Crimson Love.

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about killing (accident) their love.

Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Submitted: September 28, 2014



I smiled as my sword sliced silently threw the air with an ungodly like speed towards a tall blonde man in a black suit. He stood before me his eyes charcoal eyes widened as it came towards him. My sword hit a solid object, it sliced easily through the body in from front of me, a perfect hit directly in the heart. It would have been a great victory. If the one bleeding was that man. Instead standing before me with her bright blue eyes glistening with tears, and her flowing brown curls, was the only person I have ever loved. Everything around me blurred and I could no longer hear a thing. She slid to her knees quietly, my sword still pierced through her chest. Crimson poured from her, It covered everything, including me. I held her in my arms as her life began to slip from her. She pulled me face in front of hers, her face even through red streaks had a smile. I watched her in utter confusion and horror. What had just happened. Then she opened her perfect red lips with a faint voice,

"I'm sorry."

With those two words I understood everything. She loved him. Just as I thought this I heard a heart retching scream from behind her. The blonde man's face was the same expression as mine. He loved her to... He fell to his knees beside her. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear. His faced turned confused as he looked straight at me. Anger raged with in his eyes burning. I knew what she had told him. Don't blame him. Of course he would, just saying not to just made him angrier. He was about to pick up the sliver gun laying next to him when she suddenly turned to me. We both and stared at her. She gave my tight hug with tears streaming down her face as said,

"Good bye. Im sorry I couldn't love you"

I tears flowed from my eyes, washing away the crimson from my vision. The blonde man's eyes no longer only an hint of anger as the rest was replaced by pity. Even worse. I rather he hate me. I pulled her closer, and whispered in her ear

"I will always love you." 

I held her in my arms even after life had faded from her body. She lied there against me, my crimson love.


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