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What will you do if you're in Peyton's shoe? A girl who vacated her gloomy life in New York, praying for some fun and peace in London. Trying to forget everything in her past. Ripping off every single lie about her being. Planning to change and completely move on with her old life. And as she wander around the enchanting city of London there she found five completely annoying strangers. Five strangers that seemed to appear everywhere she go. Five strangers that will surely do everything to change all of her plans and promises from the first day she started to pack for this vacation. Will she ever be in peace with this five gorgeous strangers that will try to ruin her supposedly "Travel Therapy"? Will she stick to her plans and promises for herself?. Now let's read to find out! xoxo

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012




Chapter 1

Peyton’s POV

“You’re serious?!” I exclaimed. Trying to swallow the last quarter of burger that I unfortunately throw inside my mouth just the moment I heard what she had said.

“Yeah! And I won’t accept a no for this.” “You will come with me in London and spend the rest of your summer vacation there!” Lindsay uttered facing me. She frowned. Seeing how I am struggling with my loaded mouth, she lifted her glass of water and handed it to me. “We’re going to have all the fun that London could give!” she added. Still stunned in the way I eat. Well that’s one of the few things she never got used to about me. I eat like a beast and she hated it, saying that I am a girl and I should act like one. At least, while eating. Unfortunately, I got a stomach of a man. I just thanked God for giving me a nice metabolism. That I still be able to maintained my curves.

I smiled. After a semester of weariness, crying and hatred, I finally smiled. I know the real reason why she wanted me to come with her and be out of this crazy city of New York. The place I thought was once my refuge and sanctuary turned to be my living hell. “Plus you’ll have your chance to get out of here, leave all the drama you’re starring right now and move on” She said smiling. There she was my real, breathing, and living guardian angel.

“Ok, I’ll try to talk to dad and mom about this” I answered, putting that sad face I almost perfected for quite some time. I know I should’ve be the happiest prisoner now that I am totally going out of this prison hell but everything happen just flashback in my mind now. And I can’t help myself thinking about it. “It’s been handled” she said cheerfully. I know that tone, she’s trying to cheer me up.

“I talked to them just before I got here in New York” “They’re part of this whole idea so there’s no need for “I still have to talk to my parents about everything” line. Lindsay joked, still trying to make smile.

I just nodded. I know my parents are aware of everything that’s exactly happening to me. Partly they’re blaming themselves for not helping me somehow.

“Ok. Then let’s hit the London Bridge before it falls down!” I yelled trying to be enthusiastic but I still can’t hide the pain in my voice. The pain that is so familiar in my system. The pain that I was planning to ripped off of my heart as soon as I stepped out of this place. I thanked God for giving me almost two months of peaceful living. All I have to do is enjoy every second of that privilege. And that I surely will.



Chapter 2

Peyton’s POV

 “I’ll be right back in ten ok, so don’t worry about me”. I yelled at her glancing through the full length mirror which was standing in the right side of my bed. I am now in my room where I’ll be staying for the next 6 weeks of my stay here in London. All my things are still in my travelling bag that was scattered everywhere.

We just arrived at Lindsays flat. It was big. No, it was a mansion. How could she be able to live here alone without frightening herself from some ghost or monster? Well, this is me again, with my freaking imagination. Like what I said, her flat was a mansion. It was a modern contemporary designed flat. We passed the first door and found a room which I thought the living room. There is a big flat screen TV literally hanging on the wall. In front of it was a huge and comfortable looking couches and a king sized sofa being the center of it. But what really caught my attention was the magnificent and gigantic chandelier hanging on her ceiling in the spacious hallway that connects living room to the kitchen. Well she’s a fan of Phantom of the Opera so I shouldn’t be surprise though. Under the gigantic chandelier is a white grand piano as the center of the hallway.

“Ok”. Lindsay shouted back at me. “But don’t go too far, you might get lost”. You’re not yet familiar with the places here”. She continues while putting her phone and laptop on her bag.

She will be leaving me here alone because she got a very urgent call from her boss saying that she’s needed in the office just as right now. It’s already 4:25 in the afternoon and we just arrived here in London.  I’m so excited to roam around the city so I decided to ignore any signs of jetlag because of our 7 hours of travel. So as my cousin Lindsay, she’s one of those dedicated person when it comes to her job. She worked as public relations officer on one of the popular clothing line in the world. So her job really needed her beauty and dedication.

“And don’t forget to bring my credit card just in case you spent all of your cash while doing some food tasting in every resto and coffee shop you chose to stop by”. Lindsay said while heading towards the door.

 I frowned.

She knows me more than any of my cousins’ maybe because we’re the closest in the clan. Together with that truth is the fact that she also knew my weaknesses and in that matter it’s eating.

“Ok thanks” I exclaimed.

 “And thanks for letting me borrowed your credit card!” smiling wickedly and winking at her.  I walked towards her then she hugs me and kissed me in my cheek. “Be good ok? I don’t want to pick you up in police station for some charges of being a bitch!” She said smiling and turned her back to me to finally get out of the door.

I smiled. In that moment I fully realized how she actually knows me.



Chapter 3

Peyton's POV

Three hours passed and there’s still no sign of being tired in my system. I’ve been walking and taking pictures for the past three hours and my stomach which is my favorite part of the body is actually breaking up with me. I remember that I haven’t eaten anything yet back in the airport. I’m not really a good traveler and have tendency to puke any moment, and that’s Lindsay’s reason for my forced fasting. And now I’m up to some payback by crashing her credit card and do some feasting for my beloved tummy.

I passed many restaurants earlier when I was still roaming around and taking pictures of everything my camera can capture. From the sidewalk stalls to the expensive ones, most of them are filled with different kind of people. Tourists and locales, I noticed that there were lots of foreigners too trying to capture the beauty of the city.

Since, I’m feeling like feasting right now, and I don’t want people to see how I actually eat like a pig, I looked for some place which is less populated. Luckily I found one. It’s kinda obvious why there are not much people inside. Well, aside from the fact that it was isolated from the very side of the city, it actually looks so expensive and sophisticated. I have my cousins’ credit card with me, therefore money’s the least of my problem now. “Charged to experience” that’s my favorite saying every time I travel and try new things.

I decided to enter the huge glass door. You can see just from the façade itself how exquisite and delicate it was built. I like the ambiance when I got inside. It’s very calm and serene, so refreshing. There were numbers of chairs that was occupied. And I can’t find a nice place for me to hide while I’m having my “revenge” that no one can see me. And then I saw the stairs connecting to the second floor of the building. And then I thought there’s must be chance for me to find a place in there. So I made my way through the stairs.

The second floor is much cozier compare to the ground floor. The place was surrounded by curtains hanging on the sidewalls. And the cool breeze of the air sways it from every direction. You can feel the air coming from open walls. I closed my eyes for seconds letting the air tickles my body. And I felt it shivers. I open my eyes after a moment and let it explore around the beautiful surroundings. I noticed that there's an elevated platform in the center where a grand white piano was displayed. Suddenly I felt the urge to play it and I know I still can. But every time I remember what happened i lost the courage to do so. I tried to ignore every bad vibes filling up my mind since I got here in London. I promise myself to enjoy and leave everything behind me.

On the other side of the room was a spacious bar full of different kinds of liquor. But there’s no one in there, not a single soul. I moved my gaze to the other side and I could’ve believe what I saw, a big fountain on the corner! It felt so refreshing and I got excited that I can’t stop myself from running over from it and touch the water flowing from it. Getting conscious to those pair of eyes staring at me, I decided to just ignore them. I didn’t even bother myself to look up on their direction. I started to look for a nice place to sit and execute my real plan which is to do some feasting. My tummy is rebelling right now and I really have to do something.

 Fully conscious to the place I noticed that there were not much people here compared downstairs, just a bunch of guys occupying a table on the center of the terrace. I looked up on their direction and saw them staring at me but then again I ignored them because I' m so stunned with this place. No I’m in love with this place. I walked towards the vacant table around the corner. There’s not much people inside but I still chose the table on the corner just in case people would started to arrive. I put down the things I bought from my shopping spree earlier and walked over the balcony. I almost gasped and literally held my breath when I saw the beautiful scenery.

The place wasn’t that high but you can see almost half of the city and the lights are everywhere just like the stars lying on the ground. The soft breeze of the air kisses my skin making me shiver as it dances my loose hair in rhythm. I stand there for how many minutes I don’t have any idea how long. It was kinda enchanted place. Everything’s so serene, so calm, and peaceful. I've never felt this feeling for so long and I can’t believe I was going to experience it again! I know I missed this feeling. I just realized how it became so foreign to me that I almost forgot the last time I’ve been in this state. Oh! What a nice way to end my day.

Wanted to take some pictures of the scene, I run my hands inside my bag searching for my camera, and as always I wasn’t able to find it. Well, I’m not really an organized person. And my mother is getting on her nerves every time she's giving me her daily sermon on how I should be organized. I wonder if she sometimes prayed to God to give me some OCD.

I looked down at my body bag still searching for my camera, my head down and my eyes were fixed on my search. And I’m still failing to find it. I decided to go back on my table so I can put down my purse and have a better search for my cam. I turned around, eyes were still locked on my bag and my head were still down, I continuously walk towards the location of my table when a figure just forcefully bumped on me. It was a massive attack that I almost crashed on the floor. I don’t know why I felt that weak! Maybe I haven’t eaten anything yet. Or maybe because I was still enchanted by the place.. Or maybe my jetlag was ea…. Oh! Whatever I’m feeling now is definitely not the reason of my fall and it’s clearly not my fault! I’m not even close to brisk walking. It’s that twat who actually exerts so much effort that causes me crashing on the floor like a last piece of domino!!

It doesn’t hurt me though so I ignore whatever physical pain I felt after the crash I just want to know who the guilty freak responsible for my fall is. I lifted my head and searched for the man. No one mess with me whenever I am deprived by my right to eat.  As I lift my heads up my eyes met another pair of green eyes. A familiar pair of green tantalizing eyes.  A familiar smile started to form in his mouth. I saw a familiar curly hair that looks a...Noodles. Noodles it is. Yeah! You know I'm starving and I’m imagining foods when I’m hungry. I' m searching at back of my head where I saw those familiar eyes but I failed. And like this place those pair of eyes is kinda enchanting, intriguing calm. But there some expression of being shocked confusion on them too, for the reason I don’t know. "Whoa! Since when did I start making it my profession to explain and read someone’s eyes?" I thought of myself.

 I can feel the spell wrapping around my whole body. I was on the verge of being hypnotized by those pair of eyes, when I realized he's smirking at me. Maybe he noticed that I was conducting a lecture and memorizing every feature of his face! What the?!...and that broke the entire spell that was surrounding my system. What is wrong with me?! I've never been this intrigued into someone’s eyes before let alone this "bumper" staring at me now. I heard some murmurs and giggles coming from his friends on their table. "Yeah man" "Bring it on hazz" things like that and lot of giggles. So now they’re clearly making fun of me. Bloody beast!

 Trying to compose myself I look down once again just to see all of my things were scattered in the floor. I can feel my eyes narrowed and so close on erupting like a hot volcano ready to splash all of its lava on this freak's face but tried to ignore him once in for all. I didn’t let a single word slip off of my mouth. I was aware from the fact that I’m not good on controlling my mouth every time it started to say something. And that actually brought me to a whole lot of trouble. I have to accept also the fact that they are quiet numerous compare to me. Let alone they are all boys. There's not even a single soul of waiter or barman here to help me just in case they tried to murder me and cut me into tidbits! What the heck!

 I started to move and gather all my things still ignoring that prick now standing in front of me. He didn’t move a single breath. I tried to hide my irritation and anger. For bloody dogs sake! he didn’t even try to apologize for what he did to me! Well he might bump on me on purpose of course he won’t be apologizing for it. I am a patient girl right! Come on! I can hold on to my anger! But I know my eyebrows were not doing a good job on that. Or should I say my whole face. I just thanked god my mouth is exerting so much effort to shut up!.

I can see from the corner of my eyes that the creeps are now rising from their seats and taking some steps towards our location. Thanking God that just in time they arrived, I already gathered all my stuff and put them all in my bag. Getting madder and madder with this troll in front of me who just intentionally bumped me, without a slightest strand of hesitation, crashed me on the floor that resulted  for my things to scattered everywhere and yet doesn’t have a nerve to help me get up or fixed my thing?! Or for pete’s sake whisper some sorry!! Great! This creature is a certified ungentle monster! Well, If there’s any gentle monster in that sense. Whatever!

I saw his right hand moved in front of me.

"Are you alright?" My bumper asked clearly in a British accent. At last he says something. Oh! wait is he serious?! After this entire bumping, he gonna ask me if I’m ok?!

I didn’t say a word though. I’m still trying to get hold of my anger.

"Here let me help you" he murmured offering his right hand to me.

Oh and now he's being gentleman and wants to help me get up?! Oh Zeus god of thunder send me your lightning bolt so that I can use to this noodle-haired man! I throw him my deadliest stare ever! I'm quite good at that. Well with everything I’ve been through there's no question for my perfection of being bitchy. I just hope that’s enough for those people who hurt me and continuously hurting me to just leave me alone but unfortunately its not. I ignored his hand and stand up on my feet. I can now see the faces of his”ogre” friends now that they are all in front of me.  Well not really all because there's still one guy left on their table doing something on his phone.

My gaze turned to him. He lifted his brown eyes and stare at me for a few seconds then he smiled and oh shoot! My knees just got weaker and I feel like I’m will crash again on the floor! Crashing is now trending! What is wrong with my system?! Then I remembered  I haven’t had a thing on my tummy and  I’m tired and just got from seven hours flight, oh that must be the reason for my "peytsanity" Or maybe it was his stare that makes my knees weaker than ever.

I quickly removed my eyes on him and looked at those four familiar faces in front of me confusion written on their faces.  My heart beats faster and all I wanted to do is to run. So I started to walk away.

 "Hey! I' m not yet done talking to you babe”.”You just ignored my hand from helping you I couldn’t bare it if you ignored my tongue too”. The noodle haired announced emphasizing the word “tongue” that receives another wave of laughter from his constituents.

 I can feel my blood bursting everywhere because of his double meaning remark on me. But being the most patient girl in the universe that deserved to be crowned, I neither looked at them nor say a word. I just turned my eyes on the painting hanging in the wall then continue to walk.

"Oh man!” “You just got dumped again" I heard someone yelled in a surprise tone.

And the rest chuckled murmuring some "oohs" and "boohs". 



Chapter 4

Peyton’s POV

I continue to walk through the door and just as I am succeeding to take couple of steps away from them, a hand grabbed my elbow forcing me to turn around. I felt a massive jolt of electricity crawling into my whole body in just a simple touch of a stranger?! It seems like my hair is starting rise up from my head. I may be losing my sanity now.

"Were not yet done here right?” The noodle murmured. I met his gaze and he smiles at me. The sweetest smile ever lay in my plain eyes. “Oh crap” I told myself. There must be really something wrong with me.

"Oh I know what you’re up to”. He stated plainly while smirking at me. “You want me to introduced myself to you and chase you while you play some hard to get stuff”. He snapped at me followed by wink. “Well I’m really on the mood to do some flirting with you, so you can think of yourself as the luckiest girl in the universe now". He recited in a very caressing voice.

I stiffened and my eyes blinked for a few seconds trying to digest everything he said to me. I am used to deal with arrogant people in my school actually I’m dealing with them almost every second of my life there. But I found this brute as the most conceited narcissist ever!

"I’m Harry Styles from one direction”. He continues. Maybe he’s getting away from the fact that I’ll going to ignore him for like forever.

 “I know you knew us so you don’t need to put up some act and I’m so pleased to meet you too ms?? He said to me with a big grin plastered on his mouth. I swear I heard them laughing but I can’t see their faces even though I’m looking to their direction because everything just went black! And there it goes. The very little strand of patience I am saving for myself just slip off of my system. My “bitchy hormones” were now racing through my blood wanted to explode any moment.  I clenched my fist, held my breath for a moment and then let go.

"First, I didn’t give you my permission to talk to me. So we never had a conversation so start with”. I said, not looking at him. I chose not to, I don’t want anything to hinder me from what I’m going to say on my impromptu speech.

“Secondly, and you better listen to this because I’m going to spell it out for you once in for all”. I whispered with a bit of irritation in my voice. “I am not your stupid fan!” “The hell I never know your freaking rugby team!” I snapped. This time I am already looking at his shocked face.

 “And don’t brag me your name because it sounds so worthless to my ears just as like you are to me”. “I don’t give a damn if you’re Hardy Styles from some freaking bands!” I intentionally mispronounced his first name in that matter just to show them that I am not tailing their rise to stardom just like the other girl fan did.

 I stop for a while just staring in his, now widened green eyes. “Third, I don’t flirt with those freaking annoying asshole who thinks of themselves as a god! “Oh yeah maybe you’re a real god...God of annoying conceited noodles!” I manage to say still in a very calm voice but then emphasizing every word of it. "Lastly, “You better get off your hand to me cause I’m allergic to noodles”.

I feel his fingers tighten its grip on my arms like he really wanted to see it crushed. I saw the flash of anger and shocked crosses his face and I know his jaw dropped forming a letter 'o' on his mouth. His eyes grew wider and wider. He looked so pale that he can be starred in any vampire movies.  I smiled triumphantly I know I succeeded. From what I saw to their faces, they were all shocked and unmoved. I can see from the corner of my eyes some of the food dropped from one of his friends’ mouth. I didn’t bother to fancy myself more to their expressions. I just hope he won’t eat me alive now. But with the expression he is wearing right now he could’ve swallow me whole right now. I have to go, now that they were still in the state of shock. I wouldn’t taste good since I didn’t eat anything at all and I haven’t had a good shower since I left New York.

 I didn’t wait for him to let go of my arms I grabbed it from his grip as I slowly walked away from them with all the strength and posture I could afford at this moment. As I make my victorious walk towards the door I met the gaze of the brown eyed guy still sitting on the table. He looks shocked too just like the others. He’s staring at me intently but I couldn’t read his eyes. Well maybe it’s not really my profession to read someone’s eyes. I thought to myself. Well I’ve seen enough triumph after seeing his friends face dropped with my little speech. I don’t need another one. I’m not that greedy. I could give it to him for being not so rude to me that he just stayed on his seat and not watched me humiliated by his friend. So I decided to look away from his gaze though it’s kind of hypnotizing me to look him back. I tried my very best to ignored him as I made my way out of that enchanting building before anything worse happen to me. 




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