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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
MAKE REVELATION, the booksie research and study 2009,

released this year 2010 of February.


Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



FEATURED WRITING FILE no. 5: Mystery and Crime
The month of October, as I can clearly or as I can estimate it, that Thanatos’ “Detective Psycho Brown” was featured in the home page. Its genre is ‘mystery and crime. As I read it, it’s very much appealing, a clear form of dementia, psychopathic narration which represents the crime in its mystery.
There are many types of Mystery and Crime novels, as such; Sherlock Holmes, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew novels belong to this genre. Detective Psycho Brown by Thanatos repels a spin of a “Byronic character” (credible to do bad stuffs in order for the common good, Robin Hood is an example of a classic Byronic Character) which is quite observed also in this type of writings but the flavor of making this kind of story needs a specific blend of drawing readers who would like to feel the mystery of the crime.
The researchers believed Thanatos was able to do that.
Thanatos also knows what correct grammar is, his ‘booksie_member-factor’ is also not bad, he socializes to some few members. His novel which made out into the featured writings should have adequately provided enough exposure for his novel to be realized in normal instances, yet as booksie members always drooled over for the big four genres, then the mystery and crime genre, one of the dark, well-written overall stories in the booksie website cannot compete as it could have.
Taken last November 18, 2009:
1 42211
2 1301
3 981
4 722
5 610
6 510
7 690
8 530
9 545
10 431
11 281
12 250
total 68411
mean 62.181
Story first posted last February 9, 2009
A slight decent of reads is observed until its last chapter, ch.12, with 25 reads, but its comments marked the conclusive data that this novel doesn’t earned its limelight as it should have. As reviewed, this story is very well-written, fits, and accentuates what Mystery and Crime novel is for; its only problem is it doesn’t belong to the big-four genre. 
FEATURED WRITING FILE no. 6: Science Fiction
Science Fiction novels have a fine drawback even just by its first impression: ‘it’s pure fantasy as much as childish’.
Most scif-fi novels, works, and movies can be seen with initial remarks thanks to the vintage sci-fi’s such as the war of the worlds (original version, not the remake) as well as movies in the 1960’s of having UFO’s and Alien Abductions, right on the 1954’s Godzilla (with its remake in the late1990’s), as well as who wouldn’t even know the ‘Back to the Future’ installments?
Sci-fi got more credits for its special effects when the Star Wars and Star Trek movies were developed, however, its impression leaving a mark of a flying saucer in everyone’s minds whenever talking about science-fictions utterly disintegrates the entire genre into a hefty visual-effects galactic movie and nothing more.
When there is a sense of imagination, there has to be a sense of originality as much as creativity. Humans’ minds are limitless, as such, when a person acknowledges himself as a writer, he should stabilize the thought he has in which as a writer, he needs to be creative to be able to deliver the notion and the significance of the stories in his head transcended into words (not observed in the ‘now’ booksie).
The researchers believed that in the field of sci-fi genre, most booksie members ignore this; nevertheless, salvaging a few worth-to-read novels in this genre, emphasizing of this problem is also a goal in this study.
PSIONICA by Peter Lanuto III
1 2307
2 654
3 404
4 400
total 1458
mean 48.332.67
Story first posted last November 11, 2009
Psionica was featured in the home page, but still having attained an average read of 48.33 and 2-3 average worth of comments. Peter Lanuto III was also featured back in the past with his novel ‘monarch’ yet with disappointing results for only few ones are reading it.
The bias of this part of the study points out that Peter Lanuto’s booksie_member-factor lacks in some point, thus bringing out another writer who has a sleek sci-fi story in his sleeve is Zanzabaar.
Zanzabaar’s “booksie_member-factor” has a good record; he socializes with other people, he writes good stories and he reads other people’s work in return.
A SILVER LEAF by Zanzabaar
1 12612
2 471
3 441
4 462
5 402
6 330
7 361
8 381
9 292
10 343
11 294
12 313
13 364
14 293
15 313
16 273
17 273
1824 4
19 260
20 324
21 193
22 143
23 6 0
total 67850
mean 30.822.27

Story first posted last July 14, 2009

Though this story isn’t featured, his positive attributes could have pushed him to attract more readers. Yet, as early as ch.2, this story declined with not greater than 50 reads, and to its last chapter displaying a result of 6 reads by 0 comments.
Despite that Zanzabaar has a good socialization record; his record wasn’t enough to give him boost in the eyes of other booksie members towards his sci-fi genre novel.
Therefore, in sci-fi genre, whether a member is with a good booksie-socialization to other members; or it may be a member who has repeatedly got its stories featured in the home page, the bias shows totally exclusive to favor the “big-four genres”. Take note that they have good stories, their stories are written well; but the point is that these stories are nothing unlike the big-four genres and they are again, victims of the biases.
The entire study thus far was able to clearly state, point out, gave evidences, and gave conclusions. Despite different genres were exposed and featured in the home page, such biases are still applicable which led those wonderful writings of different genres to be displaced in the shadows.


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