Love is Indefinable.

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Here is a long and rambling piece about that ridiculous cliche that we call love. I could have written the millions of things that it is in the realm of darkness itself, but a part of my therapy is keeping my thoughts positive. Therefore 'Love is when you push me down the stairs' becomes something sweeter.

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



Love is putting away the pain.

Love is feeling someone else's soul.

Love is childhood laughter.

"Love is the matrix of being."

Love is not theft.

Love is gift.

Love is temperary insanity.

Love is intangible.

Love is interchonological.

Love is bravery.

Love is the absense of fear taking over.

Love is the conquerer of demons and shadows.

Love is constant storytelling.

Love is living now.

Love is the realization that you love someone.

Love is family.

Love is finite.

Love is infinate.

Love is me and you and us.

Love is paranormal.

Love is more than tradition.

Love is the way you make me feel.

Love is no makeup.

Love is makeup.

Love is the angel on your shoulder.

Love is passion.

Love is letting go.

Love is the moment I spent picturing you in a wedding dress.

Love is a cheesy dating website.

Love is a gazebo on a cold night.

Love is me.

LOve is her voice on the wind.

Love is salty and sweet at the same time.

Love is always being good enough.

Love is eye contact for more than seven seconds.

Love is vulnerability.

Love is the wonder and highlight in your rainbow hair.

Love is your sunshine soul.

Love is this poem about a feel I've never had.

Love is the child you hold in your arms.

Love is wailing and grunting at the top of your lungs.

Love is wonder.

Love is the three hundred and eighty eighth wonder of the world.

Love is forever.

Love is now.

Love is the way you laugh when funny is what you created.

Love is a scrapbook.

Love is dumb.

Love is sepiternal.

Love is never enough.

Love is always just the right amount.

Love is why have I never fucking gone skydiving before?

Love is let's go.

Love is the sparkle of your lipgloss,

and the cherry flavor of your eyes.

Love is fuck you.

Love is the world over.

Love is the elderly.

"Love is yearning."

Love is here.

Love is a constant stuggle.

Love is as easy as a stick of butter.

Love is a second of time.

Love is a snow-covered mountain that blocks the sunset.

Love is your toffee skin.

Love is the vivid white of mine.

Love is the next two years.

Love is coffins set side to side.

Love is the Romeo and Juliet suicide.

Love is nothing like the movies.

Love is a great tale.

Love is the only thing that matters.

Love is a Made in America sticker.

Love is your deep ears,

and your eyes that listen to me.

Love is an arranged marriage.

Love is romance on the Nile.

Love is a fateful choice.

Love is distinguished.

Love is the feeling of possession,

without the green slime.

Love is thoughts that carry you away.

Love is dreams that set you right here.

Love is an accident.

Love is on purpose.

Love is Heaven and Hell.

Love is why the fuck did I get married?

Love is god eternal.

Love is the sea.

Love is Dorathy looking for Oz.

Love is a tramp stamp.

Love is an apology.

Love is a dirty joke.

Love is the heart of an inatimate object.

Love ties us together.

Love tears us apart.

Love is nine circle of Hell,

and the seven hundred and thirty five of Heaven.

Love is a mermaid's song.

Love is a siren's wavey hair.

Love is your fake nails.

Love if your unconcious twitch.

Love is my love of your twitch somone once made of you for.

Love is why.

Love is how.

Love is omg.

Love is fuck this and that and that, too.

Love is sex.

Love is the absense of sex.

Love is a sunny afternoon in the middle of December.

Love is a generous smile.

Love is an emotional seizure.

Love is tripping balls.

Love is circling a fountain,

and then taking a swim in it.

Love is the mall cops that chase us away.

Love is your hand on my face.

Love is quick healing.

"Love is wordless."

Love is this documenetry about love.

Love is that one about the history of Iran.

Love is good faith.

Love is an emerald hill.

Love is never letting Grim win.

Love is my quest for God.

Love is the answer.

Love is all of the questions.

Love is this beauty I find in a Detrot alleyway.

LOve is a typo.

Love is perfect.

Love is a handfasting.

Love is realizing I am not an idiot,

and that I should stop telling myself that I am.

Love is Jesus in the poop.

Love is belief.

Love is losing your primate hair.

Love is the thought waves.

Love is when you push me on the swing as the cost of your swinging.

Love is childish.

Love is the most adult of all things.

Love is the written speech.

Love is the spoken essay.

Love is now.

Love is a figment of the overactive imagination.

Love is Bubble Buddy.

Love is feeling somone push you to be better than before.

Love is metamophasis.

Love is an old pop record.

Love is a song about the music.

Love is your faith in a better past.

Love is your dred about the future.

Love is a deep deep bellowing laughter.

Love is a very shallow river that's always in flux.

Love is your contacts that always fall out.

Love is in my glasses that I hide behind.

Love is the ability to drink in experience and shit out memories.

Love is time.

Love is timeless.

Love is timelessness.

Love is your frown that I see when I close my eyes.

Love is the dream where I make it go away.


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