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Hitler vs Stalin

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



Hitler vs. Stalin


Adolf Hitler, the corrupt dictator of the Nazi party and Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator were both equally powerful rulers of the 1900s. Both notorious for their crude actions, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin surprisingly are compared a lot to each other on how they ruled people, how they rose to power, and the ways they controlled the economic status.

Adolf Hitler, mainly known for his role during the Holocaust, had a specific way he ruled people. His actions and choices were something no one had ever before. After he broke the treaty of Versailles, which was an agreement between the allied powers and Germany to prevent further war, Hitler began the “natzification” of Germany as he discriminated the Jews from the “real” German citizens. After he imprisoned and made Jewish people work in concentration camps, he decided to test his potential in ruling other lands. As he constantly took over and expanded German land, later invading into Soviet territory, the Allied Powers eventually stopped his military forces. Including the 50 million deaths during World War 2 ,Hitler and his Nazi party exterminated 6 million Jews in Germany.

On the other hand, similar to Hitler, Stalin only showed bias against the people who opposed him. The kulaks (peasant class), who were in charge of food supplies in Russia, failed to feed every citizen. During the 1930s, Stalin deported millions of kulaks and all the others who stood against him to Siberia. He tried to industrialize the country for the good. After Hitler broke the treaty between the Russia and Germany to keep peace, Stalin fought back and won the German forces. Overall, Stalin killed about 20 million people, including soldiers and innocent civilians. If we compare the casualties and the results, even though Stalin’s actions were violent and cruel, many believe Hitler was even worse because of his attempt to eradicate an entire racial group.

Both of these dictators rose to power in different ways. Hitler, who wanted to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, failed when he couldn’t get a long-term job. Since his family was poor, he decided to enter the army for World War 1. He soon joined the German Workers’ Party, which later became known as the Nazi Party. In order to become the leader of this group, he had to win the election against Hindenburg, who was German military officer. Unfortunately, he didn’t gain enough popularity and lost to Hindenburg. After Hindenburg’s first term, he got ill and died. Soon after, Hitler saw this as the perfect chance and rose up as the Nazi leader.

On the other hand, Stalin was specifically chosen the leader of the Soviet Union by Vladimir Lenin, the previous leader. Stalin was the only one who made it to birth among his 2 siblings. Because of his exceeded talent in school, he earned a scholarship to a reform school where he later joined the Bolshevik Party. After he joined, he was deported to Siberia, but later escaped to come back to his homeland. Lenin, the dictator of the time in Russia, invited him to Finland acknowledging Stalin’s accomplishments. Later, he was rewarded as Commissioner of Nationalities by Lenin himself. In 1922, he was selected as the general secretary of Lenin. Around 1924, when Lenin died due to bullet wounds and poison from his opposers, Stalin, Lenin’s closest associate, took over as the new dictator of the Soviet Union.

Hitler, although a good military officer, didn’t really take care of the country’s economy. Based on his political views, he considered military as number one priority, while regarding economic issues as relatively unimportant. When he first became the leader in 1933, he improved the wages by 10.9% and combated hyperinflation, which was caused by war. Later as he used the money for military weapons and forces, the unemployment rate rose to 30%. Germany itself was in the Great Depression. Factories were closing, people were homeless, there was the Holocaust. Starting World War 2, Hitler impacted Germany’s economy a lot. Because of Hitler’s foolish actions, foreign countries wouldn’t trade with them making the economy worse.

On the contrary, Stalin improved the Soviet’s economy by 25% in the 1920s and the 1930s. The government planned the Command economy, which is when the government takes care of all economical business. In 1928, Stalin decided to start the Five Year Plans (FYP), which is a project to take drastic steps towards industrial growth, to develop the Soviet’s economy. During this time period, Stalin’s goals were to catch up to the economical progress of the West. Overall, due to Stalin’s effort and consideration, the Soviet Union was able to take steps forward to becoming one the most economically advanced countries in the world.

Many just tend to generalize Stalin and Hitler as the worst dictators of all time, but there are definitely various factors that tell them apart. The style of how they rule, how they got to power, and their effect on the economy truly distinguishes the two dictators apart.  



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