Just a little poem I made up on the ferry to Dover the other day.

Sitting on the ferry

As I often do

I'm just popping over

To spend an hour or two


I'll pay into the bank

The money I owe

I'll whizz round the shops

I'll dart to and fro


And then back on the ferry

Everyones munching

Its 1.25

I suppose people are lunching


A lady in pink

with her mobile phone

her mother is old

and she's off on her own


An old Irish couple

Sitting in the corner

He's reading the sun

Looks like little Jack Horner


His wife looks so sweet

So Irish and homely

Her hair is still black

but her husband looks lonely


He places his phone

on the table before him

Not really sure

If anyone will ring him


Old lady back

to her daughter in pink

with a book about Bruges

Thinks shes on a cruise


O h how I love the people I see

Milling together

on the Car ferry


Submitted: November 01, 2011

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