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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's Halloween night, and Hannah, a girl fresh into college, is eager to get a glimpse of the wild side of life. However, what she doesn't know is that there is a force willing to stop her dead in her tracks.

Hannah was running down the hallway on the second floor of her house from her deranged ex-boyfriend, whom was chasing her with a kitchen knife. He was quite robust due to his regular routine of pumping iron at the gym. She knew that if he caught up to her petite and slender body, she’d be a goner.

The stairs! I just have to run down to the kitchen and call 911! I’m gonna make it!


The start of the wooden railing slammed into her sternum. She could do nothing but clutch her chest in pain as she fell on the first step. “Please… help… me…” she beckoned to the lunatic standing above her. “Oh, I’ll help you, all right.” He proceeded to kick her in her tailbone with unbelievable force down the stairway. She finally landed on the hardwood floor on her neck, snapping it, which led her to fall unconscious.

Suddenly, Hannah awoke in her bed, gasping for air and coughing. “Shit. I’m glad I didn’t finish that,” she said hoarsely. “That was terrifying! Must be my mind getting me in the mood for Halloween.” She climbed out of bed and checked the clock on her dresser. It read 6:05 p.m. “Oh, man, Kayla’s party is in an hour! I better get to it.”

She scrambled through her closet until she found her nurse costume. It was a short tight dress that was white with red trim. She grabbed her white stockings and red pumps, applying them with haste. Hannah rushed to her bathroom without tripping in her 5-inch heels and applied black eyeliner, false eyelashes, and red lipstick on one half of her face. Then, she proceeded to apply a white contact lens and encircled it with black eye shadow. For the finishing touch, she drew a skeleton mouth with black eyeliner and white eye shadow from the empty half of her lips to her cheekbone. Finally, Hannah put hot rollers in her hair. She was about to jog out of her room when she paused. “Oh, I almost forgot!” She grabbed her stethoscope and put it around her neck, then grabbed her nurse hat and put it on her head full of rollers.

She checked the clock again. 6:45 p.m. “Eh, I can be fashionably late.” Hannah began to feel queasy as she walked down the hallway, remembering her nightmare. It was just a dream it was just a dream it was just a dream. She made her way to the start of the stairs. Please… help… me… “Don’t let some dumb dream ruin your night of fun!” she told herself. She walked down the stairs and saw her parents watching the news in the living room. A devilish smile crept upon her face at the idea of spooking them before she left. She snuck up behind the couch and yelled “BOO!”

“Aah!” they shouted. They turned around to see who the culprit is. When the saw their daughter staring down on them with her half-red-half-skeletal smile, they gave a gasp. “Hannah, you look... wow,” her mom said. “Thanks. I just thought I’d give you a little scare before I left.”

“Well, you sure did!” her dad exclaimed. Hannah walked to the kitchen to get herself a Mountain Dew for the road. “Kayla’s party starts soon; you better get going,” her mom warned. “I know, I know. It’ll be fine. Bye guys! I love you!”

“We love you too, honey! Be careful!”

“I will!”

Hannah stepped into her car, took a swig of Mountain Dew, and started the engine. She put in one of her favorite CDs: Vol. 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate by Puddle of Mudd, and peeled out of her driveway.

As she was driving, she removed the rollers from her long blonde hair. The rollers revealed bouncy and extravagant curls. She placed them all in her console when she was done. Oh, I’ll help you, all right AAAHHHH!!! “What the fuck, why can’t I stop thinking about that…” Suddenly, Hannah’s phone plays a ringtone for Kayla’s favorite song, indicating that it is she who is calling. She picked up the phone from her cup holder. “Hello?”

“Hey, girl! Where are you, the party has started already!” Hannah checked the time. 7:01 p.m. She could hear shouts of enjoyment in the background. “I’m driving past the gas station; I’m almost there.”

“Okay, see you when you get here!” Kayla said excitedly as she hung up without giving Hannah a chance to reply.

Five minutes later, Hannah parks on the side of the road near Kayla’s house, since her driveway and even her front yard were loaded with cars. Kayla had a nice 2-story emerald green house with white columns bordering her black oak door that had a bronze gargoyle clapper attached to it. She could see at least 7 people through every window, laughing and drinking beer from red SOLO cups.

Hannah walked up to the door and banged with the clapper. Kayla answered. “Heeeyyy, giirll!! You lookin’ HOT tonight!” she said with a slur in her voice. It just started; how is she tipsy already? “Thanks! You’re lookin’ pretty fine yourself!” She was wearing a cat costume. A fun drinking game idea: drink every time you see a white girl in a cat costume. However, she made it creative by wearing fangs on her canines and using the cat-eye makeup technique on her eyes. She also drew a cat nose and whiskers on her face with red lipstick for the finishing touch. She wore a black one-piece bathing suit with a tail attach to her tailbone, fishnet stockings, and black pumps. Kayla even applied black talon-like press-on nails. This ensemble looked great with her tanned skin, freckles, and brown curly hair.

“Well, don’t just stand there, come on innnn!!” Kayla said. Hannah stepped in the foyer and walked into the living room, seeing about 15 people inside. “How many people did you invite?” Hannah asked Kayla. “I only invited, like, 25 people or so. I guess most of the other kids crashed. But who cares, the more the better!—” she turns to the wave of costumed people in her living room dancing to the party music that was pumping throughout her house. “--WHOOOOO!!!” she yelled. “YEEEEAHHH WAHOOO!!” they all shouted back.

Hannah made her way through the dancing crowd to the kitchen to pour herself a drink. Kayla had all sorts of drinks to choose from. Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, a variety of wines, but who drinks wine at a wild costume party like this one? Hannah picked up a red SOLO cup, poured a bottle of Bud Light in, and began drinking, feeling the effect of the alcohol rush through her body.

A guy dressed up as Gene Simmons busted through the back door into the kitchen, near where Hannah was standing. “Hannah? Is that you?” he asked her. “Who’s asking?”

“It’s me, Jeff!” Hannah gave a confused look. “Really? Shit!” Jeff was Hannah and Kayla’s mutual friend and Hannah’s ex-boyfriend. Their break-up had a rough aftermath, but they eventually made up and became friends. He dyed his naturally brown hair black and tied half of it back. He didn’t wear the whole armor ensemble; he wore a KISS t-shirt with black jeans and black steel-toed boots instead. However, he went all out when it came to makeup: painting his entire face white and the black angel wings over his eyes with a long point coming down from his forehead to the middle of his eyebrows. He also added black lipstick to tie it all together.

“Wow, you look hot! You can operate on me anytime!” said Jeff. “Oh, shut up, you dork,” Hannah replied, playfully punching him in the shoulder.

“Hey, little girl. I’m Gene Simmons, and I’m gonna rock ‘n roll all night!”

“Whatever, goof.”

Hannah and Jeff hear liquid dropping to the ground combined with whooping on the deck out back. “Sounds like a game of beer pong. Wanna go play?” Jeff asked her. “Sure.”

They made their way outside and down the steps to a table beside Kayla’s kidney-shaped pool with red SOLO cups filled with Budweiser arranged in the same way that billiard balls are arranged before the first person would break them.

“Hey, can I join?” Hannah asked a group of dressed-up guys and gals. “Sure! We could use another girl,” said one guy whom was dressed as a football player. How thoughtful. Hannah was a pro at beer pong. She would always get the ball in any cup she was aiming for with 100% accuracy. “Can I join, too?” Jeff asked. “The more the merrier!”

“Before we start, though—” Jeff takes one of the cups of beer “—I need to replace this one. It has a dead fly in it.”

“Dude, it’s okay,” another guy in the group said. He was dressed as Nosferatu. Now THAT’S thoughtful. “No, it’s not. Flies have germs! I don’t want any of you to drink fly germs!”

“Whatever, man. Just hurry back.”

Jeff goes inside the house and stops at the kitchen counter, where Kayla has provided her friends and other partygoers with all the alcohol they can stomach. Jeff dumped that beer into the sink and filled it with new beer. Then, he takes out a tiny bag of white powder and makes sure he dumps every single crystal into the cup. He stirs it around with a fork, waiting for every bit of it to dissolve while chuckling cunningly to himself.

He goes back outside with the drugged beer. “What took you so long?” Hannah groaned. “We were running low on Budweiser, so I drove to the convenience store and bought some more,” Jeff replied with some shakiness in his voice, but no one really noticed it. “Okay, so, let’s get it on!” Hannah exclaimed, excited to show everyone her beer pong skill.

That game of beer pong went on for what seemed like an hour; however, it was really 20 minutes. Everyone had scored the ball in every cup except for the drugged cup. “It’s my turn!” said a girl whom was dressed like Tinkerbell. She took 1 shot and made the white beer-soaked ping pong ball into the cup. Jeff got a very anxious look on his face. He felt so unbelievably nauseous. “Jeff, are you all right? Do you need to go throw up?” Hannah asked him. “N-n-no… I’m f-f-fine…”

“You seriously don’t sound fine. You’re looking even paler than your makeup, too. Come on—” Hannah took Jeff by the wrist and started dragging him up the steps “—I’ll walk you up to the bathroom.”

Hannah takes Jeff into the house. She sees Kayla dancing on the table in the living room with guys crowding around and throwing dollar bills at her. Hannah couldn’t help but let out a giggle. Make it rain. She and Jeff went to the bathroom that was next to the staircase, which led up to Kayla’s room. She could hear people moaning and grunting up there. Gee, I wonder what they’re up to. Hannah swung open the door and forced Jeff’s face to hover over the toilet bowl, holding his newly blackened hair back. “Hannah, I’m fine! Honestly.” Jeff escapes her grip, leaves the bathroom, and starts to walk around. “See? Just fine.”

“Then, why were you acting so sick back there?” Jeff walked towards the window that looked out to the pool. He could see the pool, the beer pong table, the same group of the people, and Tinkerbell lying on the ground unconscious. “Oh…” he moaned. “What is it?” Hannah asked him. Jeff tried to speak, but nothing except a little croak escaped his throat. “Jeff, what the hell is going on? I want to know right now!” Hannah stormed to the window that Jeff was looking out of. She saw Tinkerbell lying there as her friends were shaking her, pouring water on her from the pool, doing anything to wake her up. Hannah turns to face him. His towering height causes her to bend her neck almost completely upwards. “What the fuck was in that goddamn drink?” Hannah demanded with quiet hostility.

“It… It was…”


“Rohypnol…” Hannah’s face was turning red with anger. She grabbed Jeff by the wrist with the tightest grip he ever felt from anyone. His hand was turning blue. She led him out front. “WHAT IN THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING PUTTING A GODDAMN RAPE DRUG IN THAT MOTHERFUCKING BEER?!” She grunted with rage as she slapped him as hard as her arm would let her. A red imprint of her dainty hand formed on his left cheek almost instantly. She got white paint on herself. “Who was that for? What kind of sick shit were you gonna pull?” Her voice gradually lowered as she spoke. “Okay, you wanna know who it was for?”


Jeff gulped. “It was for you…” He said it in almost a whisper. Hannah went from being absolutely livid to scared out of her mind. “Why... After all I did for you… Even though we have had a relationship, it ended pretty fucking badly. However, I gave us a chance to start over as friends because I still had some feelings left for you… Now, you want to make me fall unconscious so you can do fuck-knows-what with me? Why? How could you? I thought you were better than that…” Hannah had tears streaming down her face. Jeff extends his arms in an attempt to hug her. “Don’t you fucking touch me!” she yelled in a crying rage. “I don’t even want to be here anymore… I’m just gonna go home…”

Hannah walks to her car and reaches for the door handle. Jeff grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around. He seemed to be on the verge of tears now. “Hannah, I’m so sorry… I don’t know what came over me when I poured the powder into that beer… It seemed as if I was a completely different person when it was occurring. Come on, Hannah. Please forgive me… I’m so sorry.” He was crying a river now. “If you really cared about me in the sincere way you’re trying to make it seem, you wouldn’t have even thought once about drugging me. I never want to see you again, Jeff. Goodbye.” Hannah got into her car and sped off into the night.

Jeff sat on the roadside where Hannah’s car was, crying into his sleeve. Kayla walked out into the road where Hannah had parked her car. “Hey, Jeff, what’s going on out here? I heard Hannah yelling like fucking crazy! Where’d she go? She’s missing out on all the fun!”

“Hannah’s gone, Kayla…” Jeff said while his voice was breaking. “She’s gone…”

Hannah pulled up into her driveway. She pulled her shining silver house key out of her left breast pocket and unlocked her front door. She went inside and took her shoes off, then placed them next to the blue doormat that had “WELCOME” in black cursive letters written on it. Hannah felt a sense of relief in her aching feet. She solemnly strolled her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. She notices her white Persian cat lying on the table, purring and rubbing her face against Hannah’s hand. “How could he do this to me?” she said to her cat. The cat let out a meow and climbed into her lap. She smiles down at her. “Let’s go to bed, Snowbell.”

She picks up her cat and begins walking towards the steps when she notices that the news was still on, but her parents were nowhere in sight. That’s weird. Maybe one of them forgot to turn the TV off. Hannah props Snowbell over her shoulder and presses the power button. She walks up the stairs and heads for her room. Suddenly, her cat went from purring and drooling from happiness to hissing and growling from fear. “What’s the matter, sweetie?” she asks as she sets her cat down. The cat dashed under Hannah’s bed. “Jeez, what’s gotten into her?”

Hannah walks into her room and ties her hair into a bun, then pulls her dress off. She also takes off her bra, revealing larger-than-average supple breasts. Hannah pulls her black studded tank top on over them and lays in bed, still upset about what Jeff could’ve done. It was Rohypnol. Who was it for? It was for you… HOW COULD YOU?! The more she thought about it, the more she cried. She thought that they made amends, that nothing bad would happen. I guess that’s what happens when you give second chances. Hannah turns on her stereo to play a soothing song played on a pan flute with acoustic guitar in the background and tries to fall asleep.

Hannah mysteriously awakens on a satellite, but she can’t open her eyes. Suddenly, she feels a hefty weight pressing on her torso. This weight begins kissing her on the lips. She didn’t fight back, thinking it was her boyfriend, and began kissing it back. However, her boyfriend is suffering from NED (Non-Existence Disorder), so who could this mysterious stranger be? Maybe it was one of the guys she played beer pong with?

Hannah wakes up in real life to see Jeff on top of her, kissing her face. More astonished than she had ever been in her life, she hastily scrambles out from underneath him and huddles up against a wall. She can’t believe that she sees Jeff lying in her bed, his Gene Simmons makeup taken off and his hair tied in a full ponytail. She rises to her feet “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” she asked in a yelling whisper. “How the hell did you get in here?!” Hannah was angry, terrified, upset. She was feeling a whirlpool of emotions.

“Your bathroom window was unlocked. By the way, you really need to clean your counter off. Too many hair products and eye shadows and things.”

“Don’t be a smartass. You know my parents are 2 doors down, right?”

“Yeah, but they can’t do anything to stop me.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Jeff formed a sly smile on his face. “Why are you looking at me like that, Jeff?” she asked with fear in her voice. He began to chuckle. “You’re so paranoid, Hannah. What, I can’t smile anymore?”

“Why are you acting like this?”

“How am I acting?”

“You’re acting very coldly… bitterly… as if you feel nothing at all…” Jeff gave a creepy smile as he walked towards her. She backed away. “Oh, come on, Hannah. Don’t be like that. We’re friends, remember? You should be happy.”

“I should be happy that a guy who previously tried to drug me crawled through my bathroom window at—” she glances at her clock “—1:36 in the morning?!” He opened his mouth to speak. “Don’t say a fucking word, Jeff.” His face quivered as if he was about to cry. His voice was breaking. “I told you, Hannah… I don’t know what came over me when that was happening, but I do know that I regret it because it means that I’m gonna lose you. I don’t want that to happen because…” His voice trailed off. “Because why, Jeff?” Hannah was becoming irate. “Because… I still love you…” Hannah created an expression of shock and sadness. “Yeah. I still love you. More than anything. You’re so beautiful and sweet. One of the things I love the most about you is that you’re so cheesy, it’s adorable. I need you back in my arms again.”

“Like I said back at the party, if you really care about me so sincerely like you’re saying you do, you wouldn’t have tried to hurt me like that. I can’t trust you after that, and nothing you could ever say or do will make me.—” she pointed to her bathroom “--Now, please get out of my house and never contact me again.” Her voice was filled with gloomy seriousness. Jeff looked like he was about to say something, but he closed his mouth and slowly dragged himself into her bathroom.

Hannah suddenly remembers what he said about her parents. She grabs one of her stuffed animals, a green fuzzy frog with big blue eyes and had its tongue sticking out, for comfort since her cat fell asleep underneath her bed and when she gets woken up when she doesn’t want to be, she gets very angry. Hannah slowly creeps out of her room into the hallway. She reaches her parents’ room and pushes it open a bit. She doesn’t see anything. She pushes it open some more. Still nothing. I probably can’t see anything because it’s dark. She turns the flashlight on the lowest setting, for she doesn’t want to wake her parents. “Mom? Dad?” she called softly. She hears a quiet gasping. “Hello?” Hannah called.

“Help… me…” the voice gurgled. It sounded like her mother.

“Mom…?” Hannah turns the flashlight on the source and sees a grotesquely horrifying sight. Her mother had been stabbed in the back a multitude of times, her jugular vein had been severed, and there were gunshots in her neck. She assumes that the perpetrator had shot her, but she wouldn’t die, so he/she stabbed her. Hannah’s mouth is agape, wanting to scream but all that comes out are tearful wheezes. “Han… nah…”

“Don’t worry, mom,” Hannah assured, weeping, “I’ll call 911. Everything will be all right; I promise!” She plants a kiss on her head. Hannah reaches into her pocket to grab her cell phone, but it isn’t there. “Mom, where’s dad?” She points into their bathroom. Hannah slowly and silently walks into their bathroom and flicks the light switch on. Her father had been shot through his right eye socket. Hannah places her hand on his chest, then her ear to listen to his heartbeat if it was there. It wasn’t. She hovers her hand over his nose and mouth. No breath escapes from either location. Hannah cries as she takes one of her parents’ light purple bed sheets and covers her father with it.

“Mom, are you still hanging in there?” There’s no response.

“Mom…?” Still nothing. Hannah goes over and shakes her a little. “Mom!” Her mother had died as well. Hannah sinks to the floor and begins sobbing wildly. She quickly remembered that she left her cell phone on her bed. Hannah rushes to her room, puts on some dark green pajama pants, and grabs her phone. The door swings shut, seemingly by itself, until Hannah swiftly turns around to see a large man-shaped figure next to the doorway. She turns her flashlight on the medium setting and shines the beam of light onto the figure to reveal the man who had tried to drug her at the party. He began to walk towards her. “Jeff… What do you think you’re doing…? I thought I told you to leave.”

“Oh, you did. It didn’t mean I would though.”

“Jeff… Did you kill my parents?”

“Hannah, no! How could you accuse me of such a thing?” His expression of pseudo-shock was terribly unconvincing. “Well, for one, the only ones in this house are me, you, and my parents. Second, I don’t have a gun or a knife stowed away in my room somewhere. Plus, I could never kill anyone, let alone my parents. So, judging from that, there is only one person,” she explained as she pointed to him.

“Dude, listen to me. I could never hurt my own parents. I love them. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’d be terrible devastated if I lost them. Why would I inflict that pain on someone else who doesn’t deserve it? Then again, no one deserves to have their parents taken from them, especially in such a gruesome manner. Ever.”

“Jeff, if you really didn’t do it, then you wouldn’t have answered me like that.”

“What’s wrong with the way I answered?”

“You flat out said ‘No.’ If you really didn’t do it, you would’ve given me a response that expressed surprise at the fact that they were killed, or dead at all, really. That means that you knew they were dead.”

“Hannah, you’re being ridic—”

“Plus, how do you know if it was gruesome or not? They could’ve been killed in a clean way, such as strangulation. My dad was shot to death; one time straight through his eye socket, and my mom was shot and stabbed repeatedly. Her blood is smeared all over their bed and spattered on the walls. It is literally hell in that fucking bedroom.”

“OKAY, FINE!” Jeff boomed. “I did it! I killed that bitch and that bastard! They had it coming to them!—”

“What do you mean they had it coming?”

“You know that when we dated, your parents never liked me, especially not your mom. She completely despised me. Whenever we would go out and I would walk you into your house afterwards, your mom would cuss at me every time she got the chance. Your dad wasn’t as bad, but he was still a major asshole when it came to me.

Anyway, I snuck into your bathroom, crept out of your room and into your parents’ room, shot that cunt in her chest but she didn’t die. Then, she rolled over and I shot her in the neck quite a few times. She STILL wouldn’t die! I stabbed her and slashed her throat, thinking she’d die just a little faster. As I was wiping that bitch out, your dad ran into the bathroom with his cell phone, attempting to call the police. He actually dialed the number because I heard it say ‘911, what’s your emergency?’ he whispered ‘A man killed my wife, and I’m next! Please send the poli—’ but he never finished that sentence because that was when I shot him—”

“Wait, how come when you shot them, I couldn’t hear anything?” Jeff pulled out the murder weapon and pointed to the extended barrel. “That’s what silencers are for, honey.” Hannah began to burst into tears. “I feel like my whole life is falling apart… What will I do from here?” Jeff looks at her sympathetically and tries to hug her. She hits his hands. “DON’T TOUCH ME! What in the mother of fuck makes you think you can hug me after what you’ve done to me? You must be out of your goddamn mind.” Jeff begins to make crying sounds. “Ugh, don’t even play that shit with me!” Hannah begins to walk out of her room and pulls her phone out of her pocket. “NO!” Jeff yelled as he grabbed her, knocking her phone out of her hand, causing it to fall to the first floor. “You’re not going anywhere!”

Hannah screamed as Jeff lifted her and threw her onto her bed. She rose in a panic and tried opening the window with all of her strength, but it wouldn’t come loose. Upon an alarming discovery, the window had been nailed shut. “Oh…” she moaned in fright, “How the hell did I not hear THAT?!”

“Especially since I used a nail gun. You must be quite a heavy sleeper.” Hannah turned to see her deranged ex-friend and ex-boyfriend towering her. Suddenly, Hannah’s cat jumped out from underneath the bed and latched her claws onto Jeff’s leg and began growling and hissing madly. “OWWW! FUCKING GODDAMMIT!” he shouted as he kicked Snowbell off of his leg. She slammed into a wall on her side, breaking her ribs. The cat was gasping for air as she eventually died. “You just had to kill the fucking cat too?!” Hannah shouted in rage as she made a quick dive in between his legs and rolled out into the hallway. Jeff got out the same knife he had used to stab her mother with and began to chase her.

I just have to run down the stairs to get my phone. If it doesn’t work anymore, then I have to get the kitchen phone and call 911. I can do it; I can make it. I just have to—Her thoughts were halted by a kick in the back by one of Jeff’s steel-toed boots, followed by the edge of the railing of the stairs jamming into her chest as she fell on the 1st step. She swore that she could feel the fractures forming. She could barely move from the excruciating pain.

“Jeff… please…” Hannah beckoned to him weakly. He smiled in that same damn creepy fashion. “Don’t worry, my dear. I’ll help you,” he replied hauntingly. Jeff kicked her right into her vertebrae, fracturing it. His kick sent her tumbling down the spiral staircase. She finally landed on her neck, breaking it. It was a sickening noise that even made a sicko like Jeff’s skin crawl.

Hannah was completely still and silent as soon as she hit the floor. Jeff walked down to check her vital signs. She was still breathing and had a heartbeat; however, her rates were gradually slowing down. “No…” Jeff began performing CPR on her. He was certified, so he knew what he was doing. “Please, no…” He was doing chest compressions 30 times, and then performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. “Hannah…” He repeated this procedure 3 more times; however, it was ineffective. It was too late to save her. Hannah was dead. He held her head and began to cry. He, then, lifted her and set her down gently on the couch.

Jeff walked upstairs to Hannah’s parents’ room. He turned on their main light and saw the body of her mother, laying in a mass of dark and crusty blood. Her eyes were still open, lifeless. He walked into the bathroom and saw the light purple bed sheet over Hannah’s father, stained with the brittle red liquid and teardrops. He stepped out into the hallway at the head of the stairwell, seeing Hannah’s lifeless body on the couch. “What have I done…?”

He slowly and grudgingly walks down the stairs to the couch where he had placed Hannah. “I’m so sorry, Hannah…” he said to her corpse and he was petting her hair. His voice was breaking. “I’m so sorry…”

Jeff sits down and places her head in his lap and begins touching her gray face. He notices a dark purple spot on her chest. Jeff pulls down her shirt to reveal a large and hideous bruise enshrouding her chest. He felt around on the bruise and could feel every individual fracture in her sternum. That must’ve been where she hit her chest. He thinks about when she hit the edge of the railing as he kicked her down. Oh! Thinking about him kicking her, he rolled Hannah over on her stomach and moved his hands down her back, trying to feel how bad the blows really were. In the mid-thoracic section of her vertebrae, he could feel a deep dip in her back. That was where he kicked her the first time. Then, his hands travelled further down her back. Near her lumbar region, he felt another deep dip. That must’ve been where I kicked her down the stairs. He begins to think about that moment. Don’t worry, my dear. I’ll help you. KICK!

A policewoman is speeding in her squad car, sirens blaring and flashing. “Hello, hello. I need some backup on 342 Springville Lane. Over,” she requested into her walkie-talkie. “What’s the problem, Officer Roland? Over.”

“I got a call from a man earlier tonight at around 1:20 a.m. He said there was an armed man in his him that had killed his wife. Let’s hope it isn’t too late for him. Over.”

“Roger, I’ll send back up your way. Over.”

“Roger. Over and out.”

Officer Roland arrived at Hannah’s house 5 minutes later. The backup policemen arrived a couple of minutes after her. She walks up to the front door and hears hysterical weeping. Roland bangs on the door. “Hello? This is the police! We got a 911 call from this location!” She still heard the weeping but no one came to the door. She jiggles the door handle, learning that it was left unlocked. She steps inside to see a distraught Jeff, his torso and neck encrusted with dried blood, sobbing wildly over Hannah’s dead body in his arms: her head in his right arm and her legs held in his left. He was rocking her back and forth in the rocking chair next to the couch repeatedly whispering to her as he was petting her hair, “I’m sorry, Hannah… I’m so sorry… I’m sorry, Hannah…”

Submitted: November 20, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Evaline. All rights reserved.

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I read about 2 paragraphs so far and i can already say it is a original story good job i like it so far

Fri, November 23rd, 2012 12:08am


Thank you. :) It gets better! ;D

Thu, November 22nd, 2012 4:13pm

stranger in the corner

good story, flows well and I liked the prophetic deja vous! only question I have is "What set him off?" mental illness? sadism? he already had rendered one girl unconscious, and felt sick for doing it did he think it would be any different in Hannah's house?

Mon, October 14th, 2013 12:42am


Yes, it brought a few de-ja-vu's to my mind as well! Jeff just wasn't right in the head. He was very obsessive when a girl of romantic interest came about, and he couldn't cope with rejection very well. Hannah was special to him though, which is why he went completely ballistic when she hit him.

Sun, October 13th, 2013 7:17pm

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