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EVerybody needs a support system to keep them uplifted, but also grounded

Submitted: February 05, 2015

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Submitted: February 05, 2015




What are houses without their foundations?

Behind each person stands critical relations

Some circles sit wider in their formations

But numbers don’t equate to wins in these situations

Standing behind them are the ones when they need to lean on another

No matter how resilient, everyone needs someone like a brother

Sister, if I’m talking on a few others

Some reach this level of nurture, they go by mothers

Someone to focus your goals that can be called father

A comrade to watch your back when things go somber

There’s also that person that you vent to that goes by friend

They pinky promise you to stand with you until the end

When distractions begin to obscure your vision

Your team are the people to make sure you continue your mission

Before I lose your attention, sit down and listen

Make sure those people won’t just leave you fishin’

For answers when they come up missin’

Or crying when your “best friend” and crush are kissin’

When you pick the people of your coalition

Make sure there’s no easy division

So when you go out searching choose them wisely

Because these people are representation of what you call “me”

While you may not think so they influence you unconsciously

So make sure their qualities reinforce who you wish to be

So when you are confident that you have your team

Who’s to say you can’t accomplish your dream?

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