the world as seen through my phone camera

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a collection of short stories about the world as i see it through the lens my mind creates and the lens of my phone camera.

at midnight, i feel safer outside in my neighborhood than in my own bed 
i can see where i'm walking but i can't see the stars or the city and i can relax to my playlist in peace while my parents have a barely audible conversation of ups and downs and gracefully muted scary movies and wind turbine sunsets and houses made of glass unfold like reverse origami in my wishful mindscape.
these strawberry rugburns, the afterhours pool emptied of people, this end of summer. kicking pebbles and watching them bounce soundlessly, looking skywards for satellites. are you awake right now? probably not, because you can keep a straight schedule while I'm spontaneously sarcastic and sardonically shortsighted and sporadically sleepless.
the suburbs seem mundane during the day but at night they become a monochrome maze of a playground of possibilities for my train of thought where my rewired and retired and reinspired ideas are endlessly renewed and repeated into fractured fractals
only to return to a stifling bedroom to sit awake and think about worthless things, wishing i could will or willing i could wish my paranoia away with only the imaginary to keep me company.
that's why in my own bed, i yearn for the outside where i feel safer at midnight.

Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Sir AK87

WoW!what can I say this was a really entertaining read!! Please do me the pleasure and checking out some of my work. Like it love it I know you will.

Wed, September 16th, 2015 5:57am

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