You 'nd I

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I made this on a whim. It expresses my feelings and shockingly, a little from a dream. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Your tears and my tears are one.
I want you here with me
And I know you want the same.
So why did you leave so suddenly?

You worried me with your eyes all read
What you said left me startled and frozen:
"I can't make you cry like this anymore.
You should leave me here alone."

I shook my head no, my eyes holding no tears.
And you ran right off my porch,
Not telling me where you'd go
Or what you would do.

When I came back to my senses,
I thought about what had been said.
What were you going to do?
....You left me here alone....

I asked all around, on where you went
But the replies they returned
Were all the same:
"I don't know. Why should I care?"

I scolded everyone one of them and returned
"You care because it's another living being!
They live for a reason, the same as you!
Going around with your shame is pathetic."

I run everywhere, the oak tree where we daydreamed,
The lake where we swam and laughed,
The woods where our secrets were told,
Even the diner where we ate and sang.

I don't see you anywhere
And now I become worried.
I need to know you're okay
That you won't leave me ever again.

It's late now, way past curfew.
I know I must return home before the police wander the night.
My heart yearns to know where you are.
Have I lost you now so soon?

The night is cold, but I don't care.
Snow gently falls around me.
I stop to look up at the dark sky.
I miss you so please come back

A tear escapes my eye before I can stop.
My chest tightens at the feeling
I walk home, not wanting to
But there is no other choice.

The street is bare, no one in sight.
I climb the hill that we rode our bikes down,
Laughing and screaming with the wind in our faces
I want you here with me
And I know you want the same.

I wish I had a light to guide me.
I wish I had a light to guide you, too.
I see my house light shining
And my heart becomes heavier.

I did my best, I really did.
Streams of tears fall now
And I hold back the breaking sobs.
I must be strong because I promised you.

I am closer to my home
But I see the breath of someone
Sitting on my porch step.
I stop, squinting, to see.

The figure stands, tall and lean.
I don't dare hope...but I take a few steps more.
The shadow moves, coming my way.
My heart can't help but thump loudly.

He comes closer, almost running.
My legs don't dare move as I wait.
His legs, so long. His hands held in his coat pockets.
His movements so soft, and smooth.

He stops in front of me.
I don't dare breath, afraid of what could be said.
"I'm stay," he said.
And he comes closer, inches away from me.

My arms and legs shake as I wait.
I don't know what to say, what to do.
His expression is sad, hoping.
I take a breath and whisper what I want:

"Don't leave me alone...please."
His face stays still and the world is quiet.
He takes that small step towards me
And rests his head on mine.

"I won't leave you alone. Promise."
He wraps his arms around me
And I let out my cries
And so does he.

Your tears and my tears are one.
I want you here with me
And I know you want the same.
We have a along way to go, but we will do it together.

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