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MAKE REVELATION, the booksie research and study 2009,

released this year 2010 of February.


Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



FACTUAL Theories to support this ENTIRE study, as according to Freud and Erikson:
As proven in the comparison of romance and young adult stories without sexual content versus the writings of the said genres having sexual contents, the writings with sexual contents always have gained more popularity. It’s not only in the comparison of two different types of romance stories having sexual contacts and the other having none, all the genres are affected by this certain bias—
—that goes without saying that all writers in those left-out genres were also shoved in the darkest corners of the website. The writer and his/her story is always counted as one.
Hence, how good is it for having sexual stuffs in one’s writings against having none?
Proven in Freud’s Theory that people will always have the unconscious displacement surfacing and wanting this type of stories, it means that humans prefer so much of these types of writings than anything else. They may not be able to say it consciously as most people will have the face to deny, but the unconscious mind states well that the ‘inner thoughts’ prefer for more sexual content writings than preferring reading stories with none. It also showed that most members do not prefer reading other types of genre such as fantasy, mystery and crime, horror, action and adventure, humor, classics, etc.
To point out as according to the researchers, these type of writings are ‘needless’ in any literature pieces; needless in a sense that placing and writing the story having sexual content—the ‘sexual content’ is not actually the focus of the story but due to the ‘inner thoughts’ of excitement of human nature, it has become the entire focus of the story. Unless the author wants to prove his/her writings in playboy magazines, hustler magazines, and For Him Magazines’ ladies confessions, this shouldn’t be the scenario or the decisive factor for this certain point.
Therefore, this file no. 8 may be apart from the files of revelation but I thought up with a neat comparison:
“compare a story with sexual content against a story with something that is equally comparable”
“A romance with sexual content short story”
(UNEDITED: Don’t mind the grammar, obviously anyone who reads this anticipates the events anyway and not the grammar, so why bother fixing such glitch sentences)
Jessica, my girlfriend and I have been together for more than two months, and I could say I’m the luckiest guy in our whole campus. Jessica Morgan is the cheerleading captain and as much as every guy wanted her to be their girl, her heart belongs to me.
Yeah, life sucks, but not mine.
For two months, we had been dating, we had our petty talks, and we also had our excessive kissing. Though I really can’t tell that Jessica wanted more than just kissing, but I wanted—no, I certainly needed it. She has those perfect curves for a 5,9”ft tall slightly-tanned skin gorgeous hot 16 year old female, she was very attractive, her face is angelic, having the features of the emerald-green eyes, brown hair, and her breast has the perfect arch of a 34-C cup which I was hoping to grope for the past two months, actually, ever since I met her, I just needed to take her to bed so badly. Her lavish curve and breath deepens my need to nail her in bed.
It was on Friday when Jessica told me she wanted to watch New Moon. I didn’t mind—I could care less for a stupid teen movie. We snuggled on the upper-left part of the cinema on the premier-section.
For two hours, she watched and squealed with the movie—she like this whole series though I could still care less about a stupid vampire romance and a teen-flick movie mixed together in a sparkle of two hours running time.
Partly watching the movie, I was also partly imagining Jessica and me alone in the dark, lying her in bed and wanting more of her sweet sensation of her lips, her soft, fragile but well-toned body steaming with pleasure. It heightened my senses and hardened my manhood which brought a clench to my teeth for.
When the movie was finished, we dined out at a local fastfood chain. Jessica can’t still get over the whole New-Moon thing and I pretended to also have enjoyed the whole movie. She discussed about the difference of the book and the movie, and I just nodded positively not even knowing frankly what was who and where was when.
After our Friday night, I walked her to her house. When we were at her doorstep, Jessica received a text message from her mom; reading it aloud to me that her parents were having an overtime meeting and would arrive home late at night. Hence, and as much as my lucky day, there was no one inside the house.
Thinking about no one besides us in her small abode, some thoughts crossed my mind that this is all too-familiar with the New Moon scenes. Jessica casually invited to go in—unbeknownst her of what my mind was playing and imagining along.
Closing the door as I heard the doorknob clicked, I wrapped my arms around her waist then pulled her immediately in a sweet kiss.
“You’re very important to me, Bella.” I joked.
“Oh, stop it Edward, I’m all for Jacob.” Jessica mocked ending with both of us laughing. I wittingly smiled and kissed her neck, trailing my lips to her skin while unzipping my pants and haplessly removing my shirt.
“So, how’d I look?” I grinned, mimicking how that dude werewolf from New Moon would grin.
“Oh, no, my god, Jake!” Jessica gasped, seeing me with only my boxers and socks as my only clad in my body.
“Yes, I’m your werewolf, baby…” I hissed with an evil smile, imitating the sounds of a snarling wolf. I then pressed my lips on her and trudged her against the wall.
“Oh…Jake…Jake…” Jessica’s breath pounded within her words; I say that she was turned on with me hugging and kissing her with only my boxers in the way, my bare skin touching her pink halter dress.
My hands caressed her back, and in her waist, finally, with too much excessive kissing, I trailed my fingers under her skirt, her cotton panties were having the moist softness in them which made my manhood even harder and more aggressive than it was.
Her bated breath tickled through my senses as my fingers reacted directly through it. She left out a soft moan as my index finger found her clit and started rubbing it. Her moan was very enticing, I could not care any longer if she is my girlfriend or a stranger—I would do anything just to nail inside her lavish flesh.
“Oh, Marc, stop it—please…” Jessica moaned as much as incomprehensive as my thoughts, I slid my fingers inside her panties. Oh god my fingers were at first was able to fill her hole, but just an inch deeper and they slanted—I couldn’t believe more of my luck—
Jessica’s a virgin. She may as most guys would say, a ‘blowjob-virgin’.
I earnestly controlled her move, letting her pounce and attempting to stop me from my lustful advantage, but she always fails whenever I hit her tight spot. Soon, Jessica was helplessly moaning with her wet cunt already hand-washing my fingers. The lubricating oil of ecstasy of every woman, I so delight.
I raised her skirts and pulled out her panties which were only getting in the way. Jessica was panting and vigorously coming out with my fingers pumping inside her. Imagine as my hot girlfriend and I are making out in her own living room—the excitement is limitless.
“Marc—what’ are you doing—“ Jessica’s words were interrupted as I shove my rock-hardened manhood inside. “Oh—Marc—stop--!” she pleaded, but she wasn’t fighting back with the pleasure, instead, she was pulling me closer to her, welcoming her to violate her warm, soft and wet, heavenly cunt with my manhood.
Jessica shivered as her first urge of coming erupted; my diligent-hard cock undeniably felt her shuddering and tingling pussy as she screamed with pitched-moans. I turned her front; shoving back my manhood inside her cunt and groping her hips to gain an added pressure from the pleasure, Jessica yearned her uttered moan—my cock was pushing and pulling her with the sheer mark of great sensation. I felt her 34-C cup breasts, and how they were so soft and her nipples were so hard to palpate, how she enjoyed with me wanting every bit of her body and lusting her insides, tasting her flesh and making her feel so wet—Jessica came and further came for many times until I was able to unload my cum—I never had came that much. The first explosion of zeal satisfaction went inside her pussy—I immediately took out my manhood but it spurted another batch of cum which spilled out and into her flat abdomen. I hurried to unload further as I reached her lips and fed my manhood inside her mouth.
Jessica was further shivering with anticipation as she tasted my cum, my baby-maker into her tongue and deep inside her throat.
“Yes, baby, you are my Bella…”
“And you’re my werewolf, Marc…you just imprinted me…” Jessica heaved, still exhausted from being too ruptured from our sexual intimacy…don’t know what ‘imprinting’ means but I bet that’s a good thing.
She pulled me close to her with my rocked-hard cock still inside her throbbing pussy. We stayed necking and licking each other’s tongue and lips for the past five minutes until I slowly pumped inside her all over again as she was lying on her back.
“Marc—Uh—you lusty werewolf uh—c’mon you were—uh—Marc c’mon f*ck me, pump me, oh pump me Jacob uhh—I know you’ve been wanting to do this—uhhhhh!!!” Jessica continued moaning, I always thrust my cock farther and deeper inside her warm meat. I couldn’t help it, groping her heavenly hips and smooth round butt-cheeks, pushing more of my cock and faster against her lubricated pussy.
Our sweat and smell inside the living room began clouding my senses and all I could think was gripping her butt-cheek with my right hand and playing her tits with my left, sucking and licking, softly biting her nipples and circularly-whipped my tongue as I did. Jessica was constantly moaning and clawing my back with her nails, imagining herself that she was a werewolf and I must be the vampire for her.
“Uhh—Jacob—Marc—Jake—Marc—uhhhhh~~faster—pump me faster damn it I wanted more—more—deeper—deeper—“ Jessica’s lusty screams filled the living room, I could care less if her neighbors would hear it, all that was occupying my mind is her soft, warm luscious skin and that I am free and I can do anything to her.
Jessica jerked and shivered as my exhilarating throb of cum squirted inside her slippery and wet, warm, newly-devirginized pussy. For quite a moment of silence, our breaths were the only audible thing we heard. Her 34-C cup breasts were rising up and down rapidly, the squishing sounds of our flesh from all the sweat and fluids were very ecstatic to hear.
This is what our true love is.
I helped her get up and carried her into her room. She was still naked with the aroma of her pussy and my cum inside was still invigorating our senses. I took her clothes along and as we reached her room located upstairs, I heard engine sounds which led me to conclude it was her parents who have just arrived.
Jessica’s tender eyes were still looking at me, then I kissed her lips with a soft entice, a goodnight kiss and a notion of saying ‘bye’ for the evening—the wonderful evening.
Knowing I’d be in trouble if her parents would saw me, I took my set of clothes and scampered with just my boxers on—escaping through the window and running out into the night.
I then know later that evening that Jessica sent me a text message, telling me how good I am as her lover and how she wanted her werewolf to caress her with the unspoken moments all over again.
Yes, I’ve wrote this story myself, the next chapter contains its uttered comparison.

~~Etoille Astral

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