Dark Fairytales Arise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poems that twist up fairytales in a nightmarish way. Part of my fairytales collection of poems. It walks you through tales and puts you in the story.

Welcome to my fairytales
Where you see the burning flesh
The true beliefs within our society
This is where the gods never crept

Down to the cryptic mile
Where the tombs of heaven and hells’ war unfolds
Look through the coffins to see the faces
Deformed and twisted as alive but in death
You could turn to run
But by the end you’ll push forward
Because your interest is stronger than your fear

Welcome to my fairytales
Where Snow White has died in her sleep
The place where princesses never find there true loves
Because the princes die in defeat

You’ll find what you see is more true
Love doesn’t conquer all
And evil sometimes comes through
The forests are never green but dark
While the enchanted fairies have been replaced
By the evil sprites that tear up your face

Welcome to my fairytales
The dead are tortured here
Demons cry while devils morn
The truth is finally revealed

Walking down you see a house of candy
Running to eat the glorious treat
This story I know is old but wicked
But this witch made it become twisted
Because when you the candy you gag
The witch comes out and snickers with glee
She thought this ending out for you
Poisoning her house with arsenic
You never expected for this to come
Now you lay in the stove that is so warm

Welcome to my fairytales
Where evil gets the last laugh
I’ll revive you for another go
Let’s see where you go next

This next house you approach looks safe to stay
A place where you sleep away
Entering this house you smell food
You walk into the dining room and spot porridge
The smell seems to enlighten your senses
So you devour the porridge and stop your famishing stomach
Growing tired upstairs you creep
You find a bead when you decide to sleep
In an hour you are awake
A ferocious bear devours you like you did his porridge

Welcome to my fairytales
Where safety has vanished from here
One mistake will end your life
If you’re lucky it is just quick

Welcome to the nightmare of the three little pigs
They have all seem to be missing
But peaces of there houses are still seen
The wolf that is on the loose is no where in sight
It seems as if he enjoyed his entrée
And left for his next meal
You walk along the way
To discover a small cottage
A quaint little place where grandma might stay
You stop to visit and no one is home
Turning to leave you are stopped by great big teeth
The wolf has you trapped in the corner by the door
You swing but arise amiss
And then are straddled to the floor
He brought with him a knife
You see he is the divine kind
He won’t eat in one bite
He’ll carve you up and enjoy his find

Welcome to my fairytales
There is no way to win
Escape is the only true thing kind
So run to the hills this is your last time to die

Enough of this you decide
You turn and run to make a great escape
Passing Snow Whites crypt
And where the dwarves lay
They begin to awake around the graves
Chasing you to create your dieing day
Passing all you have seen
This time not stopping to gaze
Because the dead never rest now
They all just continue to rise
Its time to escape this dark fairy tale
The gates you see are now in clear site
You see in a frantic they begin to close
Knowing that it will trap you inside
If that happens you will permanently die
You make it to the gate in time
Leaving the dark fairytales behind

Welcome to my fairytales
Where you leave behind what fear you trapped
The horrors of past yesteryears
This is where Dark Fairytales Arise

Submitted: September 28, 2006

© Copyright 2022 Evil Jesture. All rights reserved.

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william mcnear

I really love this poem of yours, i bet it took a long time to write it for it is that clever.

Tue, August 9th, 2011 2:19am


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