Atheism - Liberation of the Mind

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Atheism? More like awesome-iesm!

For me, being an atheist is one of the most liberating roles I could've ever taken in life. I know that this universe is too vast, too intricate, too beautiful, for its origins to be merely thought of as spontaneous generation. My mind is free to gain all the knowledge I could ever hope for. There are no bounds, no limits, no restrictions! The possibilities are endless! Besides, we're living in an era where "I don't know" is a thing of the past due to the wondrous invention of Google.

I've always been the type to ask questions, the type that has to know all the nooks and crannies of whatever topic I'm researching at that point in time. When I was a Christian, like other Christians, I was a prisoner in my own mind, and I was blissfully unaware of it. That was, until one day when I was 16, I began thinking long and hard about the many contradictory, hateful, hypocritical things that religious officials and fellow Christians would say. Everyone would always get irritated with me whenever I would ask questions that caught them in their hypocritical ways. This one always gets them: If all sinners go to Hell, and everyone sins at all hours of the day regardless of whether or not they realize it, then does that mean everyone goes to Hell? They never know what to say, so they change the subject or dismiss me because they were afraid I would snap them out of their fantasy worlds filled with false senses of grace and salvation. Seriously, I'm sure that shit provokes schizophrenia.

Also, I never liked the way that religious people thought of women, homosexuals, people that weren't white, and other minority groups. I always thought it was so ironic to see female Christians because the Bible claims that women should always remain subservient to their husbands, never allowed to speak their minds, and are simply means of housekeeping and child-bearing. I always thought it was so ironic to see homosexual Christians because the Bible claims that homosexuals should be stoned to death, for the entire concept was abominable. I always thought it was so ironic to see black Christians because of slavery. Why worship a being that advocates for your oppression? What organization that claims to stand for peace and love would have such discriminatory rules?

Not only does Christianity (I know pretty much every religion is like this in some way, but since Christianity is relative to me due to the fact that I was born in North America, I'm using Christianity) list hatred against people who aren't white straight men, but it also lists out really ridiculous rules. No masturbation, no premarital sex, no pork, no shellfish, no haircuts, no clothing made from more than one fabric type, no divorce, no this, no that, like damn, y'all can't have any fun, can you?!

So yeah, being an atheist is great. You bow down to no one and you live life according to your own moral compass. It's great, you should give it a try. ;)

Submitted: October 10, 2015

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Joe Kent Roberts

Many Christian Church Doctrines are False. These are Man's Flawed Laws and Rules and Do Not show the True Love of a Living God who Created our Once Beautiful Earth. Men have twisted the True Word of God. Nothing is Ever Created, Manufactured, or Designed without Thought and Purpose.One of your questions about Sin is answered in John 8:1-11. Also Read JOB chapters 38-41. There has Never been a Prophesy in the Bible that has Not Become True. Read Song of Songs written by Soloman. A very romantic & erotic Love Story.
Joe @

Sat, October 10th, 2015 9:18am

To the throne official

GOD is great, All the time.
We the people who are in the wrong,

Hi, Im a Christian, now im being humble about this,
being a christian isnt a to do list, its following Jesus and his teachings. Being Christ-Like.

Now I speak on behalf of Christians and say we live a "boring" life and being a christian leads to paranoid skitzafrenia....

Well...ummm do you even Research, Brain disorders come from Drugs...thats why its illegal cos it fries your brain...

now for "Boring life"
if we are boring, we would. get drunk, get into fights, Steal, kill and murder, or should i say Seek, kill and Destroy...oh wait..hang on seek, kill and Destroy sounds like the work of Lucifer...hmmm...

So assuredly i say to you, Pick up the cross and follow Jesus, But you have free will...those who fear the lord have wisdom.

Now if you knew the rules of GOD which is to follow his commandments, love Jesus with all your heart, body, mind and soul.
love thy neighbour as you love yourself..

you obviously wouldnt be rebelling..

now regardless if you believe in Christ or not. He is real and let me tell you why....Ahem

how was the earth made? dont say big bang...cos thats ignorant. C.E.R.N is not recreating "Big Bang" its actually the opposite...its destroying the earth.

Now...You fell from Christ, which happens, but if you Repent your sins would be forgiven.

and No one is perfect, GOD is above all, he knows peoples strengths and weaknessess. why cos he is Yehovah.

and you say we hate Homosexuals...No, We dont. we love them, why...cos it states Love everyone for Jesus loved everyone, Jesus never hurt anyone. so why should we.

And...oh yes Hell..

now it is said Satans Angels Go tO hell...and Abominations of Christ...
which is

1) People with the Chip, RFID, Mark of th eebat (Revelation)

2) Deny the holy spirit...(Lord have mercy on there souls)

so....everyone is up for repenting cos were not perfect and GOD loves us, but DO we love him???

So that concludes my lecture...

and one quick thing...

Check out my channel...Thanks :D


Sun, October 25th, 2015 12:47am

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