The Spirit on the Other Side

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The word window came to my mind so I wrote a short little work here about it.

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



The window is a time warp. This scene is self cloned. The dimensions of time and the world where you reside are not the same. Self is your current expanse of space.

The reflection is like your ghostly self; it follows whatever action you take. Every ghostly expression searches you out. It would come to your location, but you won't distinguish wherever the reflection stalks.

The other side of the window is always the interior and exterior. The interior of a school, a brick house, and even an office. The exterior is of a meadow of a bright green, a tall tree, etc. Your self clone is there. I remember the first time I met this clone of mine as we treaded the same measure to each other. I was five. I didn't realize that hallway was actually that long a way. I came to him while the outside was werewolf darkness. I stared at him, my little pale hand leisurely rising to a hello wave. "Hi, uh, I didn't realize you--"

I gasped at the clone as it mouthed the following words. I backed away, turned, and took off dashing back to where the family crowd was having a blah-blah conversation.

It wasn't till years later when I learned about the reflection. My reflection will sleep, travel, and soon, die with me. Whenever I see it or don't see it. But what could the spirit on the other side be doing when I'm not near a window?

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