A Final Resounding Call

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When the time finally came to make stand, so few would rise up and resist. A mighty battle fought and won, but a great sacrifice.

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



It is a dark day. No light to shine a way through Shadows. Not a twinkle to cast glance upon this wretched mass. Upon this soiled mound we call our own. To what is there to be expected, but the undeniable and by all means inevitable. Not a hand firm. No holds that last. So to what do we stand upon then? the muck off our own denial and desolation. Too long have we stood aside. Content as all is taken by those who would bring our end. what is the cost if the stagnated existence we dare cling?

No longer can our idle stance continue. There is a greater calling that is yet to be heard. One not yet to be made. But it shall come. Just as this day has. And now, shall we heed? Shall we act upon faint chance? Will there be any who dare oppose? No… none can say they shall. Not alone. Here we stand, the last. The many so few who did yield when instructed. Who stood upon the foundations when tested. The few of many that truth did choose to dawn. Arise this day! No longer bound to optimism nor mysticism. Not to the tyranny that would have us all fall to our knees!Not to the lies and false dreams. But to the truth and faith alone.

Be it a hard truth that would prick our hearts. One that would stand side by side. Arm in arm in unity for this cause. Let not our days be troubled, for now we go. To the gates of our enemies and shout proclamations. This is no longer yours but ours. Given now claimed.

Look there now. The glass of all memory. The glaring masses abound seemingly endless. I see not but a number. So with the fire in our hearts we stand as a mighty force. Let it burn without restraint as we go forth.

Here the call friends, for it shall be the last. Let it bring upon high places. To where we belong. Let that old trumpet resound through the ages. Let it shake the very foundations!

Let it be this day, that not as martyrs, but selfless sacrifice. Standing steadfast. For Victory is yours now. Take it now without hesitation. Our enemies will know our might. Take up not just your weapons, but the promise fulfilled. On to the last hour and our own end. For our fathers father and those that came before.

For this day we are one.


A call was made that swept throughout time itself. Though not all would hear. Be it ignored or never even heard. It has been a resounding call. One not yet heard. But now at last has come. But as to those left behind…



The days have grown dark and cold. Beyond the frigid wind pressed against our backs we are all but numb to what surrounds us. The darkness that looms is not only in the skies but in our hearts. We are adrift, cast off from all we once known. Now we march south across this barren waste land. Upon the soiled ground we tread, turnt soft by unshed tears.But it was the scarlet rains that had the greater toll.Our trudge,a forced retreat from immeasurable odds, feels as bitter as it is liberating. Maybe its was because of the ceaseless chaos that our lives had become. At some point it had to come to an end, perhaps just not the way expected. No longer were we bound to remnants that we so desperately clung to. We are free from our pain, misery, hope, from this... plague. But we shall never forget the cost of deliverance. What was lost, sacrificed, given willingly for our survival. It won't be something retold through history, not even whispers will be heard even by those who witnessed such sacrifice. Why would they? It not something that can be understood or experienced in mere words, to do so would be vain, pointless. We are the living testimony, though us they are remembered, only through our actions do we honor them.

They cannot reach us here. Beyond the edge we have stepped. Gone where no other can follow, to a place we yet know. to have no more pain nor sorrow. Every step taken will become harder, a true burden we all must bare. Cast off our arms, shields, and mail for light they are in comparison. Some might garner the idea of laying down and accepting our far gone fate. It would appear fear still lingers even if danger shall not follow. But what do we have to fear now? It matters not, for he is nigh, the gate open; and I shall no longer remain.

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