Why Did You?

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Nothing hurts more than heartbreak...even if you're supposed to be over that someone.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



There isn't much I can say to you.

All I know is I tried my best.

You left me with more than a tear or two.

If only this anguish could be put to rest.

What can I say? You're over me.

But there's still that secret smile you give.

It doesn't help that you share it with three.

But I know that I'll be able to forgive...

I hate how you make me feel,

But today went over the line.

I can't believe that was real.

How you asked her to your "Mine."

In front of me you stood,

Feeling happy with yourself.

I never ever understood

Your feelings, up on a dusty shelf.

Find someone happy, I hope you do

But don't come near me, no problem there.

Maybe, one day you'll see things through.

Live a life, easy as breathing air.

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