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just me venting. sorry for any spelling mistakes i was furious when i wrote this. and don't take it the wrong way this is how i feel personally and i'm sure others feel the same way.

When think and we truely think about the lives of those in the UK what are the ideas you get? if you live in america you'd probably think that we are all posh drinking tea and such. if your french you'd think we're all thugs with flat caps and tracksuits galore in our wardrobes. if your german you hate us because we beat you down twice and we love to remind you of it every chance we get. but the thing is we're not like that at all. as a matter of fact, in some cases anyway, we're worse.

Most commit benefit fraud and scrounge off of the thousands of pounds worth of tax payers money and do nothing to earn it besides being baby making machines. or they come here in search of a better life... which i can understand but then they demand better housing in an upmarket part of london because where they were was too cramped a home that had thre bedrooms and house five people, what wrong with sharing? this is not a family in a building which is costing taxpayers £9,000 a month for them too keep it. the rights of the few are more important that the right of the many. immegrants are favoured over the british born citizens in job interviews and in the benefit system. i live in a country where i have to tip toe around every forgiener just not to be named a racist for no reason. i am a white english heterosexual female and though i may only be young i cannot stand how we live our lives. we have no pride in ourselves as a nation anymore, the government think that the olympics will reignite this passion but then we'll have muslim extremists saying that we are promoting somthing that don't like and therefore being racist towards them. the wanted to march through wotton basset, a village that has had all the dead british soldiers marched through it in commemeration of their deaths. they wanted to call our soldiers murderers and baby killers when the people they are defending in afganistan are actually sending women and downs syndrome children towards our soldiers with bombs strapped to them. why? because they know that we are too compassionate to shoot them. i dont wish to come across racist but i am sick of all the appeasing we have to do. i am white and i am proud do not tell me i am racist because i think this way. i should have the same rights as everyone but it seems that in the eyes of some... i shouldn't be allowed these because i have this colour skin. i shall give you an example recently i was at the local bwling alley with my friend and she got into an argument with middle eastern man. she had accidentally spilled some of her drink onto him by accident, it was a few drops of pepsi. he began to rant and rave at her calling her a "white bitch" and "Honky" while it may seem amusing it cause some offence. he subsequentally reduced her to tears and assaulted her by slapping her. the police have thus far done nothing. why? bacause he said she called him a derogitory term for a man of hs ethnicity which a can tell you and so can 12 others that she did not. we said this in our statements to the police but no further action has been done. she is now being harassed at home by a group of asian males.

i end on this point... just because i'm white doen't mean you can't racist of derogitory towards me. and if you are well lets just see where that goes.

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Oh my gosh, I couldn't possibly agree more!
'i live in a country where i have to tip toe around every forgiener just not to be named a racist for no reason.'
^^It's annoying isn't it? I'm only young but my god it's aggravating! At school we aren't aloud to say black people any more because apparently it's 'racist' we have to call them 'coloured people'!!! What on earth is the difference? If we have to call them coloured does that mean they have to call us pale people? No. Because we're WHITE... It only goes one way!! If it has to go any way it should go both ways!!

If I am completely honest you... England has turned into a dump! As you've said we've lost all sense of pride... What happened to the country that dominated at least third of the world? We got soft... I gotta say though, the south of England is worse with this. I live in the North and you don't get as many immigrants or coloured people because they all think London and the south is where it's all at! I was in London a few weeks ago and I was shocked by the amount of foreigners that weren't tourists!!! :o We don't get affected as much in the north, but it's still annoying :/ Haha I've written a little essay haha oh well, I couldn't agree with your argument more! The UK has officially died.. well to me anyway :/

Mon, September 27th, 2010 8:52am


i completely agree! thankyou! i live just north of london and i completely get where your coming from. everyone is forgein and in someplaces if you say the word black you get dirty lookes from every black person around you some will even challenge what you say and become defensive and sometimes aggressive. i sucks... i'm hopeing to attend manchester university next year and to be honest i can't wait to get out of here.

Mon, September 27th, 2010 2:01am

Craig Davison

Have you thought about joining the National Front? We have an intense debate about refugees here in Australia, particularly the demonisation of those who arrive by boat. The truth is that far more illegal migrants arrive by plane, and the largest number of overstayers and visa abusers are from the United Kingdom. It is just easier to demonise those who appear different. But that is just my opinion, and what would I know? I'm just a dumb antipodean after all.

Wed, December 14th, 2011 11:36pm

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