Creations in Constellations (Resplendence in Stars) - 9/9/04

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Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012




Creations in Constellations (Resplendence in Stars)


In the time before the time that is,

When I knew nothing of men or their hungry desires,

I had a pure love, a love of the Heavens themselves.

A child’s wondrous eyes  turned up to the deep purple sky,

So young, yet already able to name all visible constellations.

Orion, the only father figure I ever knew, shining brilliantly

In the glittering vastness above me.

Under his keen eyes, I took the Dog for a walk, played with the bears,

Joined Gemini as a temporary triplet, and gazed at the amazing grace

Of Diana.

Artemis held my hand as we ascended to the moon,

There to behold the breathless beauty of the night sky,

Resplendence reflected in the eyes of the innocent.


Grounded now by experience,

The names and locations of each constellation elude me,

And although I can still stargaze like a centaur,

My feet remain firmly on the ground.

Eyes still filled with wonder, yet invisibly marred

By the years I spent on Earth.

Fly again, I suppose I never may,

But in my dreams I am with the stars, holding them, breathing in their light,

Letting them fall around me, silver raindrops falling from Heaven,

The light they radiate burned out thousands of years ago

And is as impossible to retrieve as my own childhood

When the creations of constellations fascinated me

And I was resplendent in stars.




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