Cocaine addict

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watching someone ruin there life... is hard

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012




I grow wings that you can hear beating,

I play with your emotions.

How much does it hurt to know...

That I will never leave you alone?

Baby or freak that is the game.


100 days in my year.

10 days in your wake,

 At a time.

What is your wish dear?

Normal? Freak?



Call me crazy,

Mark me insane.

But to me...

You’re just another addict,

Of cocaine.


Believe me,

Try to trust me.

Please dear, I’m not all bad.

You just need to see,

The real me.




A time when I was good,

Not bad at all.

You judge me now,

But what if you knew.

The pain I feel -  watching you crawl.


Along the road,

With everyone else.

Crawling back through,

The promises and the good.


But just breathe as you have me.




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