Regret The Future

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A dream can be a dangerous thing. Sometimes keeping it to yourself will only bring you....REGRET.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



The chilling air runs across the water.

I follow it, leading me to where you are.

Leaves rustle and run in front of me, showing the urgency.

I must get to you before it's too late.


My pace quickens, brushing against the tall grass.

An owl sings its haunting warning of night.

And my time is growing short.

Where are you, and why did you go?


The wind carries a message piercing right through my heart:

"Time, time, time...Dies,dies,dies."

I sprint forward, heart racing, so scared.

Trees scratch my arms and legs, singing fiercely.


Now I begin to yell and scream.

Wanting you to hear me. calling you back.

Why won't you come? Why am I alone?

The wind whistles high in my ears.


My foot snags against a root and I fall.

My hands slide on sharp pickers and hard wood.

The smallest moan escapes my lips, but I can't stop.

Getting to my feet, I move forward again.


I see a light ahead as I shiver against an oak tree.

Onwards I trudge, knowing my time is all but gone.

The light swings back and forth, a lantern I see.

You left with a lantern before walking away!


I run with my remaining strength and call out to you.

"Stop, wait! I'm here to get you brother. Come back!"

The lantern swings, but I'm getting closer now, almost there.

It's hanging on a branch, swinging in the howling wind.


I look up to find my brother's hand-built tree house.

He made it just for him and I.

I look in horror as I see him, his eyes glossy, his skin pale.

The rope around his neck leaving a purple shadow in the light.


I was too late and I sunk to the ground.

Why didn't I stop him? Why didn't I tell him of my fortelling dream?

His fall could have been stopped, the rope gone.

We would have been able to see each other and smile.


I was at fault here, no one could deny.

I was the one who could see what was to come.

His gaze, up to the darkened sky, crushed my heart.

I don't know what to do, where to go...


His hand held something, something I had lost a long time ago.

I screamed, tears falling rapidly, my body shaking.

I look into the stuffed teddy-bear's eyes he had given me for my birthday.

I can't do anything...nothing but regret the future.

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