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I can't leave without it! This isn't something I should have been able to misplace. I have to find this, everyone, please help me!

Submitted: August 21, 2017

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Submitted: August 21, 2017



"Where is it!" I yell from the top of the second floor stairs. I hear scurrying downstairs as they tell me they're looking. This can't happen, everything has to be perfect today, I can't go without it. I'm throwing everything off my dresser in the mad hope that I can find it. 'Today is ruined' 'what will everyone think of me if I don't have it' 'I'm an awful person for losing it', all these thoughts run through my head as I start panicking. 

'I think I remember having it in the bathroom', I run as best I can in this dress, making sure I don't get it dirty in my search. I throw open the bathroom door so hard it hits the countertop, making a loud hallow sound that echoes through the house. I hear one of my best friends shout up the stairs "is everything okay?" But I don't answer her, I can't, I'm too busy frantically look over the entire bathroom.

I finally try my parents room to see, if for some reason, I had left it there. I look on their dresser, side table and under the bed. I even try their windowsill at the opposite end of their room. Nothing. Out of frustration, and pure hopelessness, I sit on their bed with my head down trying not to cry. I can't cry or I'll be messing up my makeup I worked so hard putting on.

When I, finally, get up I can feel my shoulders drop in disappointment as I walk out. The staircase is directly left of the room, I stand there looking at the steep, wooden stairs for a second before heading down. I was only two stairs down when I hear "I found it!".

I was so happy I almost broke out into a dead sprint down the stairs, throwing caution to the wind, to see if it were true. There it was, the last item I needed for today. It sparkled just like it did when I first saw it, this necklace is the one thing that finished my outfit. As my made of honour holds it up I finally feel ready for the day.

This necklace is more than just a simple piece of jewelry my fiancé gave me, it was his grandmothers. He and his grandmother were very close, and this was the one thing she left for him. He told me that she wanted his wife to wear it on the day of their marriage, "it can be her 'something borrowed' for the wedding". It was easy for me to say "yes" to the request because it fit into the theme of my dream wedding. 

My made of honour carefully draped this beautiful necklace around my neck, and as she's doing this I can see both my parents staring at me. They look happier than I've ever seen them before. My dad takes a couple of steps closer to me, looks at me and says "you look beautiful, my little girl all grown up right in front of me". He takes my hand in his and starts walking me out the door, "let's go get you married" he said as we reached the door. When we leave the house, I know my whole life is about to change, and I couldn't be more excited for it.

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