What He Do To Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
At the age of six she was raped. A girl with down syndrome, Lila.

Submitted: December 11, 2015

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Submitted: December 11, 2015



Raining tears

as if God is crying

over what'll happen to me.

Storm clouds on pavement

drip drop

drip drop.

Grass blades

razor sharp swords

brave saviors

came too late.

Only six

walking my bike

because Momma said

I'll slip and fall.

Backpack with pink flowers

a smear of mud

from bullies at school.

A man gives me a flower

purple lilac

a face I didn't know

that I know in nightmares.

Rough hands and kind smile

took my bike and helped me walk.

Past the park

away from busy streets

to home.

Momma isn't home yet

the man can come in

hot chocolate for stiff and cold fingers.

Mug in the microwave

man behind me

talking of how beautiful flowers are.

Beep the mug is hot

click the door open

cold hard fingers on my arm

squeezing me red.

Hot mug hits his head

deep grumbly shout

Momma's favorite mug shattered now.

He hit me and pull my hair

red sticky blood on my pretty dress

grabs my head


I'm naked


a dark room

I can't move.

The man come in

big black belt shines.

Sits me up

and sticks his fingers in me

right behind where I pee

where Momma said no one should touch.

Hot face

scream for Momma

takes his belt and hits me

where's my Momma?

He takes off his pants

I scream

he hits me


Siren bright lights in my face

words Daddy used to say

spill from man's mouth.

Silver thing on his hands

pushed into car.

Man in uniform come up to me

he put my clothes on

while lady cleans my face.

"Where's Momma?"

Mess of lipstick and tears

held back by uniform and lady.

Pick me up and hold me

lady take me and Momma to red car.

Momma say

bad man

hit me and rape me.


What's that?

© Copyright 2020 Evangelina Samuell. All rights reserved.

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