The Alia

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Three entities discovered earth on their journeys and were fascinated by the human race. But when they get bored they decide to introduce the Alia.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Soon after the earth was created three entities discovered the newly formed planet and the creatures that by that time inhabited it. These entities were immediately fascinated by the human race and began to study them. It was not long before the entities judged the humans to be an imperfect race, monotonous at best, and left earth behind. One of the entities, however, had been more interested in this imperfect race, finding it amusing, and suggested that it and its companions alter the race, perfect it. This proved impossible, yet the entity did not give up and suggested an alternative. It had observed humans to be very impressionable and suggested that they – the entities – create a race that would ultimately alter the humans. Its companions agreed that the humans would easily be swayed by their own kind and each set about to create a being that would influence a change.

The first entity walked among a human community for some time and heard many express their adoration for the other creatures that roamed the earth and they wished that they could take form of these creatures and live as them. So the entity created the Aliud, a being that could change its form at will, but it had to live as its chosen form for a time, eating, sleeping and hunting or forging as the creature it masquerades as for one moon cycle. It is unknown what the true form of the Aliud is but it is suspected to be human as the being had to be able to appear to humans as one of their own.

The second entity encountered humans that were crueler, humans that reveled in the pain and fear of others, humans that whispered to their companions at the dead of night about their fantasies to rule over others, to be more powerful, that they wished to bathe in the blood of their fellows and be feared beyond all else. This entity, being crueler than its fellows, stole such a man from his bed one night and took him to distant ice lands where it could work in peace. The entity broke the man and reformed him, changing his figure, instilling in him strength and evil and a charisma to tempt his victims with; for this being would be one that relished in murder and rape. When the entity had completed its being, the Diabol, it realized that the skin of the being, which was at its core human, had become blue from the cold. The entity admired this and decided that the Diabol required a calling card, and this was it – the Diabol’s victims would glow with a blue hue after death. The entity, being a being of some logic, knew that humans would not fear what they trust and decided that the Diabol required a form that would terrify its victims. After much thought the entity fell upon the form of a large wolf, one that would stand on two legs, not four; this inspired by the tales of creatures called “werewolves” that the entity had heard many humans of whisper with fear. The Diabol was the most fearsome of the beings to be created and the entity was pleased.

The third entity had immersed itself in a community of humans that were unhappy with their lot. Disguised as a human itself the entity befriended artists, writers, musicians and actors alike, and soon found that these humans were as bored of their race as the entities were. They wished to be more beautiful, more talented, more exotic. They wished to know all there is to know and many wished to be able to captivate the minds of their peers, enchant them and scare them by revealing to them the beauty of the world and their own imaginations. These humans fascinated the entity, who could delve into their minds and make them reveal their deepest secrets to it. So the third entity created a being to live within such community and take it to new levels. The Dementari was a being of perfect beauty that would excel at whatsoever it did, be it act, write or compose. This being also had the ability to enchant whosoever it chose to entertain; drawing its audience into the world or emotion it chooses to create. But this being had a dark side. The entity was one that believed that for everything there was an opposite and that a balance had to exist. Hence the Dementari had to sustain the beauty that it possessed as well as its power. And so the entity made it that the Dementari had to feed off the humans it bewitched, sustaining itself with human blood. This created a balance – the Dementari would give humans joy and enchant them with beauty and mystery and in turn the humans would feed the Dementari with the life force that flowed through them.

Once each entity had created their perfect race they met and admired each other’s work. Together they breathed life into each being, a life that would last longer than that of a human but not forever. That breath also held a measure of the entities’ own strength, speed, agility and intelligence. But this was a very small measure, the entities did not wish for their creations to surpass them. And when the three beings had stirred the entities touched them and made these perfections fruitful so that they may breed and populate the earth alongside the humans, all the time slowly driving this infantile race toward maturity. But the beings were also given the gift of tainted blood, a gift that would allow each of the creations to create another like themselves, saving them from breeding with the humans and creating imperfect spawn. And with that the entities sent their children into the world.

But flaws began to manifest themselves and the entities’ plans soon went awry, as such things often do. The beings, who quickly became referred to as the Alia, discovered that their gift of tainted blood was not limited to one human and that all the beings spawned from this gift possessed it too. Human qualities began to show themselves within the races. The Aliud quickly became proud and possessive of their gift of change and withdrew from society, forming packs in the wild, often resorting to violence and murder to keep their secrets. The Diabol, created from the essence of a man that would have become a serial killer, soon became a force that terrorized both the humans and its fellow Alia, killing without thought or remorse, the Diabol soon ruled much of the earth’s people. The Dementari however, became neither possessive nor evil. They withdrew into the human world and lived quietly there, quickly establishing their own governments and laws. The Dementari’s expansion soon came to a halt as they realized that it was detremental to their well-being; the humans had begun to fight back against the Alia, killing any they discovered. Yet the chaos that the Alia created was not easily stanched; they multiplied quickly and some humans sought the Alia out, seeking their gifts. Wars broke out and the world was thrown into disarray as humans fought the Alia and the Alia fought amongst themselves; the Aliud for secrecy and the Diabol for power. The Dementari tried to avoid conflict, immersing themselves in the artistic community they were inspired by, a community that hid them willingly because of the gifts they possessed.

The first two entities, baring no compassion for humans and very little for the Alia they had created, left the world to its wars and soon grew uninterested in their spawn, no longer caring whether they fulfilled their purpose and so it was not long before the entities abandoned the earth in search of other wonders. But before the third entity, who had grown fond of the race it created, left the earth to its woes they'd created, it formed in secret, a fourth being. Being one of logic, the third entity carefully created this fourth being so that it would not become like the first three – Azrael, as the entity would be named, was not to create a race but exist as an individual. Her purpose (Azrael was always to be female) would be to bring the Alia under control, culling the races and taming them so that the balance would be restored. She was created to be born as a human, not aware of her gifts until the time arose for her to do her duty. Azrael would not bear children once she had embraced her path or pass her gift to another but rather, when her duty was done, Azrael would return to her human form and bear a child and when that has come to pass she would die as a human does after a long life and the child would become the carrier of the gift and pass it down until it is needed for Azrael to rise again. The third entity breathed life into Azrael, giving her strength, intelligence and wisdom, as well as compassion. Disguised as a human the third entity seduced a human and placed the seed of Azrael within her then hid her from the world so that the child could grow quickly. When Azrael was born the entity disposed of her mother and taught the child itself until she could fend for herself. Then the entity left and never returned.

Azrael worked swiftly and met an early death, but not in vain. The Alia had understood the power of this being that was so like them yet so different and quickly grew to fear its return. Calm returned to the world and the Alia soon vanished from human knowledge, becoming nothing more than stories they told their children, and even those soon died. The Alia still remained but quietly, drawing little attention to themselves; only the Dementari thrived as they had before Azrael’s purge, their close knit communities still in harmony with humans as they were before.

Azrael’s lineage continued untapped for millenia and will do so until the Alia rebel once more.

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