Everyday Bind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

We live in a world that so many are trapped by everyday distractions


In recent days it seems like everyone is in a bind.

Whether they’re just wasting away or on the grind.

Clouded with constant distraction

We shy away from intimate interaction

We fight for each other’s attention and affection

Yet the response is always neglect and aggression

What’s the point of telling each other to open our eyes?

When we act like we can’t speak as if we were mimes

What happened to being able to tell people you love them?

Without feeling like we are emotionally crushing them.

What happened to couples just pleasuring each other’s time?

Without having to buy gifts just to say that you are mine.

Sundays used to be the day that people spent with God

But the NFL and work have taken his rod

The Kardashians and social media have put my people in a bind

They’ve taken what was special and that was their mind

Many people speak of not conforming to the norm

But I see that they’re conforming, just in a different form

In these words I’ve strewn together my cry

But sometimes I wonder why I even try

Instead of trying to become the God of time

How about being patient and letting everything fall in line

I would tell you how to escape from your bind

But that’s only the answer you can find

It’s time that we unite under the banner of love

And sore gracefully through the skies as if were doves.

The massacre of my people through religion and race

Shows that we have slipped behind on our progressive pace

This generation claims they came at the wrong time and wish a rewind

Yet they don’t realize we could build a future that’s so much more kind

So one more time I call for action against the mistreatment of others

Can’t you see we are all simply sisters and brothers?

I thought as a kid I would explore the stars

Yet there exists a system that rather have me behind bars

2015, so I believe it’s time to be on our way

To carve for our children and grandchildren a better today.

Submitted: January 15, 2015

© Copyright 2022 EuphoricCranium. All rights reserved.

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