Saving Sorrow

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This is a poem that is partially based on a dream that I had. Then it developed into something more Biblical. Hope you all enjoy it! :)

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



A man walks across a field of cold glass, and sees a long road ahead of him. The road looks more like a dark abyss, ready to engulf his soul, and ruin his consciousness. He looks into the abyss and sees a reflection of himself. His reflection is filled with rage, anger, and discontent.

He sees who he is, and what he will become in the future, and it is a bleak, dark life of hopelessness and despair. He walks toward his reflection and says, \"What are you?\" The reflection looks back and says, \"I'm you in this life and another life.\" The Man replies, \"What do you mean? Are you my future?\" The reflection replies, \"I'm you in this life. This is who you are and you can't ignore it. You are full of hate, envy, slander, and wrath. You are also unforgiving and full of despair.\" Perhaps suicide is the answer to this haunting vision.

The Man looks at his reflection in shock and wonders if this is true. He looks away from his reflection and thinks about his past. He wonders if he has ever committed an evil act that would put him in this state of madness. Then he realizes that while he has committed sinful acts, he's never done anything that would make him contemplate suicide. But this reflection is him, and even though he might exist in a different life, it is still him. After these thoughts past through him, he looks at the abyss and turns his attention to his reflection and yells, \"You are the devil!\" His reflection stays calm and crosses his arms to hear the Man state his case. The Man continues to yell, \"You might look like me, you might sound like me, you might even have my life, but you are nothing like me!\"

The Man is out of breath and tries to calm himself. He looks up at the red sky and searches for his savior, but he couldn't find him, and realizes that he is on his own. God is not there.

The endless cold suffocating darkness touches the very depths of his soul. He sees his own reflection laughing at him and says, \"You are a pathetic fool! You can't ignore the truth that this is who you are, and can't escape the evilness that is within you.\"

The Man continues to look at the red sky, searching for God, looking for an answer. But he still isn't there. Slowly the Man starts to accept the fact that he is alone.

Then he saw her, a poor woman, another person trapped in this cruel reality. He saw her beautiful black eyes, her gorgeous dread locks, and the tears streaming down her face. She is on her knees, praying to God for help. The Man yells, \"Who are you? How did you get here?\" The woman was startled. She looks up, and asks, \"Did God send you to protect me? Are you an angel?\" The Man replies, \"No, I'm not an angel, but I'm willing to help you. I can see that you're in pain, and have been suffering as much as I have!\"

Sorrow looked at the Man's face and saw that he was sincere, and that while he was not an Angel, he wasn't a Demon either. She saw something good within the mans soul, something honest and pure. She ran towards him for safety.

As she was running, she saw his reflection. It was the reflection of a man who lived his bleak life in an endless abyss, filled with anger, wrath, and lust. She doesn't understand how she knows this, but at that very moment she becomes afraid and stops running. She is perplexed and confused. She realized she was in hell and didn't know who to trust.

The Man looked at her and said, \"Don't look at him. That's not me. It's something else, but it is not me. It may look like me, it may sound like me, and it might have had my life, but it is not me!\" Sorrow yelled, \"I know, I know! Don't worry, I know I can trust you. I'm just so afraid, because he looks like you. You have to get away from him, he must be a demon!\"

Suddenly, a gust of wind changed the configuration of his reflection. The reflection looked disturbed, realizing that it could not speak. The wind had closed its mouth, and the reflection began to change into his true form. It was not a reflection at all, but a demon who would keep Sorrow from leaving this dark road towards an endless abyss, and entrap the Man for eternity.

The wind continued to blow and revealed that there were more disturbing events occurring around them. Blood covered the land and surrounded the road and looked like an ocean, with people struggling, suffering and dying while its waves washed over them. Sparks and flames of fire happened every second. It was at this moment, the Man realized he and Sorrow were in definitely in Hell.

He yelled to Sorrow, \"Get next to me!\" \"I'll try to protect you for as long as I can, but I have no weapons, no armor, no sword, and God is not here. I heard you praying, but he probably will not answer your prayers and I can only protect you for a short while.\"

Sorrow ran towards him, experiencing all of the pain and suffering around her, grabs his right hand, clenched it hard, and silently prayed to God for help.

The Man wanted to scream at her and tell her that God wasn't there to help. Meanwhile, the reflection, had now become evil incarnate. It was at least 10 feet tall, with 3 heads, 3 arms, and 4 legs.

Its eyes had a red light within them, and its breath smelled like a furnace. It finally dawned on the him that this was it: he and Sorrow were together in Hell, together in the darkness, together in the endless abyss.

Sorrow closed her eyes, praying to God, holding the Man's hand, with tears streaming down her face.

Just as the Demon was about to kill them both, the wind came and created a roaring thunder that could be heard throughout all of Hell. Every creature was startled, even the Demon. Then more thunder came and Hell started to shake and tremble; the red Sky opened up with a ray of light that blinded all the creatures, including the Demon.

The Man and Sorrow could see all that was happening but no one else could. They saw creatures screaming and people in the sea of a blood unable to move or see. Then suddenly the light revealed to them a Rock with a Sword inside of it.

The Man and Sorrow looked at the Rock with the Sword, looked at each other, and then looked at the Rock. The light shone on the both of them, but it didn't blind them. They heard a voice say, \"Go to the Rock, pick up the Sword, and strike the Demon!\"

The Man replied, \"God, is that you? Please answer.\" And God said, \"Yes, it is I! Now pick up the Sword, and I shall purify this world forever. With it's destruction, I will create a paradise for both you and Sorrow!\"

Then the light disappeared, the creatures and the people in the land of blood began to see again. The Man grabbed Sorrow's hand, and ran to the rock. Once there, Sorrow said, \"The Lord answered my prayers!\" The Man replied, \"That's great to know, but I got to focus my strength on this Sword!\"

The man grabbed onto the Sword, pulled it out of the Rock, and struck the Demon with the Sword. As the Sword pierced the Demon's chest, it screamed in pain, and died a slow death. It melted away into the ground, never to be seen again. The Man looked at the Sword and rejoiced. He gave thanks to the Lord. Sorrow was finally filled with Joy and rejoiced with the Man and gave thanks to the Lord.

But the land was still in darkness, and the land of blood was still flowing, some creatures were still roaming, and people were still suffering.

Suddenly, Water came forth from the Rock! The Man and Sorrow were shocked and amazed at its beauty.

The Water began to purify the land. It destroyed the creatures, and the darkness, while putting the people into an eternal state of rest, but they could not go into paradise, because they had not yet earned the right.

Their suffering was over, they were unable to move their bodies, yet they still rejoiced, for their eternal suffering was over.

The Water purified everything: Hell was destroyed and Paradise became visible to the Man and Sorrow.

The Man and Sorrow were filled with happiness, and sang with Joy to the Lord, for he had finally arrived and saved them. Sorrow looked at this paradise, and said, \"This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.\" The Man replied, \"We shall call this our home.\" The fear that had filled their lives was gone; they were at peace in a world of complete bliss.

The Man put down the Sword, said thank you to God.

God replied, \"You have done well my good and faithful servant; I bless your new relationship with this woman named Sorrow!\"

The Man and Sorrow both looked at one another, and kissed each other gently on the lips. And even though her name was still Sorrow, she would feel joy for the rest of her life. And both she and the Man would rejoice with the Lord daily, and give thanks to everything that he would give them.

Then the Man woke up.............

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