The Blue Buxom Woman

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My childhood city.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



A big buxom woman whose blues and sorrows never cease.

A stubborn woman to tired to die, to dying to live. Her fortunes amassed

from the good and glorious earth itself.

The river like her garb flowing  and vain.  Her prettiness is fading just

like the life within her.


Her children beg to be fed and cleaned. She's to busy attempting

to lure her next prey as the female preying

mantis and black widow.

Yes a Mantis Widow.

She sits solemnly contemplating her every move and breath.

This woman this city so fair .


She's seen her share of dulcet times, 1904 to be exact.

Now for all her vain and aloof ways she sits


The remains of her tenacious character like

 dried bitter herbs  left to long

in the sun.

No use for nothing her only constant companions

belladonna and monkshood.

No this bluestocking will never

succumb to such a despairingly and despised death.

No she will sit and woo her lovers

to her bed chamber and with a rapacious  appetite devour them


Only to wipe the

corners of her

mouth smugly, 



Yes this city will go on the buxom beauty I know as ST. Louis!!!!


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