Love or Reason?

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This is a very personal poem about how my heart truly felt.

Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



My heart wanders, searching
And when it sees you it runs toward you
And runs into a wall
A wall built by my mind
It says it cannot be
It is hopeless
It says there is no one waiting for me
But my heart sees a glimmer of hope
It even venture to think,
Your heart is searching for mine
And our hearts run towards each other
But run into this same wall
Unable to break through
But our eyes see past
Making a connection our words cannot
Words that are tripped by the bricks of our minds
But the connection is held
Like a rope ladder our hearts can climb
We hope to sit on the wall forever
But our eyes look away
And we tumble back to earth
My heart continues to wander
To hope
To search
For a love that may not be
The truth a toss-up between mind and heart
Between love and reason
Only found by the words that are enslaved
To both the heart and mind
But when will they break free?
Break down this wall
And stop the wandering?

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