He Is My Thirst

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Don't you just love the night? It makes you want tear into the flesh and take it all. This is me, and he is mine.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



I'm surrounded and there's nothing I can do.
My breath is shallow and my vision is blurred.
I can't move, my limbs nothing but dead.
Will there be anyone to save me this time?

I picture him in my mind,
The one who I call mine and mine alone.
The shadows engulf the last light from the trees.
I take one last breath before closing my eyes, forever...

The burning in my throat pulls me forth,
Summoning the increasing strength I feel coarsing through my body.
I open my eyes, the bright lights shine down on me.
It hurts, but now I am alert.

I lift myself from the soft velvet bed.
My feet hit the soft, cold floor.
I walk to the door, smelling the "Forbidden."
I open the door where he stands.

"Ah, awake, you are?"
I leap at him, feeling and undying urge to take him.
The urge is boiling under my skin!
I feel it in my mouth, beckoning me to take the first bite.

Jumping away, back into the room, I confine myself.
Does he not know of this? Of what I've become?
"Come back out, please," he urges.
My still heart is all but pulling me forwards.

I open the door again, his face gentle and calm.
"I don't want to hurt you," I whisper, knowing it's a lie.
He shakes his head and chuckles.
"Try me." He opens his arms....and I attack.

A dark, rainy day descends.
Perfect for the black day I have created.
Another dead because of me.
How foolish of me to do such a thing.

But the urge to slip my teeth into that person,
To take away, to make it mine
It shall never go away, nor do I want it to.
What a terrible monster I am.

I walk away from the black marble casket
Wanting to walk away from everything.
The burning only stops for so long.
I must run from here, if I am to not be caught.

An arm snakes around my waist.
Feeling the warmth, the delicious delicacy so close,
I turn around to face him.
He smiles down at me, his fangs shining under the high moon.

"Are you ready, my lady?" He says softly.
I melt into his embrace and nod my head slowly.
He takes my hand in his, feeling the blood boil between us.
I hold back the movement of my sharpened teeth.

He still knows and stops me there.
"Don't hold back," he breathes on my neck.
And I don't. The tearing of flesh rings in my ears,
Making me engulf the fear and wanting altogether.

He strokes my hair, then pulling me to him.
I obey, but after the hunger dies, I am released.
I beckon him to come to me now.
He shakes his head, his eyes bright with wanting.

I pull him to me roughly.
"Don't hold back," I say, biting his lip softly.
He shakes under my influence, I have him.
He whisps my hair away and melts into my skin.

The pull of the blood makes me limp.
His hands holds the back of my neck softly.
A moment passes and he releases me.
I smile up at him and he does the same.

Taking my hand gently, he bows.
"Shall we go then, my lady?"
I pull him back up and growl at him.
I play with his hair, so dark and soft.

"We shall, my knight," I purr.
Hand in hand, we walk the night.
I feel alive, the moon being my guide.
With him by my side, I will make the world mine.


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