The Sierra Connors Capers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  No Houses

The adventures of Sierra Connors, burglar, con artist, and thief.

Table of Contents

The Sierra Connors Capers

The further adventures of Sierra Connors, burglar, con artist, and thief. A sequel to "The Wire Mob". Read Chapter

CHAPTER TWO “The Deal” ? Sierra Connors was immediately taken to and held in an interrogation room somewhere on the Fort ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER THREE “Partying with Sierra”? ? The line of limousines were extremely long outside the Thomas Remington mansion, ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER FOUR “Ship in a Storm” ? Sierra Connors sneakily wandered away from the mansion's main room and into the side hal... Read Chapter

CHAPTER FIVE The Document ? The man continued to steadily hold the gun on Sierra Connors. "Look," he said, "if you just g... Read Chapter

CHAPTER SIX “Remington” ? "So, who are you really?" the man earnestly wondered. "Sierra Connors. I'm a free lance thi... Read Chapter

CHAPTER SEVEN “On the Run” ? Sierra Connors hastily exited Thomas Remington's study. She silently walked back up the hall... Read Chapter

CHAPTER EIGHT “Russian Roulette”? ? As Platinum head rouge girl groggily got up, One Ear pressed the gun even harder agai... Read Chapter

CHAPTER NINE “Health and Prosperity” ? When Sierra Connors finally awoke, she had a splitting headache and found herself ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER TEN “The Wimpy Ones” ? Sierra Connors had to laugh to herself. The two agents Alberdine had sent to escort her, l... Read Chapter

CHAPTER ELEVEN “Whirly Bird Rock n’ Roll” ? The Remington party was finally dying down. The beautiful and elite stumble... Read Chapter

CHAPTER TWELVE “Copters and Sunsets” ? Fred Landers put his copter into a steep dive. Tall and Small's copter doubled bac... Read Chapter