You and I

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A beautiful, perfect stranger on the subway...

Submitted: May 04, 2016

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Submitted: May 04, 2016



The iron horse screeched to a stop as I scanned the side searching for the letter "A." Somewhere in the panning my gaze was interrupted and my attention robbed. There stood a blonde beauty lost in her chic clothing and paperback novel. The train doors opened and in we rushed like a school of fish heading towards their meal. 

It wasn't on purpose. I was sat adjacently parallel to her while she continued to absorb the black ink which filled her mind with illustrious imagery. Mine was too, but I owed no author any thanks. It was her that captivated my mind and quickened my pulse. Her golden locks, brown at the roots, fell to her shoulders framing her gorgeous face. A raincoat layered her black shirt and jeans while small rips exposed her knees and trickled down to her white tennis shoes. She multi-tasked as she remained still and wandered endlessly in my mind. 

Hopeless is the one who sees what he wants but can't have. I sat hopeless while reality questioned the what ifs that never seem to manifest themselves into reality. 

Nothing ever really happens the way you plan though, does it? A glimmer of hope. I exited the train and brought her with me in my memory. Strangers, but connected, even if it's for a moment; You and I.

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