Welcome to the Gates of Hells and Truth

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a simple view of hell itself. Nothing much really, a short story that could be composed into something much more.

Submitted: April 07, 2009

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Submitted: April 07, 2009



Every morning I die a little. Letting every moment take me more and more into the fathoms of reality but also into the darkness of truth in which I see everything spread out before me. When I died I knew I was going to hell, my past is filled with multiple wrongs but yet the gates of hell did not seem so much a pair of fiery, fierce doors that everyone talks of, but two arch columns with vines twisting around, the steps are covered in moss from age. These gates deceive you as if you were to enter you would know hell for it a fiery pit of hell with demons encircling any presence with life still swirling inside them. Once these doors close all the thousands of demons in the caverns below stand on their forelegs and stare unquestionably into their prey's eyes until the only being with life inside the cavern becomes engulfed in fear for they know what is going to be of them. All the fiery demons spread their wings and fly up to their prey's eyesight seeing the fear they take up this moment to attack. With claws dripping blood from their past fights the leader says to stop before attacking this being filled with life and fear. Every demon knows that this so called 'leader' has gone on too long with this penitence of peace. He quickly becomes the hunted along with this other human! They quickly realize that at this close distance they can see that this thing not only has life and fear but is a human; with this all the demons become enraged and quickly slaughter this human and their past leader. Within only a few seconds the blood splattered door opens again and not only 1 human but hundreds of humans see only the few demons still standing by the door. The few demons still there are stricken with the first spark of fear that they have felt ever since they were once human.

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