My Undying Lust

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Another random, romance poem of mine...hope you enjoy! Feedback would be nice! Sorry if it's a little lengthy.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



I breathe in the smell of white roses.

They flow down the slopes and bare lands.

I would smile...if only it could stay this way.

When I wake up, will you be gone?


The pain and pleasure of him,

It's all coming back to me.

When you took me in your arms,

I did nothing but lay my head back.


It pained you, I know,

But I want to stay here forever.

I want to change for you and only you.

Don't you want that the most, too?


The groan of agony turns me back to you.

Your eyes plead for me to leave.

I turn away, wondering if this is right.

I look back to him and whisper "Please."


His eyes turn black, the darkest in the world.

I've got him now, and he has me.

His hand grabs my neck,

And whisps away my cascading hair.


The sharp instant your bit hit,

I held back a gasp of pain.

I had to hold on, knowing I was yours.

It will always be the mark I shall cherish.


Releasing me, you back away,

Eyes yearning, begging for more.

I feel the cold swarming my body.

My breath is shallower as I slip to the ground.


It beats against my heart rapidly.

Yet you still keep your distance?

I need, I year for you comfort.

I bow my head, feeling dizzier.


A hand, warm and soft, wraps around mine.

I turn to look at your iridescent skin,

Making me shiver more.

You smile, and I know you're here to stay.


The pain subsides and you lift me up.

I am restless with this new body.

My throat burns and I eye his nervously.

I make eye contact for a second before he nods.


Plunging into your neck was sheer bliss.

I pushed away the urge to tear away skin.

You are mine, and I am yours.

I forced myself away, calming my breath.


You wait, patient as ever.

I close my eyes, feeling the burn pass.

Your lips press hard on mine,

Which throws us to the ground.


I smile in delight, wrapping my arms around you.

"You are mine, and I am yours," I say.

He smirks at me and growls softly in my ear.

"Forever and eternity," he whispers into the night.

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