When he was five

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Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



When he as five, he was a mysterious king. He sang songs in unknown languages. His huge empire was the couch and pillows. His magnificent throne was the highest point of his empire, made from the chair and pillows. He ruled his empire as a dictator. He punished his servants, killed the pillow servants. He attacked faraway places. He took their property and used it to expand his empire in the living room.

After kindergarten every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he went with one of his family members to a restaurant. He went to the same restaurant so often that the waiters knew him by face. He always took sausages with French fries. The ends of the sausages were cut into fourths. When he sat at a table, they said, "Your usual?" After three hours of Russian school, he came home and said one thing, "May I?" His mom nodded, and he set off for the living room. There he took three pillows from the armchairs and the remote from the television. He placed the pillows in a corner of the sofa. He was protected. He turned on the television and changed the channel to his favorite: Cartoon Network. After one hour of television break, he set off to do his homework while his mom was cooking.

Every Saturday he went with his friends Evelina and Masha to explore. They were all from the same neighborhood. They went to the depths of the wild forest. They talked about life. Almost always they went to the roofs. The roofs were the roofs of hundreds of garages. Behind Masha's house was a yard. Around the yard, a fence stretched. In one place the fence was broken, and Masha, Evelina, and he slid through the hole and onto the roof of one of the garages. There they were birds flying through the sky. The yard was at roof level, and the garages were three to four meters high.

On that roof, they joked around and laughed at how everything was so small. They joked how their teachers did dumb things. They jumped and did cartwheels. One day one of the owners of the garages saw them. He shouted at them until they disappeared through the hole. They came every Saturday to discuss different parts of their life.

While his older brother Ilya played on the computer very often, he thought he would never play a computer game or enjoy anything like that...

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