Monster Burning In Flames

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The first poem I ever wrote referring to the trauma I went through. It was hard writing it, and I am sharing it because I believe this is a beautiful poem. Not because of the trauma I went through, but because I was brave and strong enough to get it out and write it down on paper.

Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Submitted: April 12, 2014



A sip of poison;

enough to make the monster fade thin.

Guess life never truly has a meaning,

when all she has is fear of him.

It’s not worth the fight;

to keep living with a nightmare of him there at night.

She wasn't the only one who fell for his games;

to feel like she is walking through Hell and it’s flames…

A horrible mind of hers;

she needs to leave the remorse behind.

It’s hard,

living through guilt and shame.

How could she fall for it?

She only has herself to blame.

Violent thoughts try to come to;

flashing memories of the horrible nightmare she went through.

It kills her,

a broken girl who can’t break free;

to leave and run for the forest of trees;

to get away from what she could have kept away.

She’s not sober

as she remembers how he tricked her into his hideous ways.

It’s not over,

until she knows that Hell has taken him away;

to drown the monster in the flames of his own games;

ones that have put her in unbearable shame.

It will never go away;

it will never die down.

Years will keep passing,

dark nights and depressing days will come around.

She was the victim of his words and actions.

They leave her there to die.



Weakly, she carves these words into stone;

"as the night fades and my eyes go blind,

I will keep pushing forward and erase the monster from my mind.

No more thoughts,

as these are my last words full of mourning,

I will find my true sunlight through the pouring rain.

My future will be full of strength and promising life,

as I die here in the shadows of my shame;

and burn alive with the monster's games.

I will leave behind the rain,

as it drowns the burning flames."



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