I Won't Get Over You

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As I said on my last Booksie page, this is a song I made up a long time ago and I want to share it with you! Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Have you ever had those days
When you just can't look away?
He's standing next to you
But what do you do?

Even though there always seems
To be no other way.
I'm gonna let it show 'cuz you know
There's something new..

You and me together.
Once, twice, forever.
Can you make up your mind about me?
Would you please tell me that you love me?

But I know it's not true..
But I can't get over you.

(small music solo)

I know we've had those days
We couldn't look at the other.
You and I went our ways,
You said it's time for another.

But I can't help feel
That there was something more.
You and I knew it was real
But you left out the door..

So here it is
All your goodbyes
I want to be in his arms
The ones that I called mine.

We've been through it all.
You held me when I cried.
Then you left me to fall.
And it felt like I just died..

Here's what I can't do..
I can't get over you.
(small music solo)

So here I stand, all alone
I want to be with you
A place to call my home
But what else can I do?

I've tried with all I had
But I guess that you moved on
It just seems too damn bad..
'cuz I miss you when you're gone..

(small music solo)

It's your change of heart
Your change of mind
When you split us apart
And you left me behind

Why couldn't you see
When you slammed that door
You're a part of me
Why couldn't I be more..
(small music solo)

Please listen to me now
Before I have take the bow.
Here's the thing that's true..
I can't get over you. <3

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