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I wrote this as a creative essay... This is an imaginary essay pretending that my own friend wrote me this eulogy. (kind of like : how I would like to be remembered)

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016




 Let’s all take a minute of silence to remember Eugene Baeg…

(First, I would like to thank each and one of you for attending Eugene’s Baeg funeral and praying to god that he will reach heaven safely.)

To sum up what Eugene meant to me in a few short paragraphs is impossible. I still don’t believe that he left me. For these past few days, I was overwhelmed with so many mixed emotions.

Eugene lived an impressive and amazing life. He lived a complete life although he could not finish what he had intended to finish. He was an energetic soul, one who made everyone happy around him. He was basically the light to happiness, although some of his jokes crossed the line. Eugene is a friend who stands by your side when you face hardships and problems you are stuck on. He comforts you, makes you rethink about things that you haven’t thought about before.

The first time I met him was when we were back in 6th grade at Busan Foreign School. He offered to carry some of my heavy books on the first day of school when he saw me needing help. He led me to class on the first day. From that day on, I realized how caring Eugene was. That was the start of our adventure as best friends.

As time passed on, we had to separate ways in order to go to college. Later, he turned out to be an amazing engineer… He could literally fix everything when you call him over. He could computer program things to act in a certain way, and knew technology very well. Eugene always works hard for the goals he wanted to achieve. If he has a set goal, he will never give up, and let his friends and family down. He was simply the smartest friend you ever met. At the day of his marriage, I went and supported him and his wife. I was extremely happy for him. Later, his daughter Mary and his son Josh were born very healthy and grew up to be a healthy man and woman.

He always wished to see his children Josh and Mary have kids. He was glad that they married, but ashamed that he could not see them. His last wishes were to see their children all healthy…

Eugene’s death happened too quickly. His cancer developed in 2 weeks. Eugene always talked about dying peacefully of old age. He was going through tough things that were hard to overcome, but he still laughed and joked around. Although his sickness was getting worse, he kept it a secret to his kids to not interfere with their social life. He didn’t want others to know he was sick, so he acted like he was okay even though he had cancer. Everyone will remember the presence of him. He will always be remembered as a sole figure of love. He was just simply the best friend to talk to during hard times.


Now, Eugene is up in heaven happily with Jesus. Now that we are in his funeral, we must not grieve over the past events, but wish for better luck in the future. This is not the time to cry and mourn over his death. Eugene never wanted to see people sad and miserable. He wanted to make everyone happy. Right now at this moment, we are to be thinking back about how he touched our hearts and all the things he has done for us until today. We are to be thankful we met a man named Eugene.

We will all miss Eugene, but at some time, we will all join him in a happy place where we can stay with him forever. And he’ll make us laugh again like we’ve never laughed before.


Bye, Eugene…




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