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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happens after we die? This short story the death of a man named Simon Cassidy, and what happens to him after he dies.

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



The two cars crashing killed Simon Cassidy instantly. The jolt forward snapped his neck. The family in the other car was composed of two teenage girls, a baby boy, a father and a mother. The mother died instantly, as did the younger of the teenage girl. The father of the family died in the hospital after two days of emergency care, while the baby fell through its loose seatbelt and crashed into the front windshield. The oldest teenager survived and struggled with survivor’s guilt for the rest of her life. Luckily, she never committed suicide, although she contemplated it a few times. The last thing Simon saw before he died was the father screaming and trying to shield his wife. Well, it would have been the last thing that he ever saw, but his eyes jolted open. 

“Good morning Mr. Cassidy.”

“Light... light...”

“Yes, it might take a few seconds to adjust to the light. Try and look at me if you can.”

Simon slowly turns his head towards the voice. He looks up to see a scientist in his late sixties wearing a white lab coat.

"I don't understand, am I dead?"

"Oh, of course! That was quite the crash, but luckily no, you are not dead Simon."

"Are... are you god?"

"I wish Mr. Cassidy, I wish."

Simon takes a few seconds here to catch his breath and recover. He starts feeling tingling in his arms and then he finally regains feeling in them. He feels a slow pulsing feeling, and decides to look down. He sees wire hooked into different parts of his body, making him look like a human pincushion.


“Why am I… wires?” Simon asks while looking away.

“Oh, that was you wired connection to the Augmented Reality Simulation, or ARS for short.”

“What’s the ARS?”

“Oh it’s just a simple solution that the we have come up with to deal with overpopulation.”

“What do you mean by w-“

“You should probably be going. Goodbye Mr. Cassidy.”

Simon Cassidy slowly gets to his feet and then hobbles over to the door. He opens it up and leaves the room. Outside of it there is a huge corridor on both sides with more doors identical to the one he just left. He immediately steps onto escalator track, and slowly progresses forwards. He notices an unusually high amount of guards, carrying weapons that he can only describe as bizarre. Finally, the conveyor stops as a voice plays over the intercom system installed into the walls.


“Hello Mr. Simon Cassidy, please enter the door onto your left, not your right.”


Simon stares at the two doors to his left and right. They seem identical in every way, so he cautiously enters the one on the left.


As soon as he steps through the door, it slams shut. Simon immediately notes several differences between this room and all the others. While the other rooms all are white with beaming blue lines accenting the walls in strange patterns, this room is dark gray with red accenting the walls in much more bizarre patterns, making pictures and images that are frightening and beautiful at the same time. A screen is on one of the wall built in, and a projector is hanging from the ceiling. Simon sits in the room for a few minutes waiting for it to turn on.


Eventually, the sound of clicking on plays very faintly as the projector turns on. 

“Hello there and welcome to the present. No, not the future, the present. Your entire life has been the past! ‘How is that possible?’ you may be asking yourself. Well, it’s going to be a long story of how we got to where we are right now, so find a comfortable seat, sit back, and relax.”

Simonl slowly and cautiously sits on the floor. His mind seems to be in a thousand different places at once.

“Let’s go back to the year 2100. The world is having major problems when it comes to global population, and scientists are brainstorming and looking for a solution. What the government did was phase in programs in which we put everyone in an ARS, whic let's them experiance another life, for the first twenty years of their life. While in the ARS extensive tests are done and data is pulled to determine what kind of person you are. Unfortunately for you, we have determined you are a bad person. We’ll have to teach you how to be a good person. Please enter the other room.”

Simon is on very high alert now, scared of what’s to come. He very carefully walks over to the door and steps through. The room is dark red and very hot. He turns around, as the door slams shut. The speakers turn on and here hears.

“Alright, activate the neurotoxin.”


Fear shoots all over Simon’s body as he starts to panic. He starts to run, stops, and then lies down on the floor. Neurotoxin sprayers appear out of the walls. Green gas immediately comes out of them, as Simon looks around franticly. He curls up into the corner and makes a sound then sounds like a strange combination of a goat and a chicken. He stays like this and every now and then yells something like “It’s not fair” or “I didn’t know”. He examines the wall every now and then, trying to reach the neurotoxin sprayer, but it remains at least five feet above him at all times. Suddenly, Simon collapses on the floor. He tries to fight it and get back up, be eventually he lays still. 

Simon was not a good person.

© Copyright 2020 ettatanjam. All rights reserved.

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