Your Sleeping Angel

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We all have our sleeping angel

Submitted: March 23, 2015

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Submitted: March 23, 2015



The Angel

In the experiences of us all their lies a treasure chest

The meaning of time dissipates when the mind crosses that crest

You can’t smell vanilla without thinking of her perfume

That seductive scent, rises from your memories cocoon

Unconsciously, the muscles contract as you flash a grin

The mind’s eye shifts to the screen where she introduced you to her kin

You hand grazes across the angel’s face as you push back her silky hair

Your mind wanders back over to your conversation on whether life was fair

Her breath slow as she sleeps draped in pure white sheets

“What are the stories of her dreams?” is what your mind seeks

She seemed straight out of a fairy tale, as the sleeping beauty shifts

Your mind takes you to the Christmas when you first exchanged gifts

The inner dialogue creeps and thinks “Why did she choose me?”

It certainly wasn’t the time when you nearly died as you saw a bee

Maybe it was the time when she claimed you swept her off her feet

Yet you dig for an answer that comes across as more complete

It probably wasn’t that time you fought and you nearly pushed delete

On what you two shared, over an issue that shouldn’t uproot something so deep

Your mind sharpened as you heard a slight mumble

It was nothing more than a mid-dream bumble

Back into your thoughts your awareness begins to sink

Sharing a bed with the love of my life is all you could think

The Angel started to flutter between being sleep and awake

Given a multitude of women, you’d choose her with no debate

Her lashes flickered a few times as her eyelids rise

They revealed the priceless gems that she had as eyes

Her lips begin to meet her eyes, as she asks “What did I miss”

Your reply, “Just enjoying myself in a total bliss”

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