Do not fear, oh people of Fyria

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Syria is Fyria, a land with a people full of fear and tragic uncertainty.


Oh brothers and sisters of Fyria,

Do not fear, for a silent conscience is a muted devil,

I see the future and what lies ahead,

Your daily struggles will soon be over,

For you will soon be free,

Liberated into the dark ages,


You will no longer be exphiated by the stench of the clenches of menacing murals of enslavement,

Your glorious future is the intoxication of free ecstacy,

Free to kill and be killed,

Free to cleanse your society of undesirables,

Free to settle all scores,

How privelleged you are to become!


Surely, you will suffer, but it must be to an infintesimal degree,

You will replace tranquility with daily fear, electricity for darkness,

And before long, the same organizations that promoted you in your freedom quest, will note how the now Free Fyria, is ranked among the most corrupt and miserable places on the Earth,

Yet you are liberated and the entire world will be celebrating in your freedom, until the next pittied hole on the Earth is picked up to be the next apologist intrevention,

Joyously bantering of the sacrifices they made so that you could finally escape, to truly becoming a free soul,

No longer will you be troubled by the monopoly of one party violently crushing you,

In your new life, there will be a multipluralism of violence, so that no single entity has a monopoly on barbarity, rather there will be a collection of groups in perpetual competition for this esteemed and bloodlusting honor,


These events will occur under the auspicies of outsiders, wishing only to help you,

Outsiders, whose ancestors were of those that kicked and spat on the tombs of your most celebrated,

It is an inconceivable burden to those wishing to assist you from afar, that they should gain tremendous wealth in the process of their altruistec service to Fyria,

Never fear oh Fyrian people!

The wrath of violent love is coming to save you from yourselves.

Submitted: March 10, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Euphrates. All rights reserved.

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