in the air, “where’s the gun shots?”
“I don’t like it either.” Michael said with his chain gun in his hands.
“They’re probably further down.” Vern said.
“Francis,” Jackson said with an M-16 grenadier, “Stay here with the jeeps.We’ll go and find them.”
Francis had a grenade launcher and a 50 caliber magnum.He shrugged, “Fine, whatever.”
The five marched on with their guns ready to fire at any moment.It was not farther than a hundred yards that Nathan had shone his flashlight on some dead grass.There was blood on them.
He bent over and examined it.
“You think they’re alive or dead.” Carl asked.
“It’s hard to determine.They were dragged of somewhere, but it not by a rhino.”
“We can see that.No indention in the grass.” Michael said.
“Maybe a leopard.” Carl suggested.
Nathan shook his head, “If it was, then it wouldn’t leave such a mess like this.”
“So what is it?” Vern asked.
“I’m not sure, but whatever attacked them must’ve been big.”
“Can’t be, there is no indention in the grass.” Carl said.
“We might as well follow the blood trail and see where it leads.”
Nathan stood up and followed the blood trail with the others following behind.They walk for almost a half and hour till they reached a cliff.Back a few hundred yards, they found a walkie-talkie drenched in blood and a lot of saliva.They looked over the fifteen feet cliff, Nathan shone his flashlight at the bottom and what he saw were two human skeletons with some blood dripping from the ribs and arm bones.Blood was spattered all over the rocks and grass.The smell was too disgusting.
“Those were just barely there.” Michael said, “I’ve heard of owls doing this to smaller prey, but humans and just bones?That’s just weird.”
“Do you think those two are John and Evan?” Vern asked.
Nathan looked closely at the two trying to find out.He saw on one of the skeletons there was metal plating on the ankle bone.He did not want to believe it, but he had to, “It is.”
“How can you tell?” Michael asked.
Nathan pointed at the skeleton, “Evan had to have metal plating and screws in his ankle because he broke it when he was falling off the stairs back in L.A.”
“Oh man.” Vern gasped.
“What could’ve done this to them?” Carl asked.
“I don’t care,” Michael said, “whatever killed them is going to get it so bad that it’ll…”
“Guys, where are you?!” Francis’s voice said frantically on the walkie-talkie.Carl quickly pulled out his walkie-talkie.
“We’re further east for three fourths of a mile.Why?” Carl said.
“There’s something here.I-I don’t know what is, but it’s scaring me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m hearing something moving and it smells like something died…No, wait…WAIT!” They heard his magnum going of and then his grenade launcher exploding.In the background they heard a roar.It didn’t sound like a lion only it was more ferocious.Then they heard Francis scream in agony with a gushing sound and then static.
Nathan aimed his deer rifle in the direction of the jeeps, but he couldn’t see anything because his vision was being blocked by the hills.
“Come on!” Michael yelled.Everyone began running frantically back to the jeeps.Vern tripped halfway up, so Carl helped him up and they began running again.When the jeeps were visible, Nathan aimed his rifle and looked through the scope.He only saw the three jeeps but no Francis.Fearing for the worst, he runs much faster than the others making his legs burn, but he didn’t care.He finally got to the jeep and, keeping his rifle up, he aimed and went around the jeeps.He saw a blood trail just by the side of one of the jeeps.
Everyone caught up panting, breathing for air.Nathan followed the blood trail away and went only fifty yards to find another human skeleton lying in the grass with blood spatter all over and blood dripping off the bones.The others caught up with Nathan looking over the skeleton.Jackson had Francis’s radio in his hand.Everyone was looking the skeleton with wide eyes.
“You don’t need to tell me that it’s Francis.” Jackson said.
Everyone was breathing heavily.Then Vern smelt something.
“Hey guys, I know that Francis is dead and all, but does anyone smell that?” Vern said.
Everyone sniffed the air.The smell smelt like decomposing bodies.Jackson opened his mouth, but then he got slammed to the ground.Everyone jumped back and saw that Jackson had eight piercing wounds puncturing his back aligned like two paws.Jackson screamed in agony, and then they watched his skin get pulled off revealing his muscles.The torn off skin disappeared liked it had been eaten and blood was dripping off.Jackson screamed even louder.
Michael began firing his chain gun but he couldn’t see what was on Jackson.He saw his bullets impact on something but it did no effect.
“Run!” Carl yelled.Everyone ran for the jeeps.They hopped their jeeps and drove as fast as they could.
“What was that?!” Carl yelled.
“I don’t know, but its way out of our league.” Nathan said, “We can’t just go shooting at something we don’t even know and see.”
Then they heard metal being hit.Nathan looked to his left and saw Michael’s jeep get thrown to the side with a large dent at the side.The jeep rolled and exploded.Vern who was in the back held on tight as Nathan floored the pedal.After five minutes, Nathan was driving into the forest driving around every tree that was in the way.
Just when he thought it was over he heard racing thumping noises rushing up to the jeep he looked to his left and saw nothing.The noise raced ahead of them and the only noise he could hear was the jeep racing.But then Vern gets tackled off the jeep.
Nathan slammed on the brakes just moments before he slams into a row of trees.Nathan and Carl jumped out of the jeep and rushed deeper into the forest.Looking back, Nathan saw Vern’s muscles get torn apart spewing blood all over.Nathan turned and kept running into the forest with Carl, fearing for their lives.
Nathan peeked out of the small crevasse.The forest was becoming foggy and the moon light casts shadows of the trees.Nathan put his head down.
“There’s still no sign of whatever it was.” Nathan said to Carl.
“Whatever it was?!We can’t even see what was killing the guys!” Carl said fearfully.
“It may be able to blend in with its environment.It probably could be able to bend light.”
“What are you saying Nathan?!You don’t think it’s an animal anymore?!”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying.I don’t care about the money anymore; all I’m worried about is getting out of here alive.I don’t care if I have to serve some time, at least I’ll be alive.”
Carl nodded slowly, “Yeah you right.We gotta get out of here alive.”
“Except, there’s just one thing about this…creature.” Nathan looked out of the crevasse again.
“And what would that be?” Carl asked.
Nathan looked back at Carl, “You saw what happened to Jackson, right?”
Carl nodded, “Yeah?”
“Those puncture wounds look like claws.It almost as if this thing were a lion catching its prey.”
“So what you’re saying is that this thing could be like a lion.”
“Yes only stealthier.And…invulnerable.”
“What do you mean?”
“Michael tried shooting the thing, but it was useless.So we can’t shoot it.”
“So our only chance is to survive without being hunted.”
Carl took a deep breath and sighed, “I’ll be right behind you.”
Nathan nodded and padded Carl’s shoulder.Then they both jumped out of the crevasse walking slowly backward turning real slowly readying their guns.Then Nathan hears a noise in the trees and aims upward.Then a bird flapped away from the trees.They continued on keeping alert.After fifteen minutes, Nathan started to relax and began walking faster.Just then he hears a tree snap.Nathan and Carl freeze slowly putting their fingers on their triggers.They waited anxiously for an attack.Nathan was hearing his heart pound against his chest as he twitched his eyes.
He started to relax when Carl was tackled to the ground with the eight puncture wounds in his back.
“Ruuuunnn!Get outta here!” Carl screamed.
Nathan hesitated then ran deeper in the forest hearing Carl scream in agony then a gushing sound of blood.He kept on running deeper in the forest.After five minutes he hears a rushing sound of thumping chasing him.He looked back and saw nothing but he knew he could no longer trust his eyes.He looked back and then tried to stop himself but failed and he began falling off a high five hundred feet cliff.
The only thing Nathan remembers was a painful slam to the sharp rocks below.
On Tuesday of March fifth, African rangers found two human skeletons at the bottom of a fifteen foot cliff in the savannahs lying next to each other.The skeletons could not be identified but the cause of death was many piercing wounds in the back suggesting the murder weapon was a knife.Another skeleton was found just three fourths of a mile away from the two.The cause of death was piercing wounds in the back consisting with a knife.Then a rental tourist jeep was found just another three fourths of a mile.It had been rolled over and exploded killing the driver.The police believe that the driver was not watching where he was going and he hit a rock making him roll and crash.
Two more skeletons and a jeep were found in a forest.The cause of death was piercing wounds in the back consisting with a knife.All these deaths were identified killed just two years ago.The murderer is still at large and the police detectives are trying to find suspects but are coming up with none.
However, there was a body was discovered at the bottom of a five hundred cliff.The victim had fallen from the five hundred foot cliff as suicide.Police have not been able to figure out why the man would kill himself and are still trying to figure everything out.The question stands as to ‘Who have done these murders?’

Submitted: July 10, 2008

© Copyright 2020 Ethyn. All rights reserved.

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XXgemini godessXX

Yayyy Im the first person to comment.

I really liked this story. I loved how descriptive you were. And the imagery was good too. I could actually picture what was going on in my head. I love horror stories and this is one of the best ones I have ran into. Your story kept my attention and thats really hardly happens. It was an amazing story, I really enjoyed it and cant wait to read more of your work. And if you have any spare time you could take a look at some of my poems and tell me what you think. Comments and critisim is alway welcomed and greatly appreciated. Really creative story Good work!!!!!

Thu, July 10th, 2008 5:02am


Thank you for telling me this. I was working all day yesterday to get it finished and see who likes it. I really like the response I have gotten out of it. Thanks again

Thu, July 10th, 2008 8:26am


This was a cool story, you were very descriptive. For a short story you did a really good job. Can't wait to see your next story, hope that it is the same greatness as this one. Keep up the your awesome work.

Tue, July 15th, 2008 7:10pm

Opal Chassidy

Great!! I liked this one!! This is very easy to follow, very descriptive and it kept me reading all the way to the end. Great work and continue writing!!! By the way...what did kill them??LOL--Opal Chassidy

Sun, July 20th, 2008 5:24pm


Thank you. What did kill them was a creature that could blend in with it's enviorment, it's skin is bullet proof, and had claws and teeth that could rip through steel. Thanks again for reading my short story. I'll be sure to read some of yours.

Sun, July 20th, 2008 5:14pm

Maple Bowen

Great story! You are very descriptive and captivating in your writing, I can't wait to see another short story posted! Please let me know when you have another one posted! =)

Wed, July 23rd, 2008 3:29pm

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