The Legend of the Wolf

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The poem is about the life of someone who sees life in a differnt perspective. Hates the life that he lived even thow he was always known as a hero to others. This is how he comes to terms with his fathers sins and how he suffers its pennance. And in the end about falling inlove and sacrafice for that love.

Submitted: September 27, 2006

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Submitted: September 27, 2006



Walk alone
On this lonely path
A legend born
The same as one dies

A knife to wrist
Is the same as to ones throat
It never mattered
Which way you put it
Still someone dies
When the blade slides
Across the veins

A legend born
legends die
At the day
When the rivers dry

Over encumbered
By what we face
We turn to heroes
To save the day
The sad story is
Heroes sometimes chooses
That on this day
They rather lose

End it at this time
When the hero fades
Once a crowning legend
Now not mentioned again

The intro of this
Is the story I now unfold
This is the story
Where the heartache is met
To where the dead came
And how the wolf was laid to rest

A cryptic mind he is
Told of what life brings
Brought down by the demons
That of the past came

The legend is old
And the truth us sinister
How the wolf came to play
And shot down on the spot

Damage plan
Committed to death
Avenge the great hand
Now listen to the tale
How a hero was born
Born under order
To where committed to all
The legend of the wolf
Is a story now to be told

Welcome to a child
Where born under fear
Raised to hate
At the same time to know
Tears for the pain
That his father once committed
That now one day he will see
Penance for his fathers sins

Learned the trade
Of the falling blade
Learned the cons
That were taught from start

To believe in faith
Was to believe in hate
To believe in love
Was to commit a sin
To believe in wrath
Was a way to pray

The way was life
Full of pain and hate
Never knowing what to come
If it was your final resting day

In time he saw
The truth of his fathers lies
A young wolf born
A wolf bread to die

The days went past
And sins were committed
To feel all the pain
Never came close to penance

Look through the glass
On one fatal cry
The cry of hatred
Gods last lullaby

The story continues
Where he saves the day
Then betrayal
By a jackal
That pushed him away

Life continued
Cold hearted
All drugged up
The hero was gone
Dropped dead
To his lonely grave

Then one day
He was brought back to life
From a fair kiss
That never felt
Just made him alive

His heart came
That was never there before
And made him stay
Wanting to feel more

He waited and gained
Love growing through days
To find out the heroes need
To save the damsels day

But to tap into the old
Was to take away from the new
A horror of irony to him it seemed
But to save his love
He must do

But at this age
He finally sees true penance
For his fathers sins
Of the past committed

Upon his face
While also on the floor
Forever he does see
The end of the legend

He sees his heart open
Then stapled shut
As he sees her cry
He drops his knees to the floor

Is the pain really worth
All that he has to end up
Call upon the lies of what we are told
To fill up the heart of cold
To commit an act so bold

He looked to his love
Kissed her gently on the lips
"I will forever be yours
And protect you from
Whatever hell brings."

But the penance he sees
Is stronger than he
What shall he do
To save his love from the past

He walks away
And drops the old blade
Looks into the mirror
And states his old name
A hero once died
Then came back to life
A legend reborn
To one day he put
back to deaths awake
And to his love
All he knows

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