The Torture Camp

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Everyone enjoys going for a visit to the farm but no one had this in mind.

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



It all started with a phone call on a Friday night. As I watched my phone vibrate on the coffee table I could see the photo that I had assigned to Chris’s name. It was a rare photo of him cooking dinner for me and holding a knife at me with that cheeky grin that I had taken a few months prior. Chris and I had been friends for about 8 years we had been through a lot together I had often gone to him when I was feeling down because he always had a way of cheering me up and making me feel special we had also many heart to hearts late at night and we could tell each other anything without judgement.

As soon as I answered it I was greeted with the usual “What up wench?” with my usual reply “nothing much” he wanted to know if I wanted to come with him to check out a new location for him to do a piece tomorrow. Being that I had nothing planned except for maybe a Judge Judy marathon or cleaning the house I agreed.

On my way to Chris’s on Saturday morning I call to make sure he is up and hasn’t forgotten about me coming over, “hello” in a slow hung over voice “hey darls you up?” I asked, “Yep are you on your way?” I did make a habit of calling pretty much every time I was on my way but he still asked the same question. “Can you grab us a can of mother on your way?” another usual request but im always happy to if its going to make him awake.

When I let myself in I find him on the computer dressed and ready to go. He seemed to be in quite some hurry to go I thought this might have had something to do with the security at the location we were going to or he just wanted to get away from him family as soon as possible before they started asking questions that he didn’t want to answer, either way we jumped in his car and proceeded up the motorway. His car floor was covered in cans and bottles, which I had to kick out the way just so that I could have somewhere to put my feet. None of this mess seemed to ever bother him I was a little temped to grab a bag and clean it up a little but then thought there is probably no point and I was trying not to be so much of a clean freak lately so I figured just sit back and enjoy the ride. I grabbed two cigarettes from the centre consol and lit them up as I handed him his he just smiled and winked at me. This always made me smile as he was the only one who winked at me and it always made me smile.

We seemed to have been driving for what I estimated forty-five minutes or so and seem to be hitting a location that was a little bushy looking. I asked “where the fuck are we going?” “We are almost there just relax” he replied. We eventually turned down a dirt road and followed that for a while. I could see in the distance a group of houses and buildings it looked like a small town or camp but it was surrounded by barbed wire. This seemed a little odd but I thought probably good for painting if it is abandoned so I didn’t think too much of it. I was thinking to myself how the hell does know all these places they are so random but surely someone has tipped him off to it maybe the other painters I couldn’t imagine that he would drive all over Sydney just looking for painting places.

We turned down a driveway which was lined with rusted and faded signage I couldn’t make out what they said but I did manage “Authorised Personnel Only” down the bottom of one of them. I was starting to get nervous at this point as I wasn’t in the mood for getting arrested today. He parked on the side of the drive just off the road and he turned to me with a huge grin on he face and said, “Were here”. I went to grab my bag from the backseat but Chris piped up “you don’t need that we wont be very long” I trusted him so I left it behind usually I wouldn’t go anywhere without my phone at least as I have this paranoia that something might happen and I will need it or I might just miss something on facebook. We proceeded to walk around the small town, which on closer inspection must have had about 3 buildings and a hall. It seemed as in no one had been here for some time there was paint peeling from the walls and windows were broken.

We took a walk around for about ten minutes or just to check that no one was around something didn’t seem right why would all of this be left. There did seem to be some signs that someone or something had been here not too long ago I noticed tyre marks and beer cans on the ground. Chris was looking in the windows I stayed back looking around for anyone coming, I trusted him that he would look after me which turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. We went into the hall, which was filled with old wooden, chairs all lined up facing a stage. The stage had a faded red velvet curtain which was ripped in places and had some stains that from the back of the hall I couldn’t make out.

When in the distance we could hear a bus pull up followed by yelling “Get off the bus now and get into the hall” we ran towards the stage and hid behind the curtain all I could hear was shuffling and chains rattling I peered through one of the rips in the curtain and people all wearing grey coveralls where taking their seats. Once everyone had become silent a warden walked onto the stage to address the group. “You have all been sent here to have your fate decided by a judge for the hainess crimes that you have committed, if you think jail was hard you haven’t begun to know how hard things can really be. Now all rise for then Honourable Judge Mater” I whispered to Chris “What’s going on?” he explained that the courts systems and jails are so overcrowded that they send people who have committed really gruesome crimes here to be sentenced and to serve their punishment.

I was thinking to myself did he know this was here or have we stumbled on the accidentally. As the first group of people where called the stage the judge announced in a loud voice “Those people who stand before me convicted of murder in the first degree to go to Zone A” they all looked around wondering where to go an officer ushered them off the stage and out a side door this continued on until all the people in the hall had been sent to their new destinations.

Once everyone had left we creeped out from behind the curtain and Chris led me outside always on the lookout for the guards and officers who were trying to keep something a secret. I only just noticed at this point that he had no paints with him. We made our way over to another building which must have at one point been used as a deli or general store for the town based on what I could tell through the windows, we quietly stepped inside being cautious not to disturb anything. All that filled the building were the original shelving which had the food replaced with instruments and a large operating table in the centre. I held on to Chris tightly for security.

He pointed out the cages on the side of the room just under the glass fridge cabinet that had meats in it at least I thought it was meat. There was very little light so I leaned in closer to see the cages trying to work out what anyone would keep in them. Just I crouched down to one of them where the door was ajar I was pushed with such force that I hit the back of the cage and blacked out. When I awoke a few minutes later I noticed that they had a strong odour of decaying flesh and human excrement. I sat up and looked around my eyes were still trying to focus and I was feeling my way around on the floor. It was cold damp concrete I soon realised I wasn’t the only one. I was sharing this cage with 3 other people who were cowering in the back corner.

I shook the gate and yelled to try and get the attention of Chris as I knew he wouldn’t have been the one to do this to me and he must have been in one of the other cages, I trusted him. I see a man walking towards me slowly I was squinting trying to see who it is. I could see a gleaming meat cleaver in his right hand he stops in front of me “Where is Chris? What have you done with him?” no reply. The man unlocks the cage next to me and grabs a naked young frail girl with his left hand she has blood stained blonde hair covered in various cuts and burns, she is screaming “please not again, I cant take anymore” this doesn’t seem to shake him at all. He throws her onto the table in front of the cages with the sound of the cleaver hitting the floor she is strapped down by her neck, hands, thighs and ankles so that she has no chance of escape.

He paces up and down dragging the cleaver over the girls body, examining where his next incision will be. She is sobbing but knows no amount of tears are going to stop what is about the happen. He grabs an old dirty piece of leather of the floor then moves to the top of her head and looks down on her. He jams it into her mouth and she is struggling with all her energy then he ties it off. He waits for a moment looking over the tortured body he moves back down the table stopping at her breasts he leans in to kiss them and I can hear his breathing getting heavier he proceeds down her body kissing every few centimetres he goes to the end of the table and leans in between her legs she trying to move away but there is no point he is going to have his fun weather she likes it or not. He slides his fingers into her and proceeds to pounding her hard with all his strength he removes his fingers and licks them clean then he leans in close and starts licking and sucking her, then I can hear something I have never heard before but soon work out that he is now chewing on her vagina and gets so into it that he bits down and tears a chuck of her flesh off.

Once he has had his sexual pleasure he decides that he needs the correct instrument for the next job he walks to the rusted shelving and scans each shelf looking for something in particular he ends up picking up a scalpel and walks back to his victim and runs his hands over her stomach then with one quick slice her abdomen is open and the screaming is unbearable but it doesn’t last long I can only assumed she had died finally her no longer has to endure the torture.

He digs his hands in and starts pulling out organs and intestines. An assistant who brings in a steel frame and places it over the body soon joins him. The girl’s intestines are then treaded onto the frame and the assistant starts turning the crank to remove them. “pity she’s a good looking one” states the assistant, “all the more fun we can have” that when I know who it is, I know that voice all too well.

“CHRIS its me” I yelled he looks over at me stares me straight in the eyes and says “I know, who do you think is next?” im thinking this cant be right why would he do this it doesn’t make sense were friends and have been for along time. “move that body down with the others we have to make room for this one” at this point im thinking what can I do, do I go along with him or fight against him. If I have learnt nothing else from horror movies there is no point fighting it. So I choose to go along with it in the slight hope that maybe he will change his mind and I can convince him to let me go.

Chris and I had often joked about him killing me and how he would do it from throwing me off a bridge wrapped in a carpet to putting me in a chest freezer, he also often told me that he is a bad person. I saw past this I knew deep down he was good. He had done a lot of things in his life that I didn’t agree with but that never stood between us. We had even decided to have a sham marriage at 30 if we were both single just so we wouldn’t die alone. All my friends were worried that I was hanging around with him and new exactly where to go if I ever went missing.

As the last victim was dragged off the table and thrown down a chute I could hear the body hit the floor. I can only image how many more had the same fate at that one. “Its time” he said and walked over to the cage that I was crouching in. He opened the door and extended his hand I reluctantly held it and he coaxed me out. I was going to stick to my plan of going along with it and enjoying it. Hoping that this will lessen the amount of pain I had to endure. He asked me to sit on the table and face him to which I obliged and I jumped onto the table I could feel it being wet and slippery I knew it was blood but I had to stay strong and to my plan “mmm now what are you going to do cut me, burn me or just sodimize me?”

He moved in close and gripped my neck tight he tilted my head back and kissed me hard I kissed back I could feel his tongue ring knocking on my teeth I put my arms around him and dug my nails in as deep as I could. I pulled him in close and kissed his neck I could hear him groaning. He moved in close and told me to take off my clothes so I started with my t-shirt then my pants sitting in my bra and g-string I started playing with myself stroking my breasts and tweaking my nipples he was watching every move with intense concentration. I then took of my underwear he laid me down on the bench and strapped me in like all the others starting with my neck then wrists then ankles I moan with pleasure he examines my body from head to toe I hear rustling in the back ground which can only be the others waiting or trying to recover.

He moves between my legs and starts to play with my clit it feels so good and it’s the first pleasure I have had since being here then he starts to lick and suck I can feel his jaw hitting my pelvis this goes on for some time and the pleasure has now changed to pain by this time I notice that two other men have come in and they want in too. Chris instructs them they can do what they like she’s not important. One man inserts two fingers into my vagina and start hitting with all their power I can feel the tissue inside ripping. I try to stay as quite as possible or act like I am enjoying it. The other is kissing my breasts. Chris walks back over and tells them to get off me I could feel I was all swollen and red he had brought with him a knife he started to make cuts all over my body from my shoulders to my collarbone down my breasts and then worked his way across my stomach and thighs. With every cut I could feel the skin layers shred and then the blood dripping down onto the table.

As I approached the door there was a large built man and a slim woman both wearing black uniforms I noticed the large Nazi symbol on their arms and lapels. The man addressed the group “all those with blonde hair over their and all those with dark hair over the other side NOW” as I had dark I moved to the other side of the walkway with two others. We were ushered off downstairs to an underground room. At this point I was wearing nothing but handcuffs and a floral dress, as were all the women in the complex. I guess they were trying to make us look as innocent as possible despite all the cuts, burns and blood that we were all covered in from our various tortures. I didn’t dare talk to anyone I knew that this would just make them madder and my main goal at this time was to get out and any cost.

The room was filled with bunk beds that didn’t have any mattress’s or linen of any kind, they seriously didn’t expect anyone to sleep we also still had cuffs on and some even had shackles I cant image what they had done to deserve both. Either way I was going to try and avoid that. As I sat on the floor that night I wondered why no one was coming for me and why was this happening to me. I needed to come up with a plan. I was still going to stick to my plan of going along with the flow hoping to gain their trust a little or at least enough so that I could make a run for it.

The night was filled with silence except for the occasional screams from the distance I was curious how many people they were holding here and why they were doing it. I knew that the police and government had something to do with it but still why hadn’t anyone clued onto it yet.

The next morning we were all woken by the door being flung open and “move it NOW” we had no choice but to follow orders from the guards. We were let back to the converted shop and put in our holding cages again ready to endure another day of hell. They seemed a little more relaxed today and there was even a radio playing the background, which were a nice change and some connection to the outside world. The others had joined Chris and his assistant today which was a large woman wearing a baggy dress with an apron over the top her hair was in a messy bun and didn’t look like it had been washed within the last month. She peered at us through her thick glasses “pathetic little bitches, when will they ever learn. Well best get on with the days work” I still don’t know exactly what her role was in this, I was thinking for medical reasons or something but I do know I wanted nothing to do with her.

As each one was dished their punishment from being stretched on the rack to being poked with burning red rods I was waiting for my turn I was third today I was removed from the cage and let to the corner as I was seated on a creaking wooden chair at the end of the room facing the door. I was told to take my dress of and show everyone what I had. It was humiliating and degrading but it could be worse. Chris walked around the chair admiring all the prior wounds that he had inflicted he seemed rather proud of his handy work. He went and grabbed a thin steel rod from one of the shelves. “Turn around, so your back is towards me” I knew what was coming the lashes one after another across my back and ass I lost count after a while but there must has been at least twenty in quick cessession. I cried out “harder, harder mmmmm feels so good”

I knew he was getting into it as the hits were getting harder his breath was getting heavier and heavier then he started to grown and out of the corner of my eye I could see that his eyes had dilated and that we was biting his bottom lip. He was so focused on me and every move that I was making. I turned my face to him to get his attention when I had eye contact I just winked quickly. I was hoping that this would be enough just to take his focus away for just a second. At this point every second counted and I was using every one that I had available. It seems to have worked he stopped and looked me straight in the eye. Then he stepped closer and looked deep into my eyes then spat in my face “don’t try that every again you worthless piece of shit”

Then a news report on the radio everything stopped they all turned to the radio. I knew this was my time I turned and looked at the door, it was ajar and I was eyeing it off taking in all my surroundings taking metal notes of how many steps it would be to my potential freedom I count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. “KWCL news on the hour every hour with your host Spencer Turner good evening we have reports today that a large number of young people have been reported missing in the Greater West of Sydney. Reports have been coming over the last two weeks with as many and 50 people aged between 18-30 missing. Police have begun a large-scale investigation into the matter and have urged parents to keep in contact with your children to remind them about speaking with strangers. If you have and information regarding this matter please contact crime stoppers. In other news….”

I could hear the volume fading from the corner of the room and Chris and the heavyset woman were looking at each other, I realised that I had just missed probably my best opportunity for an escape. I started to weep I knew I had a crucial mistake but not making my move. Chris ordered the staff to get all the scumbags to the hole he came over to me “I have something special planned for you missy” he grabbed me by the wrists and let me down the back of the room and through a heavy door I heard a hard thud behind us. I was trying to cooperate but my survival instinct was telling me to resist with all my power.

He pinned me to the wall I could feel the skirting board under my heals and my hands digging into the cold moist wall he then placed his right hand under my chin and gripped my throat tightly and raised me up. My feet came off the floor and I was struggling to breath “you really are a born victim aren’t you, you never believed me you thought that I was joking” then he just let go and I collapsed onto the floor gasping for breath.

“come on fucker hurry up” he barked orders at me I climbed to my feet and followed him we went down a creaky set of stairs to a hidden room under the shop. It was filled with dull flickering lights. My eyes adjusted slowly and I could see dark figures along the walls and floors but really couldn’t make out any details. I was shoved to a corner of the room “don’t even think of moving or you will regret it” I could feel the cuffs cutting deeper and deeper but that was the least of my problems as I was about the find out.

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