I Never Liked Lemonade

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When life gives you lemons… break out the tequila and salt.

Table of Contents

Peace.Tranquility. Metallica.

When life gives you lemons… break out the tequila and salt. Read Chapter

We're Up All Night

“We are going out tonight so you can do the unthinkable and have a drink.” Emma dropped her arm around my shoulder before remembe... Read Chapter

Walk of Shame

‘Why is someone shining a flashlight in my eye?’ I crack open one eye to see what is going on and immediately squeeze it shut again. ... Read Chapter

Working Girl

I love walking down Lorimer St. I think it has to do with the view of the sky. There are not as many tall rise buildings around and today... Read Chapter

Third Times a Charm

  I finally find the restaurant and walk inside. I feel like I am being assaulted by all the color and decorations in this place... Read Chapter

Life Screws Us The Most

Friday night means movie night with Emma; when there is nothing better going on. Which is probably a good thing because I am tired, like ... Read Chapter

Hi, My Name is Al and I Have Cancer.

Emma left about twenty minutes ago after she asked about twenty times if I was alright. I hate crying in front of people. It's not that I... Read Chapter

Eat. Dance. Love.

"Wear the black one." Emma excitedly holds out my black dress; the strapless one... that I will probably never wear in public. I look... Read Chapter