Be careful what you wish for!

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A story of an unhappy marriage.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



For crying out loud!” Hollered Anna as she had just found out she was pregnant, “That cannot be possible?!” Questioned her mother Catherine. If the truth be known I’m not sure anyone thought it possible to fall pregnant so quickly after having a child.
Skye was six weeks old, not even sleeping through the night when cool, collected Anna was rubbing her eyes in disbelief at the outcome of the pregnancy test. “Positive?!” she said in complete amazement, “How on earth?” .. “Well” continued her mother, “the birds and the bees” said Catherine in a humorous tone as a quaint smile appeared on her face. “This is NOT the time for joking mum.” Smirked Anna, more than capable of seeing the funny side of life. As the shocking news sank in Anna started to warm to the idea, and had a mind full of questions and excitement. “So…?” Said Anna, “you could break records with this Anna.” Chuckled her mother, “very funny!” mumbled Anna, “how on earth am I going to cope?… I mean Skye will only be ten months old when baby King will be born.” “More importantly…” paused Catherine, “how are you going to break the news to George?” Anna came crashing down to earth, although the news of a new baby is ALWAYS a blessing, Anna knew her husband Georges budget was already stretched. “Well.. Umm …” replied Anna “ I will just have to come out with it…”
After an hour or so of up and down emotions fully discussed with her mother, Anna finished up with her beloved horses Angel and Onyx and headed back to her tidy yet cramped one bedroom flat, wondering how to break this news to George. Already overworked and underpaid, this was a worrying concept. “Bloody hell!” George said with the biggest grin on his face… “Let’s hope it’s a boy.” Anna smirked, she was happy George took the news well, but deep down she knew this was not the real feelings displayed.
About two years previous, Anna doted on her beloved thoroughbred Angel, her baby. After slogging away for many years to keep the horse Anna and George decided to bite the bullet and get married.
It was a small civilised ceremony, Anna was not one for making a fuss, the dress was unflattering yet contained her most favourite colour, so it would do. As with everything in Anna’s life nothing was without complication , although the big day went pretty much to plan, the build up was unexciting much to Catherine’s dismay, other than the fact the most simplist of wedding dresses caused the most problems. Fittings were delayed, and alterations were completed the day before! Not to mention the annoyance of the in laws.
Anna had never really gotten to know the in laws, as far as Anna was aware, the mere thought of her becoming a King was unspeakable, for which exact reason Anna was unsure, but strongly suspected it was due to the fact George and Anna had decided (after many a night dwelling) to abort their first pregnancy due to finances, and to be fair to the couple they had been together all of two minutes before Anna fell pregnant and at 18 a very daunting prospect, so that was that.
After the marriage Anna carried on her fruitless job to keep up with Angels needs. A few months passed and Anna had gained a wonderful bond with a friends pony.. Onyx. After weeks of caring for Onyx Anna was quite upset to discover her friend had moved away and taken Onyx with her. A week later Anna received a phone call from Diane, Onyxs’ owner. Diane was stressed, her finances had taken a turn for the worse and poor old Onyx was for sale. Diane being one for happiness and well-being rather than money, offered Onyx to Anna for a pittance. Anna was deeply upset as she knew there was no way on this planet George would give her the money to afford even half of what Diane was asking, so begrudgingly Anna had to refuse the offer, with that the phone call took the most unusual twist, Diane was giving Anna the pony.. For nothing! Anna was shaking with disbelief.. “Oh my goodness Diane! I’m so sorry I can’t afford to give you anything for him, but you know I will love him with all of my heart!” Anna was almost in tears, “I know you would Anna, which is why I am giving him to you.. I would rather a good home than all the money in the world.” Diana said, almost relieved that Anna finally accepted the pony. Anna could not say thank you enough and within the week Onyx was back at Mountain Farm and now belonged to Anna.Anna was happy George was happy, but she knew his heart was not in it, and it only took a few weeks for George to let his real feelings show. “If you didn’t get that second horse Anna!” Anna knew all too well what was coming, this had not been the first time. “What did you want me to say George? Angel had retired, you knew riding was my life before we met!” said Anna with a raised tone, some may have thought Anna to be unreasonable but in Anna’s heart of hearts she knew she did the right thing with Onyx. “I knew riding ONE horse was your life Anna,” in a rather forceful tone, “ you had one horse when we met… ONE, not bloody two!” George became more aggressive .. “if riding is your life get rid of the one you cant ride! What’s the point in that one anyway? You might as well buy a bloody dog!” that blow was below the belt Anna thought as she took the comment on the chin, she had heard worse from George so was somewhat thankful at that point and decided not to bite back, but as she walked away from George she could not bite her tongue any longer… “Horses are my babies, my pets, just like Skye, I can’t just sell and swap at leisure just because I can’t ride Angel anymore.. I WON’T SELL HER!” Anna was upset but she held it back, just as she had done all her life… “The horses will always be number one with you Anna!!” That comment with George cut like a knife, “that is NOT true” Thought Anna, Skye and baby King will always come first no matter what, where there is a will there is a way and Anna was determined to keep those horses.

Anna woke next morning to discover George was still mumbling about last nights heated debate… “bloody horse… it’s a fat old useless thing anyway!” Anna chose not to answer back, George always had a way of twisting arguments so much that she was always in the wrong, “not even my cup of tea, that horse.. that’s what you said!” imposed George now directing the comments straight at Anna, she still avoided confrontation with a trusty.. “Whatever George!”
She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, she had a bit of common sense and un be known to most she was rather a bright spark, besides making normal twenty two year old mistakes Anna was a lovely girl, but boy she had an attitude. Even with Anna’s attitude she knew by now to bypass most things George said, he tried to get her to argue, said nasty spiteful things, but Anna was new to this marriage malarky and thought this was common practice for married couples and her marriage was no different to anyone elses. Little did she know what the future George had in store for her!As Anna’s pregnancy progressed she became more and more short tempered, as to be expected. Four weeks previous Anna had nearly lost baby King, fortunately enough baby was safe.. For now. After numerous scans and puzzled doctors Anna reassuringly plodded on. George being George had put this near miss with baby King on the fact that Anna had briefly ridden Onyx the night before so commenced in forbidding her to ride “that damned horse” for the rest of the pregnancy. Not being one to tempt fate Anna started to believe it could have quite possibly been the ride that did it and solemnly hung up her chaps and hat for the next few months.

As if things hadn’t been rocky enough with baby King the worst was about to unleash itself! Fortunately for Anna, Skye was such an easy pregnancy, no problems whatsoever, which happily for Anna gave George no cause for concern, not even when Anna stormed off into the night in a hormone fuelled temper, seeking refuge with her best friend… ‘Rochelle.’
In need of a hug and some civilised chatter, Anna broke down in Rochelle’s house, little did Rochelle know that Anna and George had been arguing for weeks. Rochelle made Anna a strong coffee and leant her an ear. After a few hours chatting, crying and laughing Anna grew tired, Rochelle could see the strain in Anna’s face and the rather large bump in front, she knew Anna was not happy, I mean she had known her for her whole life. Although she knew Anna was a strong woman she could see the weakness in her eyes, Rochelle put this down to pregnancy, but even so she couldn’t help but wonder why George had not called her to make sure his wife and baby were ok !?! Anna could see in Rochelle’s face that probing questions were about to start, questions that even Anna didn’t know the answers to. She thought ‘why isnt George calling me?? I could be dead for all he knows..’ She checked her phone, hoping she had just not heard it…. Nothing, no text, no missed call absolutely nothing, not even her mother, now her mother wouldn’t know Anna had huffed off so why would she call? However, if George had been worried enough and tried to find Anna, he would have phoned Catherine first, no shadow of a doubt. “so…” thought Anna, holding back the look of disbelief…. “he’s not worries.” Rochelle’s face started to look very questionable now so Anna made her excuses and drove home.
As Anna got inside, huffing and puffing due to the fact she was due any day now, she approached the bedroom, half expecting not to see George.. Hoping he was driving around frantically trying to find his beloved wife. As she opened the door she almost burst into tears there and then…. There he was, phone next to him, having not moved a muscle from the moment she stormed out, Anna let out a small whimper, he really didn’t try, not even a measly text. Anna slipped into bed so as not to wake George, if he spoke to her right now she was likely to have smacked him one. She settled into bed and Skye started to kick like mad, she wanted to wake George so he could feel his baby but she didn’t, she couldn’t she was distraught. That night she cried herself to sleep wondering what on earth was going through her husbands head. As the morning approached Georges alarm sounded for him to get ready for work. Anna pretended to be asleep, she was still sobbing, her eyes red and puffy and her body shaking with hurt. George left the flat without a goodbye or a peck on Anna’s cheek. Anna regained herself, as usual blaming herself, she thought nothing more on the previous nights events and got on with the housework. A few days later Skye was born, mother and father crying, their daughter had arrived.“GEORGE!!” shouted Anna… “Huh…What?” Mumbled George, only slightly risen from his sleep, “My, My..” Stuttered Anna “I’m WET” Anna gasped “ and I have not wet myself!” said Anna forcefully, unaware that no one would assume she had, but then, that was Anna! George rolled over and went back to sleep, Anna was not amused, here she was leaking water all over the place, not only that but if this was her waters breaking then she was in for a shock.. She was only six months pregnant. Baby King wanted out!

“George! “ she repeatedly shouted.. “huh… huh” said George as he continued to fall asleep, “George!!! Phone the hospital” Anna shrieked.. “my waters have broken!” “you do it!” replied George coldly, Anna was some what bemused, here she is stood in the bathroom, water falling out of her like Niagra.. “I cant move George, please hurry this isn’t right!” she told him .. Almost crying. “oh…. Ok” muttered George in a tone of annoyance. Christ thought Anna, I cant bloody move and he’s whinging about calling the hospital.
Anna arrived at the hospital.. She was shaking with fear, but tried desperately to hide it. “hop on the bed dear..” said a bubbly, calming voice “that’s it love, lets see what’s going on..” Hop? Thought Anna, Bloody hop??? “I’m like a broken tap and that old bat wants me to hop????” George chuckled, he knew what Anna was thinking, that was the beauty of their relationship, they had a deep connection. “oh” came that bubbly voice… “yes… your waters have broken my dear, now lets scan you and see if baby has enough just to last a touch longer..” Anna looked as cool as a cucumber, great at hiding her inner feelings.. She had her father Ken to thank for that.
She was wheeled down to the ultrasound department, she remained silent, as if in an attempt to re compose herself and analyze the situation. “well.. It seems only one side of your waters has actually broken..” said the sonographer, “this baby still has enough to move around in for now, but daily scans will be in order.” oh great thought Anna. A hospital stay awaited Anna, as she was poked and prodded, getting somewhat distressed her patience was wearing thin.
“This will hurt… so keep wiggling those toes!” said that bubbly voice.. Not so bloody bubbly when you are stabbing me with that damned needle thought Anna as the steroid injection seared through Anna’s veins, Anna winced in pain as both injections were over, “keep wiggling those toes..” demanded the nurse, “ these injections will help the little blighters lungs if he insists on coming out anytime soon.” As relieved as Anna was that she was in the right place, her longing to see Skye was almost unbearable and she wanted to go home.
After numerous arguments with George as her fuse grew shorter and shorter, Anna was allowed to go home to Skye. “Five bloody days..” Anna stated “five!! This little bugger is giving me a run for my money!” She said in a light hearted tone. Skye grew and grew, although still not old enough for a sibling quite yet, Anna doted on her hand and foot, both Angel and Onyx took a back seat for now, contrary to Georges belief about who or what came first in Anna’s life! Making the most of the time she had with just Skye alone Anna grew tired, as if the pregnancy were at an end, she wished! These daily scans were posing a huge issue, the hospital was not just around the corner, and the parking fees were ridiculous, mind you, poor old Anna shouldn’t have even been driving at this point but she had no other choice, George had to work and again Anna refused to be limited so she made her mother Catherine accompany her.
George and Anna had decided on a name already, there was no way Anna could not find out the sex of the child, she was far too nosey! For the next couple of weeks they waited longingly for Tyler King to arrive. Their wait was cut rather short when Anna had severe pain all day, eventually after debating with her mother about the cause of the pain she decided to call the hospital. George knew Anna wasn’t well but he decided to work anyway, I mean George didn’t want to break the habit of a lifetime. Anna had been told to get to the hospital as quick as she could, now she was worried, Tyler was not due for another eleven weeks! As usual Catherine was at Anna’s side, Anna desperately trying to call George was getting more and more anxious, “ He knows I could go any day now.. Why is he not answering?” grumped Anna, she was scared but she kept her cool and joked on the journey for her mothers sake.
Just as they pulled into the car park George finally answered his phone, “ Jesus George, where have you been? I’m on my way to the hospital, get here now!!” Anna waddled in to the hospital, sorely disappointed with George, if he had answered his phone when she first called, he would have been at his wife’s side by now.
Although Anna loved her mother Catherine dearly, both Anna and Catherine clashed personalities, but Catherine was always there when Anna needed her, unlike her husband. Anna was informed she was in labour.. “eleven weeks early?” Anna said as she glanced at Catherine, “He’s a fighter Anna, he will be fine.” said Catherine reassuringly. Finally after what seemed like a life time, Anna saw George screeching around the car park, “Anna, Anna.. He’s here!” said Catherine.
After many hours of doctors and nurses coming and going, baby Tyler King arrived, eleven weeks early and no bigger than a biro, much to everyone’s amazement Tyler let out an almighty cry, Anna gasped, “my baby.. My baby boy!” Anna was drained, after a few moments Anna received a polaroid of Tyler, unable to hold him or even see him right now as he was far too delicate.
Tyler was rushed to special care to continue treatment for his prematurity and fighting for his life, Anna and George collapsed together in the most heart wrenching hug they had had for years, although cut rather short as Anna had to pass the placenta, but she struggled. She has just birthed her son and was rushed straight down to theatre to remove the placenta, all she wanted was her son in her arms. She had to wait. Tyler is a fighter she kept repeating in her head, he just has to make it… he must!Within the hour Anna was back on the ward, still unable to walk she felt helpless. George had long since gone home as visiting hours were over. Anna had never felt more alone, she had just been through the most traumatic time in her life and had nothing to show for it. Her new born Tyler was in special care fighting for his life, Anna was deeply afraid but remained calm. The next morning Anna was straight on her feet and straight down for the first morning cigarette. Unable to see Tyler at this point she fruitlessly tried to express her milk for him but Tyler was too early for Anna’s body to be ready to produce.

Completely sore from the effort she hobbled down to special care, guiltily empty handed. This had been the first time she had seen Tyler since his birth, admittedly only the following day but to Anna it felt like a life time. Anna arrived at the special care unit stricken with hope and fear, what would she see? Would she have been too late? No…. she would have been told.. Surely? These thoughts engulfed Anna like the plague, all she had to do was find Tyler and her questions would be answered.
The hunt for her son seemed to last a life time but in the end she found him, there was no mistaking him, aside from his name written in huge letters above his head he was the spitting image of George. As Anna approached the incubator she see the wires and cables surrounding Tyler, heart monitor machines and all sorts of technology she didn’t have a hope of deciphering on her own. She froze, words unspoken but thoughts running through her head like a water fall…. “He’s alive… but for how long?” her inner questions were very quickly answered, “Hello…” said an extremely friendly voice, “H.. h.. hi,” stuttered Anna, “So you must be Tyler’s mother?” questioned Tina, the S.C.B.U nurse, “yes … sorry, yes I’m his.. His mummy” replied Anna some what nervously. Although Anna was generally outgoing she was rather quiet in un familier circumstances, and this circumstance being as un familer to Anna as you could get. “Well Mrs King.. That boy of yours sure is a fighter, you know he is coming off the breathing apparatus in an hour… remarkable..” said Tina, sounding somewhat astonished, considering she sees these babies day in day out. “Really???” replied Anna completely out of her depth in this conversation, “Yes, not seen anything like your son for a few years now..” said Tina, “ oh.. While you are here, did you manage to express?” Anna handed over her measly 2mm of her own milk feeling shy and unworthy of motherhood.. “Great..” said Tina “This will make him happy.. He’s a hungry boy you know.. Would you like to try him at his next feed?” Anna nearly fainted, not only did she question her sons ability to survive but she never expected to be able to hold her son.. Let alone feed him, “oh yes I would love to!” tears rolled down Anna’s cheek. Embarrassed, she went and sat next to Tyler, staring at him in disbelief.
The next few days were hard.. Anna had to return home for Skye, and Tyler left behind in special care, still improving each day. The house was a mess, no washing done, no cleaning, no tidying.. Anna set to work!After a week of returning her home to the cleanliness standard that she could live by she finished her unpacking. Anna did not expect to be moving during such a complicated pregnancy. As it was, her local council finally agreed to place her George and Skye into a lovely home rather than the threatened bedsit! Thanks to her wonderful midwife who sent numerous letters on Anna’s behalf to the council.

The home needed a bit of work which was carried out in the next few weeks before Tyler was home. Within days George had given Anna a lovely new kitchen, all be it within a budget, it was lovely. Skye was learning to crawl, George had returned to work, Anna was in her element. Skye was a fantastic child, sleeping through the night already, Anna was so relieved, she had no idea how she was going to juggle bottle feeding two children. “It’s like having twins.” Anna was repeatedly told, Anna disagreed with this as Skye was able to Move about a bit all be it slowly, she was gaining independence, yet Tyler would just lie there like a log.
One evening Anna was finishing up the housework, George had returned home, Anna was exhausted but proceeded to make her and George some well deserved dinner and a warm cup of coffee. “was work ok George?” asked Anna, trying to pretend she didn’t mind George leaving her alone all day. “Was alright.” replied George, short but effective, Anna didn’t really know what else to say, although that didn’t worry her for long as George slid into a deep sleep on the sofa. Anna was sick and tired of constantly trying to wake George so she slipped off upstairs to run a muscle relaxing bath, her back pain was quite bad today, infact it was getting steadily worse, she put it down to the labour and reassured herself it would pass.
She woke George, eventually.. Who almost bit her head off! “well you cant sleep here!” snapped Anna, “Your back will give you great gip!” with that Anna quietly mumbled about her increasing back pain, obviously falling on the deaf ears of George. The next morning George had gone to work long before Anna and Skye awoke. The sun was bright from Anna’s window, she blinked a few times and then remembered why she woke, Skye was mumbling.
Anna tried to get to her feet, her breath was short and fast… “What’s wrong with me?” she thought, Skye became increasingly irritable… “I’m coming sweetness.. Mummy’s coming” said Anna softly to Skye, gritting her teeth through the pain. Skye was in her own room finally, to make way for Tyler’s moses basket in Anna and Georges room. As Anna hobbled toward Skye’s door she was in immense pain, Skye becoming calmer because she knew her mummy was on her way. Anna put her back pain down to pulled muscles so she made a point of writing a shopping list with sea salts on it.
Anna finally got to Skye after what seemed to be an eternity, she cuddled her up in her arms and braced herself for the walk downstairs. Skye was popped into the high chair while Anna prepared breakfast.
That evening George arrived home, as per usual Anna prepared dinner and left George to sleep. Of late, (the last few years infact) George had really let slip with his personal hygiene, rarely bathing and his ‘designer stubble’ had become some what unmanaged. Anna was in disgust when George prepared and warmed the bottles for Skye as they always had dirt marks around the teats when he had finished, so she had to do twice the work whenever George decided to help, which thankfully wasn’t that often at all. Anna finished up in the bathroom half expecting the back ache to have disappeared, no such luck.. The pain was worse and spreading to her pelvis.
Anna shouted to George to come to bed, he grumbled and slowly made his way to the bedroom. They both slipped into bed, Anna all fresh and clean and George only just removing his work clothes. Anna’s skin crawled as she could smell him from the other side of the bedroom. “George, you need to wash!” said Anna in disgust, “meh tomorrow” said George clearly unaware that he smelt close to a sewer. Later that night Anna still couldn’t sleep, George was snoring heavily, he was unable to hear Anna’s gasps of pain between her sobs. Eventually Anna couldn’t take it anymore, “George,” she cried.. Unstirred George slept on. “George… please.. It hurts so much,” she sobbed into her pillow her hands upon her back, George stirred slightly, Anna lit up thinking George would make it all go away.. Or at least comfort her… “I told you to phone the doctors, no point crying about it is there.. I cant do anything!” George snapped at her, with this Anna could hold back no more, “I … I … I thought it would go away” Anna replied, too late obviously as George had again gone into a deep sleep, Anna cried her heart out, writhing in agony she stayed awake only to be greeted with yet more of an ear bashing from George as he left a pretty much immobile Anna and his eight month daughter to fend for themselves.
Even after all this time Anna still could not see what George was going to her, she wouldn’t believe it. Her friends repeatedly told her that he shouldn’t be like that, Anna didn’t know.. George was her first proper long term boyfriend, now husband, now father of her children, to her this was normal. Yet again George arrived home for the ritual.. Eat, sleep, bed. As George drifted off Anna let out an almighty shriek… “OOOOWWWWWW… George!!!!!… this is bad.. PLEASE do something!!” George rolled over trying to ignore Anna’s plea’s for help, “George… ring the doctors!” Anna was almost begging now, George arose, hurling expletives at Anna as he got the phone. Sometimes she really thought George didn’t believe her.. Then she remembered.. Lying was Georges talent.
George handed Anna the phone, Anna’s jaw dropped, “I don’t know the number?” she cried, more expletives hurtled up the stairs as Anna curled into a ball on her bed. Finally she got him to do it, the call out doctor was on his way, Anna called her mother, she needed her mum George was no help to her at all, he never was in times like this. She needed Catherine. Catherine arrived before the doctor to see Anna lying on the sofa in a ball of tears, Catherine broke down, “Anna, my god girl, what happened?”It all happened too fast for Anna, at first she didn’t believe it, George looked unemotional and Catherine was as tearful as Anna. “ I have a sneaking suspicion..” continued the doctor, “this is D.V.T” Catherine gasped, everyone had a brief idea about this but no one in Anna’s family had been close to anyone who had gotten it. “The blue looking leg, swollen and cold to the touch” said the doctor unshaken as Anna continued to gasp in pain, “Get to the hospital and they will have to start reducing that clot straight away if I am correct..” stated the doctor. Anna cried more, not hospital again she thought .. Please not again.

Anna had had enough of hospitals to last her a life time, but she needed to do something.. This pain was unbearable. As she got in the car the pain shot all around her body like a hot poker had been pushed through her every limb, “Please drive slow George..” said Anna pleading with her husband, Anna knew all too well Georges driving habits, she had experienced them to the worst degree whilst heavily pregnant with Skye, so much so she could have sworn that handbrake turn at 70mph sent her into labour with Skye the very next morning.
On the way to the hospital, which was thankfully closer now in their new home, she felt every bump and every hole in the road as if they were mountains and canyons. As per usual George ignored her sobs and her wincing in pain as he huffed at the prospect of having to take yet more time off work. Finally after what seemed like a life time, they got to the hospital, Anna had managed to get one leg out of the car before George was already half way across the car park. “George… I need you to lean on” said Anna cowardly, George huffed and returned to the car with a face like a bulldog. Anna made it into the hospital after the most painful walk of her life, sat down and waited for her turn.
“Mrs Anna King!” called a doctor, Anna hobbled up, un helped by George she slowly made her way to the privacy of a quiet room. “I have the call out notes here..” Anna sat silent, George looked around the room as if looking for a secret passageway out. “mmm, I would say the doc is right… so what I will give you is a strong dose of codiene for the pain, and a fragmin injection to start dispersing the clot.” he paused briefly.. “Take it easy, we will scan you tomorrow and see just what the damage is.” He looked at George as if to say she’s going to need you now more than ever, George avoided the eye contact with the doctor and with Anna. “We need you to keep that leg elevated, we don’t want that clot to get to your heart!” said the doctor, firmly but with a reassuring tone. With that Anna and George left to go home. Catherine stayed that night because Anna had explained she needed to return to the hospital the next day for scans. George phoned his work unwillingly, he didn’t want to but he had no choice with Catherine around.
Catherine was not one for tolerating unfairness and as Anna’s husband she expected George to be there for her daughter. Anna went to her scan and as predicted there was a huge clot in her pelvis, Anna was crippled, unfortunately for Anna this amount of pain was not common with D.V.T. Anna had to endure a strict routine of warfarin and weekly blood tests to keep her blood thin to disperse the clot, warfarin being a dulled down rat poison! The very next night Anna had a bad reaction to one of the medications she had taken, her whole body swelled to almost double the size and although she was always one to look on the bright side she didn’t expect George to react as such.. “Bloody hell..” he laughed, bearing in mind Anna was still in excruciating pain “You look like the elephant man!” he said in such a mocking tone, she no longer smiled. With that she went back to the hospital again in tears and still in agony. Unsupported by George.. As usual.
With the final checks Anna was yet again trapped in the hospital, “another night.” Thought Anna “this is a joke.” As the night progressed Anna got chatting with another guy across the ward. Daunted yet again by being away from home she was thankful for the weird yet talkative man, a breath of fresh air, adult conversation, something she had lacked for a very long time.
At about midnight the usual pain set in, Anna shrieked out in pain, nurses hurried to Anna’s side to comfort her, she wept uncontrollably, unable to cope any longer, she was exhausted. She was given a dose of morphine and that enabled her to steal a few hours sleep before she awoke to those familier hot pokers in her back. After saying her strained farewells Anna was discharged as there was no more they could do for her now apart from tell her to take codiene which she later found out caused her ‘elephantitus’ as George so lovingly put it. Anna made herself an express appointment at the local clinic, knowing she would have weeks without any adequate pain relief, “come in dear,” beckoned the G.P “so whats the issue?” said the doctor invitingly, Anna explained the situation and was gladly prescribed Tramadol, finally some long awaited comfort. True to form George returned to work leaving Catherine to look after baby Skye and Anna who also at this point could not fend for herself, even going to the toilet was a mountain climb for Anna. For the time being Anna George and Skye moved back in with Catherine and Ken, much to Ken’s dismay, all this aside Ken loved his daughter and tried hard to put up and shut up. It was hard for both Catherine and Ken to see their daughter in such a defenceless state, all Anna wanted to do was kiss and cuddle her baby girl, but even this was too painful to consider.
Some considered it lucky that Tyler was still in special care, and I suppose to some degree it was, imagine poor Catherine having to deal with all this alone while Ken worked and George didn’t seem to care. Anna lived in one chair in the same clothes for over a week, she was not as light as she used to be and getting her out of the chair was too much for already rushed off her feet Catherine. After a week Catherine couldn’t bare to look at Anna any more so she mustered up the energy, settled Skye into her nap and hauled a heavy Anna into the bath. Anna felt mixed emotions, hurt that George couldn’t even use this kind of initiative, pain from the problem at hand and relief from the feeling of being smelly and disgusting. Anna never showed deep emotion, but she really loved Catherine, it was at times like this her mother was irreplaceable.
As summer approached Catherine and Ken were organising a pre summer holiday, as much as Catherine didn’t want to leave Anna in Georges un capable hands, she was also pressured by Ken. Anna reassured her that George would do right by her and Skye, I mean what husband and father wouldn’t?
George had to book two weeks off from his beloved job, Anna was remarkably surprised at how being a measly bin man could be so appealing. Catherine and Ken set off on their hols, George regained control, so now the problems start. Anna was unable to stay awake for more that 2 hours at a time due to the tramadol, and was feeling the pressure. Unable to walk, barely able to think clearly, she struggled on. The doctors advised Anna she must eat regularly whilst on warfarin otherwise being the poison it is it will start to eat her instead. Worried by this Anna repeatedly asked for meals, for the first few days this was fine for George, it was a novelty, but as far as baby Skye was concerned, she lived in horrid looking baby grows, again the dirt marks appeared on the bottles, and to top it all she didn’t bathe. Anna felt helpless and drifted again into sleep. As the days progressed Anna’s meals became few and far between, the pain and tiredness made the hunger feeling somewhat welcome…. But dangerous,
George asked Anna to try and make herself a sandwich, Anna welled up inside, “I cant George” whimpered Anna, “I cant even get to the toilet without crying in pain” George huffed, hurriedly got Skye to bed and proceeded to go to sleep, with Anna’s whimpers like lullabys in his head. The two weeks were over Catherine and Ken returned home, and Anna was well enough and mobile enough to get back home, still very tender she managed to potter about gradually regaining mobility. Almost as if Tyler knew his mummy was able, he became strong enough to come home. “He’s home mum!” Anna burst into tears of joy, “My little man is home.” Catherine remained silent on the phone, shocked, nearly as much as Anna.As Anna quickly and efficiently settled Tyler and Skye into a comfortable routine, George doted on the children. Not one to deny George time with the children she hobbled about steaming the bottles for the next day, rather than having dirty marks from George. As life returns to normal for Anna and George, well as normal as it gets with children, they subtly grow apart. Anna tends to the horses, children and her ever lasting housework.

The children become easier to manage due to eating at normal times and sleeping through the night. Life is going well, happy in the knowledge George brings home a decent wage and they settle well into parent hood. Skye is coming close to her first birthday, so Anna decides to do a close friend and family party, as a gesture of good will Anna invites the in laws, a rather brave move, in any ones book. The cake is ordered, the decorations are up and Anna looks around the home extremely happy and proudly with regard to her efforts. “I hope I’ve done her proud,” says Anna nervously, “Oh Anna, after what you have been through love, I am proud to call you my daughter!” said Catherine lovingly.
The guests started to arrive, as the home filled up the in laws arrived, Anna could see flickers of disapproval in their faces, “oh get a grip!” she thought to herself, “its my daughters first birthday, put your pompous ass on hold for an hour!” Anna avoided them well all evening, certain they would make their excuses and leave early, thankfully for Anna they did just that! The tidying up was not quite as fun as the decorating but Skye played quietly with her new toys, Tyler slept as usual at this stage and George helped Anna clear away all evidence of birthday celebrations.
As quick as one birthday was over another one was around the corner. George carried on working, even took on Saturdays much to Anna’s dismay, but money is money thought Anna and right now we cant have enough. Things were moving along fast for the King family, not only had they finally put their homely touches on this lovely village home but they had the offer of an exchange, something they knew they would have to do eventually as they only had two bedrooms. As the exchange progressed the keys changed hands and Anna and George became tenants in a wonderful three bedroom home. No quicker had they settled in than Tyler’s first birthday came round. For some reason Anna was swept off her feet with chores and ran out of time to order Tyler a cake, Anna was devastated what sort of mother was she?
Two days before Tyler’s party Anna pulled herself together and jumped in at the deep end and made Tyler’s cake herself, an extravagant castle iced in grey complete with turrets and a moat, Anna was beside herself with happiness. Tyler’s big day arrived and went rather well, the discomfort with the in laws even seemed to be fading away as Anna remained civil. The cake was untouched Anna was far to proud of it to even nab a slice, no one seemed to mind though, there was enough sweet things on Anna’s wonderful spread even without the cake. Little did anyone know but Anna had thoroughly enjoyed herself, especially the making of the cake, this alone inspired Anna to think, a money making thought. A cake making business “fantastic!” she thought, George will stop moaning about all the expenses I make then!After serious contemplation, Anna decided to give the cake making a go. George lent Anna the money to invest in some business cards and Anna stumbled on a free website host, “Brilliant!” she thought, “Now just wait,” George looked at Anna in an appreciative gaze, he knew she was doing this to get money for the family. Anna had never had money for herself since she gave up working when she fell pregnant with Skye, and George claimed he didn’t have enough money to give her a measly five pounds a week, Anna smoked so George insisted he spent enough money supporting her horses and her smoking habit, although not really happy with this she didn’t have a choice. George made if perfectly clear to Anna she didn’t need her own money and proceeded to abandon Anna’s bank account, which in time requested money Anna didn’t have. George being George ignored Anna’s plea’s for help with the bank account, so eventually the letters were ignored and the account closed, Anna’s last little bit of her own independence was being washed away in ignorance.

The business adventure didn’t quite go to plan, the phone never rang and emails were not received. Eventually Anna got her first order, “The titanic?” she told George, “the first cake order is the titanic?” she went on “ I mean, I have done a few cakes for the family but… the titanic?” George laughed “ Well my love… money is money and you know I will help.” Sure enough George was a great help and finally the cake was finished. Not a bad job, Anna thought to herself and even George thought she had excelled herself on this one. So the cake was sold.
As time went on Anna received a few more orders and gave the money to George, he paid the bills it was only right… right? The business came to a stand still, and there was nothing more Anna could do, money became worse, George was working late and now every Saturday just to make ends meet.
Their relationship became one of convinience for George, Anna tried desperately to get him to interact with her and the children, but eventually she gave up the ghost and settled into a long slog of loneliness. Anna pondered, “How can one be so lonely with a family?With George now finishing no earlier than 7pm every evening Anna had very lonely days, the familys routine was one of boredom. George came home, fell asleep on the sofa until Anna managed to wake him for bed. The children had no real daddy time, and this didn’t really worry Anna at this time as she knew George was so tired with all the work he had taken on.

A couple of weeks went by and George came home with the news of a poker night, Anna was pleased, finally George gets a hobby and Anna can join him. They had both recently learned to play the game and they both had a natural flare for it so Anna practised even more so as not to let George down. “NO Anna” said George sharply, “ I don’t do very well when we play poker together, I would rather go alone, besides we cant get babysitters.” Anna felt rejected but was still glad George had a hobby.
With George still finishing late and Anna having no real adult conversations, she turned to a chat site. The chat was wonderful, finally Anna could have real discussions, it was a welcoming release. George carried on with the poker although never winning and Anna made some great online friends. The wedge coming between Anna and George was widening, Anna couldn’t see it but Catherine sure could. The children were always asking after George so Anna made excuses for him, she knew he deserved a night off and she was content with her new online buddies.
Still no more cake orders came in but Anna still made them for the family. With Skye’s 3rd birthday coming up she had a real challenge on her hands, Skye was at the age where she knew exactly what she wanted it was no longer Anna’s choice. Skye made her wishes well known and Anna set about preparing a lovely cake for her daughter. Invites were sent, decorations were up and Anna was pretty pleased with herself seeing as George had no input this time still not worried Anna knew he was tired. The morning before the party was a busy one, Anna had her sister in law help finally after reconciled differences, this sister in law turned out to be quite the friend. Tabatha was older than George, lived in her own house quite an independent woman but a woman who knew Anna would quite happily speak her mind regarding the rest of Georges family. Tabatha was a great help as George took longer then expected to complete the simple errands. George arrived home after the children had gone to bed, Anna quizzed him about what took him so long and he insisted he got caught chatting to an old family friend, Anna thought nothing more of it.
The party was over and George went to bed drunk as he always drank to much and annoyed Anna at occasions like this. Tabatha and Anna returned the garden and the house back to normal, finally they finished and Tabatha went on her way. Anna made her way upstairs and cuddled into George, she thought she might get a well deserved hug for all her hard work, but alas no. she thought wrong. Anna returned downstairs and logged onto the chat…… to find Leonard.Leonard was a chatter who had caught Anna’s attention on the chat, he was intelligent, funny, and he adored conversing with Anna. Anna was a popular girl on the chat, full of giggles, many men approached her to meet, but she declined, she was married after all. Leonard was different, Anna didn’t quite know why but he made her feel so special, feeling this special was something she had been missing for a long time.

With no finances for a social life and to put it bluntly Anna was not the same pretty girl she was previously, baby weight had seen to that! The chat filled a very big hole in her life, something George did not want to fill. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months Anna and Leonard became inseperable on the chat, they both had wonderful senses of humour that only they could understand, other chatters even commented on their relationship. Anna was once again back to happy when she was chatting with Leonard, she even thought she may be falling for him. Their chatting relationship became even deeper when Anna finally bit the bullet and gave her mobile number to Leonard. Anna felt some what guilty, and the thought of George working late made her feel worse, but then she needed Leonard too.
As the chatting progressed to long, deep meaningful phone calls Anna was falling deeper and deeper for Leonard. She was growing even further apart from George, the guilt was subsiding, the feelings for Leonard became incomparable she had gone too far but couldn’t stop. On the chat they did many fun things like chat wedding, christening and adoptions it really was laughable but Anna and Leonard decided to get chat wed on Wednesday 23rd July, Anna was excited and couldn’t get Leonard out of her head.That weekend George had a works BBQ and he had decided to stay over night so he could have a few drinks. Anna was pleased with this news as it gave her free rein to contact Leonard. Anna proceeded to iron Georges shirt so as to not look like a bin man out of work atleast. George went to have his hair cut.. Rare but none the less impressive. George left for the BBQ and Anna logged on to find Leonard, he was online, the butterflies started. He asked if he could phone Anna, she agreed I mean George wasn’t around. Anna being as nice as she was tried to call George to see if he arrived safe, She got no response, unamused but no longer caring much for George she remained on the phone for over seven hours. Anna didn’t sleep that night for her want to be with Leonard was more powerful that her need to sleep. As she finished her call to Leonard at about 8 am, pretty sure George would be home soon she felt empty once again.
All morning she tried to call George but to no avail, it was not until mid day she finally received a call from him, “I’m having a wash then some lunch then I will be home” said George smugly sounding like he had a huge smile on his face, “wash?” questioned Anna “you don’t wash George, have you been up to something you don’t want me to know?” Anna didn’t for one minute believe he had, she was just angry. “no not at all” replied George “don’t bother coming home” scourned Anna and she hung up.
George arrived home at 4pm Anna was livid, she told him not to bother coming home, she didn’t mean it, and didn’t think for one minute he would give up a weekend spending time with his children. She didn’t speak to George all weekend, her up coming chat wedding was the only thing she had to look forward to, so she muddled on. The thought of not speaking to Leonard until Monday was a horrid feeling… but it was Sunday evening, so just one more sleep.

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