Their Dirty Little Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is for Ant's challenge "Aspire to Inspire", so please don't forget to comment on it if you like it :) And please like it if you think it's worthy - thanks! :)

I woke up in my silk bed sheets, only to find my alarm ringing and my mom shouting.
“Sweetheart, it is the first day of your new school! You wouldn’t possibly want to be late, would you darling?” My mom exclaimed in her sweet British accent. I turned my alarm off.
“Mama, I do not wish to go to school today. May I not?” I asked my mom, but I wasn’t really hopeful.
“That’s such an unnecessary question, darling. Hurry up!” She told me, and I swear she rolled her eyes.
I got out of bed, and went to the bathroom and had a quick shower. I brushed my teeth, put my lenses on and blow-dried my hair.
“Hmm, what should I wear?” I spoke to myself, and grabbed my Guess jean shorts and a cute, white tank top. I grabbed my black high heels and put on some make-up for my first day in Oxford.
I grabbed my CK bag and ran downstairs. My mom gave me an appraising look and pointed towards the table. I ate a piece of cheese and a slice of tomato – I was kind of anxious, so I already felt full.
I ran outside, and saw our chauffeur waiting for me in our black limo. I went up to it.
“Good morning Ms. Oliver,” Mr. K told me. I smiled.
“Hello Mr. K,” I exclaimed, “I decided to ride to school by myself today, why don’t you just take the day off?” He smirked.
“As you wish,” he told me, and drove off.
I walked up towards my pink Porsche and sat in the leather couch. I loved the smell of leather, isn’t that weird?
I started driving towards Oxford, excited. I noticed that I was craving for a Double White Chocolate Mocha, and I stopped by the first Starbucks I saw.
“One Double White Chocolate Mocha, Tall,” I told the long, blonde guy behind the counter and he smiled.
“Sure,” He told me.
I found myself thinking about how cute he was, and I found myself fighting the urge to hug him. I quickly read his name on his t-shirt. ‘Lee’, the name read.
“So, your name is Lee?” I asked him.
“Yeah,” he said simply, still grinning, “And what is your name?”
“Jane,” I told him, smiling, “Jane Oliver.”
He looked at my face and frowned, I remembered that my surname wasn’t pleasant. I sighed and lowered my head. I was the daughter of Heather Oliver, the close friend of Queen Elizabeth and a famous politician. There wasn’t a person on this world who didn’t know her name, and nearly everyone I knew disliked her. She was sort of the female version of George W. Bush. This isn’t the reputation a girl going to college would like.
“Umm, I meant-” I blabbered as Lee cut me off.
“That’s okay, I’m not into politics anyway,” He told me, handing me my Double White Chocolate Mocha, “So you just moved in or something?”
“Yeah, I’m starting Oxford today,” I told him, and he gasped.
“Great.” He muttered. I was about to ask him why he said that about me going to Oxford, but I noticed it wasn’t me he was looking at. He was looking behind me, and he was frowning.
“JANE?” A male voice boomed behind me. I turned around to see my ex, the winner of the Formula One race in 2008 and in 2009, Michael, looking at me.
“Oh, hey, Michael,” I muttered, and he hugged me.
“Baby! Do you have ANY idea how much I missed you?” He blabbered, trying to kiss me.
“Get off me, you know we’re not together anymore, Michael,” I told him, trying to get out of his bear hug. He was squeezing me so hard that I couldn’t breathe.
“Oh baby you know you still want me,” he grinned, and he started squeezing me even harder that I gasped.
“I think you heard the lady,” someone spoke, and a moment later I was in the arms of someone else, but he wasn’t Michael, he was gentler than that asshole. I opened my eyes to see Michael on the floor, one hand covering his nose. I looked up at the face leaning over me and saw Lee, concern in his face.
“You okay?” He asked me. I was about to answer him when I saw Michael rise from the floor and push me aside, punching Lee in the face.
“Lee,” I screamed, and turned around to face Michael, “You asshole!” I screamed at Michael’s face.
I saw Lee standing up, and was surprised to see nothing happened to him. He stood between me and Michael, and started speaking with such influence that even I got scared.
“I am going to tell you to leave this place right now, or I will not be responsible for what’s about to happen,” he sneered.
I saw Michael frown a little, but he quickly said “This is not over,” and ran out of the place. I noticed then that all the people in the coffee shop were watching the whole thing, and they were all staring at Lee. I saw him shrug and turn around to look at me.
“Hey, what are you doing tonight?” He asked me, and I started laughing.
My first day in Oxford was great. I loved the campus, the classrooms, the gardens, cafeteria, everything. It was like my own fairytale. I met nearly all of the boys and half of the girls who are also freshmen from the first day.But what really made me feel happy-go-lucky was the fact that I was going to dinner with Lee tonight.
I said my goodbyes to everyone, and ran to my pink Porsche, throwing my books and bag inside and then jumping in my car with such power that the whole car shook. I giggled and started the engine. I started driving home, listening to Eye of the Tiger. I came home and saw my mom wasn’t home yet. I quickly went up to my room and threw my bag on my bed, and opened my stereo and turned the volume up.
“So, so what, I'm still a rock star
I got my rock moves and I don't need you
And guess what, I'm havin' more fun
And now that we're done I'm gonna show you tonight…”
I danced around the room a couple of times, and then went to my bathroom to take a shower. I was singing along to “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson when I heard my mom come in.
“I’m home, darling,” She shouted.
“Okay mama, I’m taking a shower,” I shouted back.
I went out of the shower and straightened my hair. I went to my room and chose to wear my green high heels and a brown, strapless mini dress. I put on some natural make-up, and I was ready for the night out.
“Mom, I’m going out tonight,” I told my mom as I went downstairs.
“Oh, okay honey, I’m so glad that you already found some friends in Oxford! I mean, who else would you be going out with tonight, a guy from a coffee shop?” She laughed, trying to make a joke. My face fell. I was actually going out with a guy from a coffee shop tonight. I quickly pulled myself together and smiled at my mom.
“Ha-ha, of course not, mama!” I laughed. I quickly went outside and got in my car. I sighed and started driving to Eat ‘N Joy. He told me he just loved the food there, and I was surprised I felt the same way about Eat ‘N Joy. The food was delicious, the people were always smiling and the music was great. It was acceptable for a girls’ night out or a dinner with a guy from Starbucks.
I finally arrived at the front door of Eat ‘N Joy and exited my Porsche. I immediately found myself surrounded by flashes of cameras and paparazzi.
“Ms. Oliver, what do you have to say about your mother’s friendship with Queen Elizabeth?”
“What about her acting out?”
I lowered my head, and tried to enter Eat ‘N Joy. I saw Lee, and I saw his face, full of concern and understanding. He stood up and gestured that he would call me. And then he exited the restaurant.
I quickly went back to my Porsche, and ignored the flashes of cameras. I quickly entered a small, abandoned road and called Lee.
“Hey,” I told him.
“Hey,” he answered back, “I have another place in mind.” He said and gave me some directions.
I followed the directions and found myself on a cliff, a cliff seeing England from above. There was a soft breeze and it was wonderful. I exited my car and found Lee sitting on the edge. His car wasn’t anywhere to be seen, I wondered if he walked all the way up here.
“Hey,” I said, and went to sit next to him. He looked up at me and smiled.
“Hi.” He said, and scooted a little to allow me to sit down.
“I’m so sorry about the thing that happened in Eat ‘N Joy, its jus-” He shushed me.
“That’s fine, I hope you weren’t hungry, though,” He said, smiling.
“Nah, I’m fine,” I told him, “And did I mention that this place is awesome?” I exclaimed.
“That’s what I think of this place as well,” he chuckled, “Glad you like it.”
I nodded my head and there was a silence between us for some time, but then I broke the silence.
“So you aren’t going to school?” I asked him.
“Yeah,” he said, “I graduated from Cambridge,” he said. My mouth fell open.
“But then,” I asked him, still in shock, “Why are you working in Starbucks?”
“Well, I love coffee,” he said, “And I don’t really need money.”
“Oh,” I said, “I see.”
“By the way, thanks for the thing you did in Starbucks. Michael is such an asshole,” I told him, shaking my head, “But where do you know him from? I mean, he used to be my boyfriend, but I think you already know that, newspapers and such.”
He didn’t answer me, and I looked up at him. He looked back at me, his blue eyes sparkling. We just looked at each other for some time, and then I just kissed him. I honestly have no idea where I got the courage from, but I just kissed him. But he didn’t pull apart, he kissed me back. I had to remind myself to breathe or I might have died, out of oxygen. His breath smelled like coffee, and I loved it. I finally pulled myself back, or we might’ve gone for the rest of our lives.
“Don't tell anyone or you`ll be just another regret,” I whispered, “My mom will never approve, she’ll try to break us apart, and newspapers, news, your life will be a mess and so will be mine.”
“Who has to know?” He asked me, “You’re the only one who needs to know.” And he put his hands around my waist and pulled me in for another kiss. And this time, I didn’t pull back for a long time.

Submitted: August 13, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Euphoria. All rights reserved.

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This is an amazing piece for the challenge! Really nice job! :)

Fri, August 13th, 2010 5:34am


Thanks a lot! :)

Fri, August 13th, 2010 7:44am


ooh, I love it!! :D You did a really amazing job on this :D It's so awesome!! Great job! :D

Sun, October 31st, 2010 12:32pm


thanks a lot :) i really appreciate it!! love yeeew.

Mon, November 1st, 2010 2:25am

Charlotte Bog

Excellent job with this! You should make this a novel. I felt like I was there with her because you described the details so well!

Sat, November 6th, 2010 12:15pm


Oh! Perhaps I should make it a novel :) Thanks so much, you're really nice

Sat, November 6th, 2010 7:37pm

George Srapyan

Sorry about the ignorance but this story is wonderful i love the detail and explanation of everyting i really pictured the whole thing I look forward to redaing more stay in touch=)

Tue, November 30th, 2010 3:46pm


Hey, thanks so much :D I really liked the idea of the story when it first popped in my mind! And I was glad that I was able to turn this idea into a story! I'm happy that you like it, I'm looking forward for your comments!

Wed, December 1st, 2010 2:55am


i love it , the script and all about details !!Amazed by the changing .Cambridge XD!!!.... You know there is also a cute blonde behind counter in my city :PPPP

Wed, August 24th, 2011 10:36pm


Oh no! Go get him girl! If only there was a cute blonde behind a counter in MY city! Thanks so much :3

Sat, August 27th, 2011 2:53am

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