November blues

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ashort story about my husband who is always on the computer.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



So there you have it. A cold november afternoon and daylight is fading fast. My husband is up in his study marking exam papers.The clock ticked on and there wasn't a noise in the house. The girls hadn't come home that weekend and I'd been working at the creche. I was 50 but still phyically in good shape except for an extra kilo or two around my waist. I could easily pass for 45.

I didn't see much of my husband at all. I'd hear the door go and he'd dash upstairs. Coffee Dear or something stronger I'd shout. A whisky perhaps. He wasn't the most talkative person on the planet but Iknew that before I married him. We'd been together for 8 years before we got married and I always thought that his shyness would somehow disappear when we married but it seemed to get worse.

He was mad about guitars and not just any old guitars but ukeleles. He'd buy and sell them and he loved displaying them on the shelf in his study. He was a real fan of ebay and loved the excitement I suppose. I always thought he'd like to jack in his job and become a vendor in a music store. He said that if I could become the breadwinner he'd give it all up and set up his own guitar shop in the high street. I kept wishing that something better would come along. A better job, a winning lottery ticket. But it never did and probably never would.

I'd take his dinner up on a tray and knock on his door. Thank you dear he'd say. Very kind of you. I'll be down in a minute. Sometimes I could hear him strumming away on one of his little ukeleles. What did I do. I liked to play scrabble online. I met all sorts of people. People from Malaysia, India, Australia, China, Scotland. I always chatted to them because I liked to chat. Missed talking to people since my daughters had left home and my husband had become an Ebay addict. So there was Idownstairs on the computer talking to all and sundry and the old man upstairs bidding on his ukeleles.

I kept thinking that this situation couldn't last for long. One of us would get fed up with Scrabble or Ebay. Who would be the first to throw the computer out of the window and go anddo something more worthwhile instead. This situation seemed to go on ad infinitum. I'd be downstairs playing scrabble, he'd be upstairs bidding on Ebay. Hours turned into days and days into weeks. One day I woke up and switched on my computer. My head was full of words. I was so very excited about a seven letter word that I had dreamt about. Gulped down my coffee and waded through my cereal. All of a sudden I noticed that I hadn't spoke to my husband in quite a while. Could be a day or a week or even a month. Oh I thought. Coffee dear I shouted or would you like something stronger. NO answer. Maybe I should take a little peep into his study. He had a futon in there and would often just crash out after an exhausting session on Ebay.I opened the door and couldn't move as there were so many ukeleles lieing on the floor. Stacked up so high that you couldn't even see the furniture. Some of them were in cases, others in boxes. Other were wrapped up in towels. There were so many different coloured ones. Some of them were lovely. They were like little toys but they weren't. Dear I shouted are you there. No reply at all. The computer was on his Ebay page. Danny D seller of ukeleles 100 per cent positive feedback. Where is he I thought. I looked everywhere and all I ever found was his clothes all lieing round. The EBAy goblins will get you if you don't watch out.

The alarm went off. It was time to get up and go to work. I looked at my husband snoring and wandered what kind of day we both would have. Who knows.

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