My Wonderful Daddy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My dad is so cruel, how is he my real dad

My Wonderful Daddy

It was that specail day at school today,

the one where you bring your dad in.

where you stand up at the front and say,

"He is my hero, and not just for this day".

Everyone explained who their dad was,

up at the front, something to be proud of.

To explain what he does,

But to my dismay, I could not find the words to say.

How he held me in his hands,

against another cold wall.

To pull me up to stand,

so he could push me straight back down.

Laying on the floor,

hoping that he will just give up.

But hitting me, more and more,

but then he clambers on top of me.

To bring the final wave of pain,

doing something im just to young to understand.

He hurts me again and again,

every night as I lay there and weep.

He pulls down my trousers, skirt or dress,

places his hands on me in such a way.

That he then slots inside, and PRESS!

that placed that has caused me so much pain.

My heart, I think that hurts even more,

for the man that I once knew.

Is now in deep paining flaw,

As his hands keep pressing up and down.

And then as his hands are brought out,

he will sit there and weep.

For he knows that my thoughts are in dought,

that he can never change.

So what do I say,

as everyone is waiting for me to speak.

"My dad has gone astray,

he brings nothing but solid pain.

He hates himself,

but I hate him more.

For I have to store the pain upon the back shelf,

where it re-apears everynight.

As his putrid evil enters me that one last time."

 I said.

Submitted: April 21, 2011

© Copyright 2022 everlastinglove. All rights reserved.

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