When I See Me In Him

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Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



When I see me in him I see everything.

I see my past.

I see what should be my present. 

I see what was supposed to be my future. 

We were everything. 

I was him, and he was me.

But then we separated. 

Well, tried to separate.

"I" had changed to "We", 

We were one.

He was my virus, my addiction.

My infection.

His "Love" infected me, infected me to a point of no return.

I was addicted to him. 

He was addicted to me.

We were fulfilled by eachother.

But as the story goes, this addiction was an unhealthy one.

It became overbearing, but I knew it had to be this way.

I without him would be nothingness. 


We were one, and as we were taught, one is a whole.

I was half, and he was half.

One without the other would be incomplete.

We both started to decrease in value as our rose began to wilt.

The once vibrant red had become an unsavory brown.

I was pushed over the edge.


Tossed over the mahogany railing.

Arms. Twisting.

Legs. Kicking.

Lungs. Screaming.

I crashed. 

He didn't mean it. He just loves you. It's your fault.

I told myself that it was just me.

If I love him more, and treat him better, he'll see how much I love him.

I tried.

Things got worse. 

I would walk with a limp in my step, and cuts on my neck.

I had bruises covering my body.

Just a little more makeup.

People began to question me.

"I fell down the steps."

"I tripped over the banister."


He told me he loves me...

After the broken jaw.

If I just try a little more, I can bring him back to me.

He'll be like he was in the beginning.

We'll live our fairytale.

Our neighbor was looking through the window.




More lies.


He came out on parole. 

I have a restraining order.

I have a piece of him in me.

I see him sometimes.

I see us.

I see we.

I see me.

I see our past.

People ask me how I feel now that it's over.

My response is that it's just begun. 

I would still take it back. 

I still love him.

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