My Greatest Influence

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My greatest influence in life!

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



My Greatest Influence

I sincerely thank the few who have taken their precious time off to discuss with me about my complications and my future.  However, I consider my dad’s contribution the most significant. Because his help impacted my life so much, I acknowledge my father to be the most admirable and identify him as a model who is honest, responsible, and caring.

From moment I was born, I began to admire him. From then, he raised me up from my childhood with his love and mentorship. As I was growing up, he taught me about people, the real world and most importantly, the values of life. He also helped me learn things I didn’t understand in school, and is currently dedicating his life to raise me up to the stage of adolescence where I will soon have to live independently without his aid. Although there were ups and downs in my life, my dad helped me overcome those problems with his wise words which steered me through these issues.

He is a dad of two children. Although he has difficult things that arise for him too, he overcomes them easily and helps me more than he supports himself. As his son, I have seen that my dad is a hard-working man and learnt from him that obstacles can be easily beaten only if you try. My father is currently working in the university of Singapore and is teaching human anatomy to graduate students. He first graduated from Bukyung University in Busan, but eventually went to Harvard to study and work there for a year or two. After his studies in Boston, he moved to Singapore leaving his kids and wife here in Korea. I find this extremely remarkable because Harvard is clearly one of the best schools the world. This tremendous work that he put into his studies to go from a not so well university to a top ranking school shows me that anything could be achieved only if you give in your best effort. Seeing my dad progress in his career  helped me realize how hard I should work to achieve amazing goals just like him.

Before leaving for Singapore to continue on his unfinished career, he reminded my sister and I to work hard and never let him down. The choice of going on to another country without one’s family to earn money for one’s children is a brave, yet difficult choice to make. There will certainly be times when he wants to reunite and see his family again. As his son, I truly respect the choice he’s made even if it’s risking his own life.

Even though he faced countless and tough experiences, the sweat and tears were spent on our happiness. I learned the true meaning of life and started achieving the qualities he has. The person I am now is mostly because of my parents’ hard work and dedication. To me, he is an ideal figure whom I often impersonate and look up to as my idol in life.


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