Heaven and Hell

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A poem that describes the world that we live in and how we may think of it. The world is depicted in more of a dark idea than most and just blunt honest

Submitted: September 27, 2006

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Submitted: September 27, 2006



Take a walk in the shadows
Look in the flames of others eyes
You never expect its coming
Never once asking why
Walk to the hills of the heavens
To find the way to the gates of hell
Take a stroll
To the gate keeper
Then walk through the fiery opening
And find your way to the devils side
Then ask him about the betrayal of human kind

Heaven isn’t as far as you think
And hell is even closer
To find the truth you must cross a path
A path to the other side
Where all you see is ghostly images
And true horrors are everywhere to find
Be careful what you are looking for
Because what you find you may not like

What I found is true to me
But in the same way it may not be true to you
I discovered that there is no heaven
What we walk in is our living hell
Where living in hells circus
Look here comes’ the demon clowns
Look at the devil ringleader
His smirk is scarier than any ones frown

We created the world we live in
Its ether Heaven or its Hell
We ether live in fiery inferno
Or climb the hill to Heavens path
We think we aren’t the ones who choose
But where you go depends on how you act

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